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  1. Hi Classicsfan! You said something about your favorite 'Barrymore' being 'Drew'? As in... Drew Barrymore??? I'm ashamed to say I am not familiar with 'Lionel' or 'Ethel' Barrymore-- how are they related to her?
  2. Hey Pete, me too!!! "Modern Times" was my first Chaplin movie AND my first silent movie too!! Are all silent movies as well done as that one? Although it really wasn't all silent though, was it, because he did sing at the end! (oh God, that was SO funny! I don't know what the hell he was saying, but I was laughing anyway) Why did he just sing at the end and not the rest? I'm sorry if I sound totally ignorant, but I really don't know the first thing about him or silent movies!
  3. Wow, everyone, wow! I wasn't expecting the response you guys gave me, so... WOW! Thanks a lot! I feel so silly coz someone asked earlier in one of those posts if I'd seen all the basics... and I have to say... I really haven't! I haven't seen Casablanca or Citizen Kane or The Gold Rush like they asked (I've never heard of The Gold Rush before) and I've only seen parts and pieces of Gone With the Wind. Are most of these movies available on DVD? I'm thinking of going up to the video store and checking out the movies you guys recommended. What makes these movies so great? I know that's probably a really tough question, but I'm wanting to understand everything I can about this new world I've found myself in! p.s.: Someone else down there said something about "Film Noir". What is that? p.p.s.: and I did check out the reelclassics.com site, stellabluegrl, and I totally think it'll be really helpful, thanks!
  4. lo Everyone! I am new to these boards (duh) and I am also new to classic movies. I cant go to any of my friends to talk about this kind of stuff because as far as they are concerned, even movies from the 80s are old, and black and white movies are just "stupid". But last month I kept my tv tuned to this station to watch their oscar festival and I think I'm officially addicted to it. Yesterday I knew I was hooked because I had the day off work and I sat at home and loved everything I saw. There was this really cute movie about a butler who goes to work for this crazy family and oh my god, that weird guy who lives with them totally had me crying from laughing so hard! And then the next one was a movie that totally surprised me because they were talking about prostitues (even though they never actually came right out and said the "p" word). And then I saw my very first Charlie Chaplin movie too! I was really surprised because I totally liked it and at first my dad thought I was crazy because there I was laughing my a** off at this silent movie-- he's more of the WWF sort. But even *my dad* laughed when Charlie Chaplin was chasing after that old woman with those two buttons on her dress? I was like, "No Way!" But anyway, I want to ask you guys what I need to do-- what kind of movies I really need to watch before I can consider myself a REAL classic movie fan!! Coz I've been reading your posts here and am totally amazed at what I've been reading, because I never though that classic movies had so much to it!
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