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  1. Does anyone know who played Heather Halloran as a child (performing in the elevator)? Thanks in advance.
  2. I stumbled upon the film in a listing for Filmstruck, indicating it can be streamed with a Filmstruck membership. However, I cannot find the web page where I saw the film listed. Dang!
  3. I truly enjoyed this documentary. I wanted to recommend it to a friend who missed viewing it on TCM, hoping it was in DVD format and available for purchase or streaming or for borrowing through a public library. Sadly, I do not find that the documentary is in DVD or Blu-Ray format for purchase or streaming nor that it is held by any library in the USA, including the Library Congress. At least the film is not listed in the Library of Congress catalog nor is it listed in WorldCat.org, a database of library holdings worldwide. Sigh . . .
  4. Hello, Pastiche - Bingo! I think you ARE correct. I will have to pay good attention the next time TCM runs the film "The Boyfriend," June 28. Thank you for the answer.
  5. Hello, Pastische - Thank you for your reply. I don't think the clip I am wondering about for the "Mad About Musicals" promo is from the film "The Boyfriend." I have seen that movie musical more than once. Plus the YouTube video with the "I Could Be Happy with You" number only shows Twiggy and the chorus girls wearing the same silver and multicolor "sunburst" style head dresses. The promo clip has all the dancers wearing versions of playing card symbols (spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds.) I do appreciate your trying to help.
  6. In one of the montages of a promo for the 2018 "Mad About Musicals" course, there is a color film clip of dancers - 3 rows of 9 boxes each, with the symbols for car suits (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds) along each side of the dancers. See this YouTube video, the 22 second section: Can anyone identify that movie musical for me? Thank you in advance - Juanaquena
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