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  1. Matilda next: looking through someone else's belongings
  2. Reviving this thread in case anyone would like to add to it.
  3. Or how about this?: "Vertigo" (1958) Jane "Scottie" Ferguson (Ida Lupino), an ex-detective with an extreme fear of heights, becomes obsessed with Madeleine Elster (Kim Novak) a mysterious young woman she has been hired to follow.
  4. Barbara Payton (November 16, 1927-May 8, 1967) Whether you've seen her movies or not, at some point you have come across the name of Barbara Payton. When this blonde, blue-eyed beauty traveled to Hollywood from her hometown of Cloquet, Minnesota, she seemed destined for success. She was undeniably stunning on the silver screen and she even got to star alongside some of Hollywood's leading tough guys such as James Cagney and Gregory Peck. However, the films that should have made her a household name were instead overshadowed by the joyless and often scandalous affairs of her personal
  5. That sad emoji offends me the most. If a friend told me thier aunt died, am I supposed send them that sad face to show that I care??? I admit I do use emojis occasionally, but only for happy comments. If they must have this things on screen, at least make them smaller and less obnoxious please.
  6. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Next: a psychological horror film
  7. Yeah, I just read about that. Vivien Leigh is my all-time favorite actress and I would love to see her story on the small screen. I'd watch it religiously!
  8. Yeah, I just read about that. Vivien Leigh is my all-time favorite actress and I would love to see her story on the small screen. I'd watch it religiously!
  9. Prince of Egypt Next: a friendly conversation turns sour
  10. The Goonies Next: a comedy starring Miss Vivien Leigh
  11. I'll Cry Tomorrow Next: a fight or argument erupts at a funeral
  12. I hope they show just how revolutionary Clara Bow's film performances were. The Roaring 20s came after a time when anything sexual was extremely taboo. Then Clara Bow and all the other flappers of that era came along and those ideals were mostly forgotten. What people today don't realize is that if there was no Clara Bow, there would be no Monroe, no Mansfield, and no Jolie.
  13. 1. During the making of Singin' in the Rain, her dancing was heavily criticized by co-star Gene Kelly who was known to be a bit of a tyrant on set. Fred Estaire found her one day, crying after hours of rehearsal, and offered to help her.
  14. Clueless ("Honey, you baked.") Next: a character's physical attractiveness leaves another speechless
  15. Loretta Young (as far as I know) Next: thier name was/is often mispronounced or mispelled
  16. http://www.indiewire.com/2016/07/clara-bow-biopic-it-girl-movie-1201702971/ Excellent news, I think! Let's just hope they don't make the same mistakes as that Liz &Dick movie with Lindsay Lohan. I would prefer an actress who is relatively unknown to play Clara AND can speak in the Brooklyn accent she was known for.
  17. Antz Next: an unscripted moment or detail is left in the movie
  18. I did not like the movie Picnic. While Kim Novak is very pleasing to look at, her acting was terrible, in my opinion, and I didn't like her character. I know this was an early film for her so I feel bad about judging her so harshly but it's the truth. William Holden was okay but a bit too old for the part and from what I've read that's not an unpopular opinion. The best part is definitely Rosalind Russell as the spinster but not even she could make me like this film. Overall, I found it boring and the dialogue was corny at times.
  19. I would love: Vera-Ellen Gail Russell Ella Rains Clara Bow Donald O'Connor Ann Miller Lillian Gish Margaret Lockwood Anne Baxter Elisha Cook, Jr. Tallulah Bankhead Robert Walker
  20. I would love to see Vera-Ellen honored. She was one of the most talented dancers to appear on screen. If there aren't enough movies, they could go the SUTS route.
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