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  1. 10. When Dim and Georgie are dragging Alex between them after he's released from the penitentiary, they have the numbers 665 and 667 on thier uniforms which makes Alex number 666. I'll let somebody else pick the next movie. I don't want to do it twice in row.
  2. I saw it with my mother recently. The movie was entertaining but not spectacular. What made it good for me was the actors who play Lefou and Gaston and the castle dwellers (Emma Thompson, Ian Mckellan, and Ewan McGregor). They played their roles pretty well and had me laughing at times. Emma Watson played Belle okay, but she's not a singer. That's what happens when filmmakers go for star power instead of people with experience. The start of the movie was a big rushed but it gradually got better. In conclusion, this is a good entertaing movie to watch with your family & kids. Just don't expect high quality.
  3. Yes, I love Veronica Lake, too. I thought she was amazing in Sullivan's Travel's with Joel McCrea and the film noirs she did with Alan Ladd. Very underrated, in my opinion. And it wasn't just her hair that made her famous. That smoky voice and dry, sarcastic attitude was perfect for film noirs and comedies like Sullivan's Travels. It makes me sad to hear about her costars badmouthing her and refusing to work with her afterwards. That's what mental illness and depression does to people. It affects your behavior and changes who you are as a person. If only people had a better understanding of those things back then.
  4. I just watched Brute Force (1947). It had been on my DVR for months and I finally got around to watching it. That Munsey character is downrigt psychotic. Definitely got the Hitleresque vibes from him (His uniform, the music he plays). Burt Lancaster was good too. I kept getting reminded of his Hunsecker character in Sweet Smell of Success. It's the eyes. Can't believe this movie didn't get nominated for an Oscar. Not one! Too violent for you, Academy? What a bunch of weenies.
  5. Veronica Lake in I Married a Witch Next: was/is known to pull off foreign accents really well
  6. Eva Green (she was the best one in my opinion) Next: can play both good guys and bad guys (can be an actress)
  7. My dad went to see it and he told me he liked it better than the Peter Jackson King Kong movie so I'm definitely intrigued.
  8. Vivien Leigh in Waterloo Bridge Next: was apparently a pretty good chess player
  9. Yeah I suppose so. I only put in here because femme fetales are so prominent in film noirs.
  10. Rock Hudson Susan Hayward Natalie Wood Errol Flynn Did I get any right?
  11. John Garfield (I think his name was Jules Garfield before it was changed to John Garfield) If you don't think he counts, then just ignore this. Next: career was destroyed when talkies became popular
  12. 4. During the scene where Alex meets the two "devotchkas" (women) at the record store, the 2001: A Space Odyssey album can be seen underneath the counter.
  13. Yeah, he was really good. I almost didn't recognize him when he first showed up! He looked so young.
  14. I've never seen that but thanks for letting me know. I just saw Wait Until Dark, the 1967 thriller that starred Audrey Hepburn. There was a happy ending in that that I didn't like. The rest of the movie is great though.
  15. Here's an unpopular opinion. I hate it when a dark, suspenseful film is given a happy ending. It is enough to make me cringe.
  16. My Neighbor Totoro Next: on set drama hampered filming
  17. 10. The movie won more Oscars in one evening than any other Disney movie. Next: A Clockwork Orange
  18. Dan Ackroyd. He seems like an interesting guy. Next: Which film director would you rather get in to a heated argument with? Francis Ford Coppola or Stanley Kubrick?
  19. Meryl Streep Next: surprisingly shy in real life
  20. I was so shocked to hear the news. I loved to watch Twister as a kid and Bill Paxton's character in that movie always fascinated me. I rooted for him in every movie I saw him in. RIP
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