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  1. Brackenhe, we all have a life. We may not be where we want to be (like me right now), but it's all good. I totally admire your knowledge about movies. There are people who make a living with movie trivia. I'm 38 yrs old and absolutely adore old movies. When the TCM program guide arrives, I go over it and over it again so as not to miss anything. You're not strange....you're cool!
  2. Hi Roldfilm, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  3. ...and what are your thoughts regarding (what I consider to be) the first music video ever made? I absolutely love the military-style beat of music that Busby was so awesome at. The choreography is simply amazing considering there were no computerized special effects back then like there is now. I've watched several of his wonderful musicals, and would love to purchase the one this number is on...and eventually all of his work. Was it Gold Diggers of 1937? I don't think it was 42nd Street. Thanks for any help you can provide to this "newbie" of Busby Berkeley musical admirers.
  4. Aw honey, there's better ways to stay in bed watching your fave classic movies! Just kiddin'. I hope you feel better very soon. God bless, and take it easy. Love, Rhonda
  5. Bette Davis cracked me up with the following lines in "All About Eve", in which she played Margo Channing: "That's why I don't understand all these plays about love-starved southern women...love was something we were NEVER starved for in the south!" LOL, "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night." and when Max Fabian tells her he's a dying man, she replies with "not until the last drugstore has sold its last pill!" Oh, and when she was depressed and drinking heavily during a welcome home party for her boyfriend, he comes over and says something about the music bein
  6. twtpark, I had no idea Jo Ann Marlowe had such a tragic life. How very sad. Thanks for the info.
  7. p.s. a woman's mascara will run down her face when she cries, even though mascaras have been made not do that for many years now. LOL!
  8. ROTFLMBO @ everyone's responses! Absolutely awesome observations of the movies. Isn't it funny how a character can experience the roughest of conditions and hair/makeup stays clean and intact usually?
  9. Remember the scene in "All about eve" (1950), where the characters at Bette Davis's cocktail party are sitting on the stairsteps as coats are being brought down to guests who are going home. Marilyn brightens up as she sees a beautiful fur being brought down, and says "sable"!Max Fabian looks at her and says "which one?", and she gleefully says "Either one!" I happen to share Marilyn's sentiment in that movie. Cooper was an extraordinarily talented, handsome actor, but Clark was da Man!
  10. I think both actresses were beautiful, but I enjoy Marilyn's movies much more. She was an original. I always got the feeling Jayne was trying to copy Marilyn. Who's your fave, or perhaps you like them both equally or neither one.
  11. Hi, Speaking of Ann Blyth, she was absolutely incredible in her role of Veda. The young actress who played her little sister Kay was so cute!
  12. Bansi4, thanks for that great post! Unfortunately, Joan Crawford has gotten a pretty bad rap because of that dreadful movie "Mommie Dearest". It is so wonderful to hear lovely, positive things about her. Sounds like she was a very caring lady who genuinely appreciated her fans! I love the work by both actresses. They were both strong-willed, beautiful, top-rate stars! Although I've seen more Bette Davis movies than Joan Crawford ones, I couldn't really say which actress is my fave at this point.
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