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  1. Ottie, same here with Firefox and an iPad - both with what you describe.
  2. I also speculate that the TCM server is overloaded. Very frustrating!!!!!
  3. Anyone having problems streaming TCM via Firefox since their last update? I was having some of the usual issues but now a movie starts and plays for about 1.5 seconds and then goes to dark screen.
  4. Enjoying and appreciating this thread on TCM browser issues. Many thanks to you guys for all the help on this one and other issues in the past!
  5. "2) Backlot?? What could TCM do to add to the core features of Firefox. Mozilla, not TCM. Come on, you're worrying me a bit here." *********** I don't get this part of your post. Could you clarify. Thanks
  6. I hate it when I find out too much about something and that is the case now with TCM. They have given new meaning to "Back-Lot". I should not be surprised or upset about any privacy invasion with a computer. I do have the option to not use or visit a site. At the moment feel a bit betrayed by TCM. I am now experimenting with use of two entirely different browsers, one to use exclusively for TCM. The computer I watch movies on the most is a Mac and Safari will not work with TCM as presently configured yet Firefox does. And, there is still nothing wrong with just reading a good book. (
  7. Am I keeping up with the discussion? ~ The issue is because the browser settings are not allowing cookies from third party. ~ We have to lower the bar of privacy in order for TCM streaming to function. ~ This appears to be a fairly recent requirement made by TCM, implemented in their server settings. If I have that part correct then please let me know if this is also correct: ~ Each browser has it's own cookie jar. ~ Using a browser exclusively for TCM would gather cookies in only that browser's jar. ~ Using a different browser with higher settings for other internet activity would n
  8. Tried again this morning and Safari still does the loop. Until a few days ago Safari worked fine except for occasional problems that self cleared (symptoms like a server that is overloaded). Also this morning tried Safari in Private Browser setting and the 'Sign In' button went away plus experienced the spinning wheel that never stops. For the current problem, still guessing, I'm blaming the link up between browser and server. Either Safari or TCM made a change that is causing an out of agreement with the other problem. Private Browser setting (using Safari) must withhold something
  9. I'm located in Washington and access via WAVE Broadband. With an iPad I've always gotten right to a movie but rarely try because of screen size. Tonight with Firefox on a Mac I have no problem. But it is a no go with Safari on the Mac. With Safari the full TCM page loads but it puts me in a login loop when I try to watch anything. Conclusion from this very thin evidence points toward browsers working with TCM. Safari has always seemed touchy which I have heard is related to security that is tighter than Firefox. Updates of almost any kind seem to leave the job of finding bugs to the end co
  10. Update to login loop: I switched browser from Safari to Firefox and that seemed to remedy the issue.
  11. I'm having a problem that is new to me. I select a movie and attempt to play it but instead of the movie starting I get the login window. I login and try to play a movie and again the login pane appears. It is a loop that I can't get past or out of. Anyone else having this issue or have a suggestion? OS is Mac Sierra 10.12.6 WAVE Broadband access.
  12. Agree completely! I was not experiencing any problems (last few weeks) until last night. I started a movie which loaded normally but ten minutes in it went to black screen. I retried numerous times. On about the seventh try I was only about forty minutes in and decided to give up. I started off using a iMac (late 2013 with Sierra 10.12.2, w/latest adobe) and gave up with the exact same issues using an iPad. I suspect TCM knows what the problems are but has little interest if they aren't losing money. Sure that they all love the old movies as much as us but lack motivation to implement a remedy
  13. TCM fixed the streaming? Last three movies played perfectly. I was waiting for a problem to test the ideas suggested. Maybe posting that it works will cause the problems to reappear
  14. S55 - Good ideas worth trying - Thanks! I ran a movie late last night with no issues at all. I'm planning on doing this again for a few nights to see if problems may be related to demand on TCM servers. Likely you're on to the cause being in the decoding.
  15. I am having this 'black screen' problem also plus a few others. I have tried both Safari and Firefox. Adobe Flash etc is all up to date. Problems: movie fails to load, movie drops (black screen), infinite buffering. Problems occur randomly and lately too frequently to keep trying. I pick a movie, try it once then quit and go to Netflix or something. TCM is the best but if it won't work I get little choice but to move on. Our provider is WAVE and the system is sound. My provider speed promises 28 to 35 Mbps and my speed test comes in at 33 Mbps plus consistently (tested when TCM problems are ha
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