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    acting, Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland ALL the classics. i think i was bored in the wrong era!

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  1. damn, i dont know how people do it, im so impressed how easy it is to ask and people actally know the awnser, i believe it was night must fall! thank you so much all! i greatly appreciate it! its so hard to remeber all of these when i dont have tcm anymore but thank you all!
  2. i have a movie that i dont remember..... when i did have tv i watched TCM all the time and now that i dont i cant anymore... anyways, there was a movie i watched and remembered it was actually so good but i dont remember the title. there was 2 woman in a house i think in the country that were getting help hostage by this man who i think had a gun. and they were trying to escape to get help,i believe one escaped and got help or someone and the man got caught. the woman were old ish or one of them..it was black and white and possible 1940 or 1950's. i dont kn
  3. there was a movie i remember watching and wanting to watch again.. it had a failing side show at a fair and in order to bring in more customers they preform a fake marriage infront but it was real i believe the n they have to live together and sell paintings.. thats about all i watched... i know the father and owner of the side show was trying to follow them or something.. much help would be appreciated! thank you!
  4. Finally a place to share all my love about charlie chaplin!

  5. thank you all for your help! i wanna say i think it is mayor from hell! ill watch it tonight and find out if i have found the movie or not!
  6. hello everyone, im SO stuck in trying to find out what film im thinking of .... i was watching a movie it was black and white and nd about it was set in i think a forgin place i dont remember it was a bunch of boys at a reform camp or refugee camp and at the end of the movie they revold and burn down the camp. i think the title had a the world booys in hell in it or hell in it. its been making me go buts for a LONG time. if anyone has a clue let me know please@!!
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