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  1. But it's worse when their accent is completely mismatched to the rest of the cast. Hayley Mills, as wonderful as she is, does jar in Summer Magic with her English accent. Regarding Mary Poppins, nothing about its setting is very authentic, so Dick Van Dyke's alarmingly funny accent doesn't detract. And now it has become something of an international treasure.
  2. Agreed, and further to your point there are many more restrictions these days on the extent to which minors can perform. However there is still proficient talent out there. Just thinking of the 1980s cast of Annie, there were very young girls in that who were highly proficient in dancing, singing and gymnastics. I do recall reading it took a global casting call to find them all. Whether it requires training from early childhood, I can't say. But we certainly have plenty of professional grade singers and dancers (witness the opening scene of La La Land) - the issue is getting them cast
  3. I would love to see classic musicals remade. The problem is casting. In previous eras, actors were much more likely to be highly proficient in singing and dancing than they are now. Standards were so high that even those with good voices were frequently dubbed. Audrey Hepburn had a very pretty voice but still had to be dubbed. As did Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music and Peggy Wood - even though she had formerly been a Broadway singer. It was recognised when a voice wasn't up to it. Today, there would be pressure to cast A-listers who don't have the equivalent skill levels (thi
  4. I loved the film. I rather wish they had dubbed the lead actors' singing voices, particularly his. His dancing was also weak given the inevitable comparisons to Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire etc. However, as a homage to those musicals, and a new, contemporary form, it was wonderful.
  5. He is marvellous in the film, but his accent is absolutely absurd. It's not even "slightly off", it's bizarre and very funny. The fact that he's actively trying to do a Cockney accent - ie not do a deliberately bad one - makes it even more hilarious, at least to a British audience.
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