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  1. I remember seeing two separate films on TCM while on the treadmill at my gym but without a TVGuide menu I couldn't find the names easily. Both are quite old, either black and white or early color IIRC. Film 1: A famous female teacher/librarian in small college town becomes a local treasure/celebrity for opening and educating so many minds. Her students go on to live happy, productive, fulfilling American lives and all celebrate her. [spolier] She has many suitors but rebuffs them all in favor of celibacy and pure love of education. She eventually dies unwed and all her students, the town, and the school mourn her. EDIT: I found this one!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Male_Animal Film 2: Small town male teacher/professor plans on giving a public lecture on poems/letters that enrage the local conservatives who rally against him to prevent the reading of filth and poisoning the American youth. It's possible that some of the reading is about Sacco and Vanzetti . After much strife endured by the teacher and his refusal to back down, most of the town gathers for his lecture. [spolier] The lecture is concise and harmless and the entire town reacts by praising the teacher for standing up for the First Amendment and core American values of free speech and academic freedom. Parade in his honor follows. Thanks so much for the help!! Please let me know if you have questions for clarification.
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