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  1. Some of the same TCM content appears on the Criterion Channel, and the future HBO Max will offer some content. Still, as stated, the closest thing to access TCM without traditional Cable or Satellite means is via YouTube TV, Hulu Live, or Sling (I think it is part of one of their extended packages). These are more expensive options. I have YouTube TV, and the 9 month DVR with unlimited recordings is handy. Some films are unavailable due to licensing reasons (although that is a small minority). One annoyance - Watch TCM doesn't have YouTube TV available as a subscriber when try
  2. You're welcome, TopBilled. I would be curious about your impressions. I signed up for a one year subscription for $99 last January. It is by no means perfect, but I may be a little bias since I love having so many great films at my disposal. I also was a little late to adding Hulu, so I only had 3-4 months access to their Criterion library.
  3. Filmstruck is now officially available on Roku. I got the email announcing it, and I am able to search for under under the streaming section. I Beta tested the app, and I wrote up about 15 items. Most have been addressed (perhaps more since I still have the Beta version installed) - the final being a few crashes. Only a couple of suggestions haven't been implemented. Granted - I probably was one of many to report some items, but at least I received thank you messages on the detail I provided. I'm not sure if anyone here will try a trial, but I personally like it (and feel this beta
  4. Beta testing last year (which I was part of) was only for Amazon Fire, PC/Tablet, and possibly Android/iPhone. This is specifically for the Roku app.
  5. A quick little update on FilmStruck via Roku.... I just got invited to participate in their beta program today, so hopefully I'll have more information moving forward. This typically means FilmStruck may be two months out on launching for Roku, but this is not written in stone. One thing I do know - it only supports Roku 3 or above. TopBilled - perhaps you can check if you can become a Beta tester. It will come with two months of free access. This will at least be better than the original beta since there is more content than pre-release. Plus, you get access to both Crit
  6. Thanks for the info, TopBilled. Certainly later than originally planned. They were less specific last time I chatted with them. Hopefully, that means they'll a fairly sophisticated interface. Some Roku version of apps pale in comparison to their counterparts on other apps. Netflix gets it right, but something like PS Vue has less bells and whistles with Roku (and a sophomoric looking interface).
  7. "Scarlet Street" - very good film. Fritz Lang made another strong film the previous year with Edward G. Robinson called "The Woman in the Window" that is nice companion piece (but ultimately not as good in my opinion).
  8. I guess you can't have them all. Heck...when Agatha and General Spanky are being played on this A-Z list, one realizes they're just trying to have a cross section.
  9. Sorry to hear about that, too, DavidST. I rarely use a computer/laptop/tablet for filmstruck for any of the services I subscribe to, but I have not experienced any issues with Firefox using both WIndows 7 and 10. I also have fast wireless and frequently use an ethernet connection for work reasons, so I have an optimal environment. I have a feeling there may be issues with Vista. Granted, this was not a successful operating system. General support by Microsoft has ended for Vista, and extended supported will conclude in April. With that said, the only criteria Filmstruck lists is b
  10. Just a quick update. Using Filmstruck's chat, I tried getting a date for Filmstruck access for Roku devices. They still are just saying early 2017. That is the same with Chromecast. Their next Targets will be PS4 and XBox One. I signed up for an annual subscription since it was more cost effective, and I'm enjoying it so far. I have been using Amazon Fire - it works great on a Fire device that actually uses an Ethernet cable. I have one Fire Stick which relies on wireless. I have a pretty fast wireless connection, but the Firestick version I have is a little clunky (there is a c
  11. I'll keep updating this as FilmStruck keeps evolving.
  12. Thanks, TopBilled. Looking forward to trying to join the discussion on these boards.
  13. I just registered to this forum after reading this thread. Like LaurenceA, I was also a beta tester who is enjoying free full access to FilmStruck for the remainder of the year. i also work in technology, so I know quite a bit about the technical aspects required for the site. In a nutshell, I'm a movie loving software engineer who does not play "video" games (much to my wife's relief)! I do plan on joining FilmStruck once my free "beta" gift ends. Like many, I joined Hulu because I was excited it included the Criterion Collection. Granted, it wasn't marketed too well, and it
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