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  1. This thread is my effort to help establish another classic movie fan so please just bear with the request. I'm working on turning my best friend into a bonafide film buff and some help would be GREATLY appreciated. I've given her titles of the basics, the essentials, and some of my favorites(the Cary Grant's, Hitchcock's, Casablanca's, etc.) but I think she doesn't belive all of what I'm telling her so if you all could just give some suggestions as to your favorites or anything you think a clean slate should see, I and my friend would be obliged. Her cable provider doesn't offer TCM and as I t
  2. I've pondered over this type of question a lot and I just wonder what everyone else thinks. I often fight with myself over which actor or actress I would have liked to live as. I've probably given the idea far too much thought but nevertheless I think I have come up with an answer-Ingrid Bergman. My "why's" are typical I guess and I hate to sound so usual in my reasoning. I'm not even sure of my exaxt thoughts on the subject and as soon as I can identify them, they will be posted. Please forgive my vagueness and my interest in knowing what you all think, but after all this is why we have a for
  3. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm! I hadn't noticed about where Mongo is from- greetings from a fellow Deltonian! Pedall
  4. Helpful though you all were, those movies are not the one that I am thinking of. The two main characters weren't necessarily Ava Gardner and Robert Redford or Clark Gable but their mannerisms were very similiar. The movie was in color, but the quality was rather poor I thought. I've really no inclination as to the year the movie was made, but I assume it must have been in the 50s or 60s. Thanks for all of your suggestions and I will try and come up with some more possible leads. Pedall
  5. Since I am a relative newby to the TCM forums, I feel somewhat compelled to make my position definite and to state my concerns or rather my lack of them. As a 16 year old, I appreciate that Turner Classic Movies is going to help me expand my knowledge of classic films. I'm grateful that my age wont be a hindrance and that any disadvantages I might be subject to are because of my incomplete knowledge, and not the year of my birth. I do feel that I am at a disadvantage, but a disadvantage of uncontrollable circumstance. I can't help how old I am, and though I regret the fact that I was not alive
  6. I saw a movie quite some time ago and I can't remember the name of it. My knowledge of it is sketchy but here is what I know: It was filmed in color, and I remember there was a lot of tension between the two main characters- in one of the beginning scenes the woman meets the man in a hotel lobby and he doesn't want to but ends up taking her with him. The woman reminds me of Ava Gardner and the man of Robert Redford or Clark Gable. The film was set somewhere in Africa I suppose because the two leads are searching for and eventually find a large golden disk that they use to reflect the sunlight
  7. I'm glad that someone else appreciates the predicament that my generation is in. I am only 16 years old and I can give testament to the fact that if it weren't for TCM I wouldn't have any awareness of classic films. I am doing my best, though only an amateur fan, to share what I know with my peers and with all honest hope, TCM will continue to do the same.
  8. I'm very happy to hear that there are some other Deborah Kerr fans out there, but the news of her condition is quite sad. Ms. Kerr is a grand actress and it would be unfortunate to lose someone of her quality. Thank you Mongo for the news- it is greatly appreciated. Pedall
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