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  1. I read somewhere that while on the ship coming from Europe to the US, Audrey actually put on some weight, due to all the food she ate there, after having been starved. She went on a diet of steak tartar when she got to Hollywood in order to lose the weight (I wouldn't think it could have been very much, but apparently it was too much for the cameras). I'd also love to have Norma Sherarer's clothes, both her movie wardrobes (but where would I wear the Marie Antoinette gowns?) and her personal wardrobe. She was one of the best-dressed women in Hollywood, or anywhere else (she never succumbed
  2. All of Grace Kelly's wardrobe from "Rear Window, including her peignoir, and her Mark Cross overnight case too. And all her clothes from "High Society". And her clothes from "To Catch A Thief". All of Norma Shearer's clothes. ETA-And all of Joan Leslie's wardrobe from "The Sky's The Limit". Some of the most attractive war-time clothes I've seen (I don't care for too many of the women's clothes, or hairstyles, from that era). Joan's were pretty and not too "hard-edged", but not big and ruffly either like so many. Message was edited by: daddysprimadonna
  3. I'm loving her in this movie "Romance On The High Seas". I can't believe it was her first film role, she really hit the ground running. And I don't think I ever saw her look more attractive in a movie than in this one. Janis Paige looks good too. Those updos are very becoming, and so are the clothes they wear. The clothes somehow remind me of Moira Shearer's clothes in the movie "The Red Shoes". That strange short little period between the utilitarian clothes and strange hairdos (pompadours, for one thing, and those big bangs!) of the WWII period, and Dior's "New Look". It's very elegant.
  4. I will be happy if either TCM shows Disney's "Ballerina", a charming little movie from the early Sixties, set in Denmark, or Disney releases it on DVD. I only saw it twice on the Disney Vault program, before The Disney Channel changed its program and stopped showing their older stuff. I love that movie, and I've been unable to find it anywhere else.
  5. I didn't see any Hollywood Hotel scenes in the movie. I must have missed that part. LOL, Fred!
  6. I watched it, and it hadn't been on long when I realised that I recognised this movie. i've seen it somewhere before-obviously not TCM, as it was premiering there-I can't think where I could've seen it before! Anyway, I liked it, because I love movies from this era, especially the ones set in "Society" (partly to see the clothes!), and because I love Joan in this period-she still has a freshness, besides that of youth-that dissipates like a leak as her career progresses.
  7. Hi Cinemaven truth be told, I got REALLY REALLY aggravated that my spam mail is being indeed SPAMMED to death with post updates, and I just didn't feel like posting becasue I was annoyed with TCM But I can hardly see a thread about my girl Norma and not comment, LOL-though all I really have to say is, I love her, I lover her, I lover, LOL. Yes, I must admit that Norma was as "actressy" (I know just what you mean, hehe!) in her own way, as Joan was in hers. I suppose it really is just a matter of taste-Norma's mannersims endear her to me, while Joan's annoy me. Bottom line, since I
  8. Thanks for the nice post It's funny, both Norma (before the Hays Code went into effect) and Joan (after the Hays Code) made versions of "Mrs Cheney"-naturally, I prefer Norma's--but that's not entirely due to Norma--it's also because I prefer the character actors in her version, and because I prefer the truer atmosphere that was possible without the interference of the Hays code But as always, I admit that I also prefer Norma's lighter style, and she seemed more the type who could've actually fooled high English society into accepting her as a woman of breeding.
  9. Actually, there are a quite a few films along the same lines from that era-they all genrally have the requisite happy ending, but it's also just ambiguous enough that it doesn't make me disgusted with them (which is how I would feel at such perfect cheeriness and unambiguous perfection at such a time). The people have problems, but they grasp the nettle and twist and form life, as much as is possible, to their own shaping, with style and grace and wit, but not any chirpiness which would just annoy me at times like that (other times, I like chirpy cheeriness in movies). I'm thinking of Norma Sh
  10. "Man In Possession" with Irene Purcell and Robert Montgomery. I'm not sure I could even begin to explain why, even to myself. On the surface, it appears to be a romantic comedy. At the very end, it's as if the cat is "let out of the bag"-these two people are fighting the odds, their own natures, the world, to attain happiness, or at least peace of mind or security, in life. They've both gone with the tide, taken the easiest way, or at least the only way that they thought they could, to get those things. They've both tried to stay true to themselves on some level, not totally sell out. I don't
  11. I adore Norma, she's my all-time favorite actress and Hollywood personality. I too think that she shines as "Mary Haines", which wouldn't have been easy. Every actress knows that generally speaking, "bad girl" roles just fundamentally have more interest "built-in" to them thahn the good-girl roles. Norma made all her roles interesting in some way. I liked Joan Crawford in the movie too, except two parts really get on my nerves-when she's having the phone conversation with Stephen Haines at the department store--some of her speech mannerisms really annoy me in this conversation--and when s
  12. I've done that--I've blocked their address, the domain, everything--I keep getting inundated with the stupid emails
  13. AGAIN, PLEASE cancel my membership to these forums!!!!!! I can NOT access my "Your Watches" page from ANY computer, so the glitch is on YOUR end, I therefore can NOT change my email address or unsubscribe to the Watches, and I am TIRED of being spammed with THOUSANDS of emails from TCM!!!!! I am TIRED of slogging through emails to find the ones I need! PLEASE unsubscribe me from TCM, I have NO interest in being subscribed to forums from which I can't stop this flood of emails!!!! JUST UNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. PLEASE either stop sending me tons of emails, or else just delete my account!!!! I CANNOT access "My Watches" STILL< to change the settings myself, and my email account is being spammed with tons of Watch update emails. I have changed the email I use, but that didn't work. I CANNOT access the "Your Watches" page, STILL< so either change my settings yourselves to no email, or just delete my darn account. I am FED UP with wading through tons of "tcm@turnerclassicmovies.com" emails to get my own mail!!!! I have blocked you, set you as "spam", everything else, but you're STILL clogging up my
  15. We,, they're not strictly classic but I'll watch something with Elvis in it just because Elvis is in it. I also like the cheesy "Beach" movies, at least the early ones (Beach Blanket Bingo, that kind of thing). It's pretty hypocritical of me to like these when I too get nervous (probably for no reason) at the potential trend of TCM programming. Oh well, I can't help liking them
  16. Heehee It's indeed an experience just seeing it at home-I bask in the afterglow of GWTW for a couple of days after watching it. I'd love to see it with the full-fledged theater setting. I don't know how that'll ever happen where I live
  17. I like them both, but if I must choose, it's Mr Astaire, no question about it. I love his low-key elegance-this is the man who could wear, as practice clothes, a shirt and pants, with a bandanna tied around his slim waist, and at that very moment look as if he'd just left a shop in Savile Row. His dancing had the same quality-never let 'em see you sweat-easy does it--while actually being incredibly demanding. No bravura, he drew you in, "just a little dance amongst friends", while doing the most intricate steps. He made his innovations look natural rather than impressive. I just prefer his sty
  18. I'd love to see some movies in which she acted, I thought that she was a very classy First Lady, and stood by Mr Reagan during his time with Alzheimer's, until his death, like a champ. She was so extremely elegant, yet tasteful and appropriate. We don't see ladies like that anymore.
  19. Speaking of Kays-Kay Kendall. I loved her in "The Reluctant Debutante", she was glamorous and funny.
  20. Norma Shearer! Irene Purcell Godzilla-love that green lizard! Especially in the cheesy Japanese movies-don't care for the Hollywood versions. My favorite is "Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla"--I love that little song the Princess sings to wake up the sleeping Pekingnese dog-monster. And MechaGodzilla is kind of evil-looking--as much as I can tolerate, anyway Love the Ray Harryhausen movies! I love the one with the skeletons springing up to fight, and that wicked music in that scene. These are my kind of "horror" flicks, LOL.
  21. I don't quite understand what you're looking for (please excuse my lack of comprehension), but I am a fan of Miss Leigh's. Regarding the play, it would depend on how Vivien Leigh is treated in it. But it sounds as if it could be interesting
  22. That's very similar to a movie I watched with Jimmy Stewart and Janet Leigh, I forget the name of it, but I liked it. I very seldom bother to watch new movies, but I might see this one.
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