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  1. I hope they do. NBC just aired it and watched it again. I'm looking forward to this James Stewart day because watching "IAWL" on NBC, I forgot how much I really really enjoy him. He was cute too.
  2. George is my favorite Beatle, handsdown. As a group I like them all. Solo - I'm the biggest fan of George's eccentric unique work, John's would come second, Paul's third, Ringo's a distant fourth. (Although his debut album Ringo really WAS great.) Just had a dream about George not long ago. I've been interested in dream interpretation for a while.... and I tried an exercise I learned from a book: To ask to meet someone in your dream. That's called astral travel... and it's a real meeting. ANYWAY... I asked to meet Buster. (Of course. ) But I'm thinking maybe Buster said, "You
  3. > it's the Gangster Collection.....just hold-up a > casino or something. There's one on every corner in my town, so they probably wouldn't notice. I could rob $5.00 from each one and have enough to buy a small country AND buy the DVDs. LOL
  4. > (I read somewhere that > Wilder was actually considered to reprise his role > of Willy Wonka in this new film but was soon deemed > too old. Don't know if it's true or not, but > interesting.) That's an interesting tidbit! Somehow though, I have the feeling Gene wouldn't have been interested in that. He's been Willy Wonka all his life. I think it'd be cool for him to play a role in the new movie, though. Maybe Slugworth. Or Charlie's Grandpa. LOL
  5. OH MY GOD... Poor broke person adds one more thing to her wishlist.
  6. The film - Many have influenced me. But I think Willy Wonka is a big one. It's got a very strong message about humility, honesty, and being unspoiled. LOL
  7. My Gnostic faith has gotten me through many a situation, and for some reason or other your brother charted this chapter in own life to make him stronger. He'll be okay. And he is deserving of all the prayers in the world at this time. Shyla > My brother's in the Marines right now. In fact, he > left here this morning after some Thanksgiving leave > (I just got back from takin' him to the airport). I > doubt he has ever seen Sands of Iwo Jima, but > Full Metal Jacket is actually one he really > likes. > > As for myself, I don't know. I g
  8. Guess it's time for us to stock up on those $1.00 DVDs. TCM is great, but that's not all there is, folks. (THANK GOD!) > The Oscar month is extremely tedious, especially for > the fans of the silents.
  9. Tippin' mah porkpie hat to someone who made a significant contribution to the film world, even though he was primarily a retired gardener/part-time musician . George Harrison died 3 yrs. ago today. He was in the cult classics A Hard Day's Night and Help and founded Britain's Handmade Films on August 1, 1980. Handmade produced several quality independent films such as Mona Lisa, Withnail and I, Wish You Were Here, and Time Bandits. Hare Krishna[/i] No rudeness required....
  10. > HKG, the reality is that "we" are only taking Leo as > seriously as he takes us. He has been having fun at > our expense for months, and now we are having as much > fun among ourselves as he has been having. > Nothing wrong with this in my estimation...in fact > it's a vast improvement over the kinds of posts we > had going on with him earlier, don't you think? LOL... oh, okay, yes. That's much better. But I seem to recall making a simple joke a few weeks ago (aimed at NO one... don't even remember what the joke was, it was that trivial...) and
  11. I don't mind watching a movie with commercials as long as they don't edit the heck out of it. Sometimes, if you've seen the movie before, you know when they've cut a scene short or substituted a lame word like "flippin" for you-know-what. I just taped "Wizard Of Oz" off TBS the other night and they didn't mess with that. Guaranteed, most of the time, if it's a classic they won't mess with it. (Not that there's any need to do that, people didn't swear like sailors in movies back then.)
  12. I don't know what part of Montana Classicsfan lives in, but there's no snow here. (Of course, as we know here, it can go from snow to chinook and back again in a day!) .
  13. You guys aren't being any better than he is....
  14. With as many movie channels as there are on television, there is no reason for TCM to be permeated with the new movies....
  15. I'm a big fan of the Marx Brothers, although I have to say from what I know about their personal relationship w/Buster Keaton, I'll be buying their stuff second-hand to avoid contributing to their estate. I'm loyal....
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