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  1. "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears would work best at the beginning of a teen movie. Imagine this scenario. The teen movie begins with the protagonist and their friends at their locker when the hot guy or cheerleader mesmerizes the protagonist as they walk down the hall with the song playing in the background.
  2. It would've been hysterical if Winona Ryder introduced them as the Diesels. 😉
  3. Paul Walker and his "love" Vin Diesel share a sweet and intimate moment at the MTV Movie Awards
  4. The worst film my dad has ever seen is Bio-Dome. It is brought up so often in our house that it has become a running gag. Whenever we see a bad movie, I would always joke "Is it worse than Bio-Dome?" Based on my dad's recommendation, I will never watch it, but I read some of the IMDB reviews. (I'm sure I'm the not the only one who has read IMDB reviews of bad movies.) One of the reviews says it makes the Paris Hilton movies look like Citizen Kane. Paris is no actress, but we see the humor in the review.
  5. Thanks for balancing out the Actors You Do Not Like thread with yours, TikiSoo. I didn't like Kristen Bell at first. I couldn't exactly pinpoint the reason why. (Has that ever happened to anyone?) I eventually gave her another chance and liked how cute and playful she was on-screen. (For all you Disney fans out there, Kristen Bell voices Princess Anna in the Frozen movies.) Rock Hudson was another one. At first, I thought he was one of those actors who coasted through movies with his looks. I saw Rock in Written on the Wind and Magnificent Obsession, and his performances in those mov
  6. I like Strangers on a Train and saw it a few times. It's fun and exciting to watch. The fun and excitement, Robert Walker, and Ruth Roman are the reasons for repeat viewings, not Farley. Farley is clearly the weakest of the three, and it shows.
  7. One thing I noticed about watching Statham's and Johnson's movie are they seem to be enjoying themselves. And that's a good thing. Schwarzenegger and Johnson also excel at comedy, so that makes them more well rounded. (Johnson also voiced Maui the demigod in Moana. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you do.) I agree with you about Vin Diesel. I haven't seen many of his movies, but he has been coasting on the growling tough guy shtick for as long as I can remember.
  8. I agree with you about Jerry Lewis. I've seen a few Martin and Lewis movies (mainly because I love Dean Martin), and Lewis is so over the top that it's cringeworthy. He also sings like Bugs Bunny. Off-camera, he was a jerk, so I guess you could fit him in the category with Mel Gibson, Jon Voight, and James Woods. The action-flick lunkheads you mentioned are from the old school. (Excuse my urban lingo.) Do you feel the same way about the current action-flick lunkheads (Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, etc)?
  9. Both Scott Caan and Vin Diesel seemed to fawn all over Paul Walker over the years. It wouldn't surprise me if either or both of them were secretly in love with him.
  10. Scott Caan all but admits he loves Paul Walker during a private conversation at a wild party
  11. Farley Granger. Anyone who knows me knows I can't stand him. His voice is extremely annoying, and it gets on my nerves after a while. He's basically the male version of Kristen Stewart; both were former teen stars who got juicy adult roles based on luck and not on talent.
  12. Varsity Blues (1999) is the first where I have two different scenarios. Scenario #1 After starting quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) gets injured, openly gay backup quarterback Johnathan "Mox" Moxon takes his place and changes the way the team is run. Homophobic Coach Kilmer (Jon Voight) feels threatened by Mox and will do whatever it takes to sabotage him. Scenario #2 After starting quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) gets injured, backup quarterback Johnathan "Mox" Moxon takes his place. Coach Kilmer (Jon Voight) is secretly in love with Lance and physically and e
  13. My list will be both live-action TV shows and cartoons. The Dick Van Dyke Show Mary Tyler Moore The Bob Newhart Show The Andy Griffith Show Night Court (I still miss Harry Anderson) Lost in Space The A-Team The Rockford Files Home Improvement The Big Bang Theory Will & Grace The Simpsons Hey Arnold! Arthur Clifford The Big Red Dog (the original with John Ritter as the voice of Clifford) Hamtaro
  14. TopBilled, I know exactly what you mean. The majority of the people I put in my wish list are either underrated, people we don't see all that often, or ignored completely. I feel bad for people who fall into the last category like Robert Young. The "popular kids" of TCM need to step aside once in a while.
  15. Disappointed about Robert Vaughn not being honored for the fourth year in a row. On the bright side, I'm glad to see Goldie Hawn, Ann Miller, William Powell, Steve McQueen, and Burt Lancaster honored. "Too Darn Hot" will be perfect for this year's SUTS because it'll be too hot outside by then...if you know what I mean.
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