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  1. I wanted Doris Day and Allyn McLerie to get together so badly in Calamity Jane. They were so much cuter than any of the pairings who did.
  2. Nothing Sacred Next: a woman with a traditionally male job
  3. Vivien Leigh faints in Waterloo Bridge Next: waking up in a hospital bed
  4. 'night, Mother (1986) Has anyone here heard of it? It's pretty obscure... Next: a strained mother and daughter relationship (not Mildred Pierce or Now, Voyager!)
  5. 10. Was once in a relationship with Marlon Brando. Next: Dorothy Dandridge
  6. Well there's one thing I know for sure: Daniel Craig doesn't seem to care much for the role anymore. He was at his best in Casino Royale but now he's gotten bored and it shows in Spectre. I think now is the time to look for a new Bond. I'm not too familiar with Tom Hardy's work but I guess I wouldn't mind him for the role.
  7. Here are ones that I think are amazing: Spirited Away-Always With Me Twister-Respect the Wind Stand By Me-Stand By Me Mamma Mia-Thank You for the Music Full Metal Jacket-Paint it Black The Crow-It Can't Rain All The Time Anastasia-At The Beginning Great Gatsby (w/ Leo DiCaprio)-Together
  8. Why does crazy stuff like this always seem to happen in Florida??? (No offense to people who live in Florida)
  9. Stand By Me Next: a Best Picture nominee that didn't do very well at the box-office
  10. If he wasn't insane, I think Bruno Anthony from Strangers on a Train would be a cool guy to be around.
  11. One of my favorite movies right now! It really changed how I saw the world. The actors look they are having the time of their lives making it.
  12. I saw it with my brother. I really liked the Stephen King and Goonies references. Speakng of the Goonies, Sean Astin's going to be in the second season!
  13. Baby Doll (Carroll Baker eats ice cream) Next: an American remake of a foreign movie
  14. 3. Marilyn Monroe was reportedly unhappy about having to star in this film because she felt that the script was subpar.
  15. Yeah, and what about Pier Angeli, the actress Dean was in love with and wanted to marry but couldn't because he wasn't Catholic or something like that?
  16. I haven't the show yet but I read an article saying that Catherine Zeta-Jones as Olivia called Joan Fontaine her "**** sister". De Havilland just doesn't seem like the type of person who would say such a thing, no matter how badly she got along with her sister. It sounds like they barely researched how Olivia talked in real life. So I can see how it's in a negative light but then again I've haven't seen the show yet.
  17. Howl's Moving Castle Next: moving to another country
  18. Judith Barsi Next: initially disliked the stage name the studio chose for them
  19. James Dean (he played basketball in high school) Next: had a rough childhood
  20. Blood Simple. Next: a film starring Carole Landis
  21. Chungking Express Next: the ending had to be changed
  22. Rosemary's Baby Next: a close brother and sister relationship
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