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  1. It won't make you feel any better, but I loved Renee Fleming and her movie choices. She's in my top three with Kermit and Paul Aguirre. I'm going to love Martha Stewart's picks, I expect to like her, time will tell.
  2. Well CineMaven, the bright side is, you're still doing what you love to do, you just haven't-yet!-gotten the chance to share it with lots of people. And of course you wanted to win, that's why you entered, that's not sour grapes! I hope you do next time
  3. I only would if they let me pick at least 4 movies for screening, and gave some videos of my choice, hehe.
  4. Rest of post-- I'm not saying that anyone in this thread has done it, because I don't make a note of these things, but I've seen the snide remarks quite a few times here in the forum. I don't see people take issue with it very much-I know I don't, because I don't want to get into here-but then maybe I'm not on the forum enough, or don't go to the threads where it happens. Anyway, I just don't think that TCM forums are the proper place for political debate from either side, and therefore it's unnecessarily provoking for anyone to insert their little barbs and then purport to be above
  5. Erebus, I try to stay away from political remarks on this board unless someone pretty blatantly bashes our military (I owe that much loyalty to my many family members who serve in our all-volunteer military), but I will say just this-most political comments on this board that I've seen, have been sneers at this President, conservatives, those of Christian religious conviction, and even our military. This is just my opinion, but it certainly seems to be the case to me, because I've bit my tongue till it bled (figuratively speaking) in order to adhere to my policy of not discussing political mat
  6. My favorites so far, both as GP and for the films that they chose, have been Kermit, and Mr Paul Aguirre. I'm very much looking forward to the Martha Stewart night-don't have a clue as whether I'll like her as a GP, but I LOVE her movie picks! They suit my movie taste nicely. Kermit's and Mr Aguirre's choices were so entertaining, and they themselves so nice and unpretentious, and they didn't try to not so subtly make stupid points with their picks, they just picked good entertainment. Kermit was so comfortable and cozy, so enjoyable to watch with, and Mr Aguirre was enthusiastic, not condesc
  7. Well thank God that WC Fields was the worst threat most child actors back then had to have any fear of,LOL!
  8. What I'd like to know is,does anyone here have a chart or list of which emoticons show up as smileys here on the TCM forums? I've found lists of emoticon text symbols,but they most of them show up here as the symbols,not as smileys.
  9. Something tells that I'm going to like the earliest silent version best ,other than the 1939 version.
  10. Here ya go,GM-- (font color="red")text(/font). Replace the parentheses with the greater than/less than symbols. If you want to get really fancy with the colors,find a hex chart on the internet(it will have the numeric names for secondary and tertiary colors-those colors are fun ) I'm trying to figure out how to make a particular font also show up when I use the code for a font color-I can't get them to both work at the same time here.
  11. They were probably hoping that if they saved the best for last,the paying audiences would remember her and hopefully they wouldn't stampede the ticket office demanding their money back on pain of death! ...being snarky so you don't have to...
  12. I hear that he played himself in a movie called "Ben" where his best friend is a killer rat or something-LOL!
  13. Welcome to Sappy Stinker Movie Island-population,the cast and director of "The Wiz"!
  14. WHAT is the beauteous and gifted Lena Horne doing in this stinker,speaking that sappy dialogue? I hope that she got a big fat check for appearing in this mess!
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