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  1. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. I think we made Gail very happy.
  2. Spirited Away Next: a character walks in on people talking about him or her
  3. VivLeighFan

    Random Alerts!

    There's a petition going on demanding that Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman be made bisexual in the new DC superhero films. She is canonically bisexual in the comics so they figure it's only right to show it on the big screen as well. If they do go along with this, Wonder Woman would be the first openly bisexual superhero in film. How awesome would that be?
  4. Fun facts about Gail: 1. Clair de Lune, by the French composer Claude Debussy, was one of Gail's favorite melodies growing up. 2. "The Hedy Lamarr of Santa Monica" was the nickname her high school classmates gave her while attending University High School in West Los Angeles 3. When she was a little girl, Gail would hide underneath the piano when visitors came to her childhood home in Chicago, Illinois. 4. Her hobbies included archery, fishing, knitting, and of course, painting. 5. A biography about Gail had been published and is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. It's called Fallen Star and was written by a longtime fan by the name of Steven Ochoa, who has evidently done a lot research on Gail's life.
  5. Gail Russell (September 21, 1924-August 27, 1961) Her name may not ring any bells but her face certainly might. She appeared in several westerns, notably the ones in which she starred opposite John Wayne, and her haunting beauty even rivaled those of Elizabeth Taylor and Hedy Lamarr, the actress her school mates often compared her to. However, acting was never really Gail's calling. It was actually painting that she was passionate about and dreamed of becoming a pro. But if that's so, why did she become an actress? Well, my theory is that talent scouts were awed by Gail's beauty and immediately asked her to audition, even though she had no acting experience whatsover. And her family encouraged her to accept the offer, maybe hoping that acting would relieve her shyness. Not wanting to disappoint her parents, Gail gave in. On the outside, it looked like she was doing well in her new career. The role she is arguably the most known for was Stella Meredith, the young woman learning more about her past, in the 1944 film The Uninvited. She befriended John Wayne, married Guy Madison, and even got to meet her idol, Ginger Rogers. But, sadly, this was not the case. Acting only intensified Gail's shyness which led her to a path of alcoholism. In addition, her marriage to Guy Madison ended after only 5 years and rumors circulated of an affair between her and a very much married, John Wayne, even though both denied them. Ultimately, the stress and humiliation became too much for our poor heroine. Gail Russell died of alcoholism in a lonely Hollywood apartment at only 36 years old. Some said that before she died, Gail would call a radio station anymously and request Stella by Starlight, the song forever associated with her, to be played. Whether this is true or not, it can still bring a tear to one's eye. I often look back at Gail's story and wonder what it would be like if things were different. If Gail pursued painting like she wanted to. She would probably be happier but then again, her friendship with John Wayne would seize to exist. I would like Gail Russell to be remembered not for how she died, but for how she lived. Movies Gail appeared in that I recommend: The Uninvited (1944) Angel and the Badman (1947) Wake of the Red Witch (1948) Moonrise (1948) The Lawless (1950) The Tattered Dress (1957)
  6. Blade Runner would be awesome on a rainy day, too.
  7. Still no response? Oh, come on, I didn't think it was that vague. I've read that some directors dislike one or more of thier movies usually b/c of the actors, script changes and studio interference.
  8. Gone With the Wind (The famous scene where Scarlett shows up at Ashley's party in that red dress) Next: disliked by its own director
  9. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Next: a controversial casting choice
  10. I've wondered if Vivien Leigh would be a good match as well. I would have loved to see her in a film-noir type film as a Teresa Wright type of character or even a villain. However, I have a feeling her and Hitch wouldn't be very good friends afterwards considering they were both reported to be difficult to work with.
  11. It's too bad Leslie Howard passed away when he did. He would have been excellent in a Hitchcock film. And I can see Frances Dee starring opposite him. They did in Of Human Bondage, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Oh yes, I love Barbara Nichols. I think she'd do really well in a Hitchcock film. On a side note, I think she should have been Oscar nominated for her performance in Sweet Smell of Success. Vincent Price would be good too.
  13. Note: I have no idea how studio politics worked! And I know some of them were B-listers but I don't care. I think they're amazing. Sidney Poitier-I think they would get along well Carole Landis- We all know Hitchcock loved to cast blondes. And I'm sure he would find some way to make use of her athleticism Lizabeth Scott- Same reason I picked Carole Lauren Bacall Alan Ladd Eleanor Parker Frances Dee Barbara Nichols Vincent Prince John Garfield Robert Ryan Audrey Totter Jennifer Jones Leslie Howard Ruth Hussey Paulette Goddard Honorable mention Gail Russell-I want to put her on the list but I think she might be a bit too fragile
  14. 2. She played the mysterious woman known only as "The Immaculate Conception" in The Song of Bernadette. This casting was pretty controversial because Darnell was an actress with an almost pornographic image in a religious film.
  15. Napoleon Dynamite (It's a pretty quiet and simple film but it's one of the funniest films of all time, imo. Plus it had a very low budget.) Next: a black cat
  16. To Kill a Mockingbird Next: your least favorite Hitchcock film
  17. I know what you mean. Two years ago my father and I saw Singin' in the Rain on screen at a park in Irvine and there were a lot of kids there. I think it was mostly the adults who were laughing, but the kids paid attention throughout the entire movie.
  18. I've graduated high school but I have a family full of people who need more classic film in thier lives. And another thing, the racist stereotypes that you commonly see in old movies don't help either.
  19. Yeah, that's what I did when I showed the movie The Children's Hour to the high school Gay-Straight Alliance. Audrey Hepburn was in it and they would recognize her. But unfortunately I didn't have enough time to show them the whole movie and I didn't really talk about it in depth. That's what I did wrong. You know, most of the young adults who claim to be big fans of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have probably never even seen thier movies. They just buy the t-shirts and coffee mugs.
  20. In my high school drama class, I mentioned Gene Kelly and the song Singin' in the Rain to two teenage girls. I thought there would be a small possiblity that they might have heard it but no. They did not. I wish there were more people my age who appreciated classic cinema. I'm 20 by the way.
  21. Here's some more. Susan Cabot (a biopic about her life would be interesting), Macaulay Culkin, Lizabeth Scott ( her being outed as a lesbian pretty much ruined it even though it probably wasn't true), John Gilbert, Peg Entwhistle, and Dorothy Dandridge. But out of all the collapses, Clara Bow was one of, if not, the most unfair. The rumors spread about her were ridiculous and I think she could have done well in talkies with hard work and coaching.
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