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  1. A solid, enjoyable thriller! Davis and the rest of the cast turn in really good performances. If you like Davis in twin form, I recommend A Stolen Life (1946), with Glenn ford and Dane Clark (a favorite of mine). I like both movies very much!
  2. Your opinions are very thoughtful and very much appreciated. I totally understand you getting defensive, and I appreciate and except your apology. I don't want anyone being attacked. I started this thread because I thought it would produce interesting discussion, and it has. I also don't like anybody making implications about anyone based on their opinions about a film-- that's just silly! I don't think any one of us here on this thread is perverse, no matter how our opinions might differ on the subject matter of my post.
  3. I'm the person who started this thread and I don't see why I, nor anybody, should be attacked. I simply made a post about what I, personally, perceived as tension within the film in regards to the two Charlies. That's it. I knew that not everybody would agree-- and that's perfectly ok. However, I don't think I'm perverse for having sensed what the filmmakers very well could have intentionally put in the film. You, nor I, really know what the filmmakers true intentions were, regardless of the era in which the film was made. This is Hitchcock we're talking about; he wasn't above putting a stran
  4. Very insightful about the head injury. This movie is fascinating on so many levels, and Uncle Charlie is such a fascinating character. That's why this is one of my absolute favorites-- there's just so much to ponder over in regards to the story and characters. Definitely one Hitchcock's best.
  5. The dinner table scene is terrific! After all this time, it's still disturbing, and Cotten's delivery is absolutely chilling! I don't think there were any weird feelings for her Uncle on young Charlie's part-- just admiration and a childish infatuation with the life he leads (or the life she thinks he leads), not any sexual attraction. Uncle Charlie, on the other hand, though I agree he was definitely charming to almost everybody, I do feel there was a weird tension that came off of him in regards to his niece. I'm not saying, at all, that he would've ever acted on that tension-- he was a p
  6. Do you sense an odd chemistry and tension between Uncle and young Charlie that's a little of a... sensual nature? I do think it was a purely girlish infatuation with her uncle on young Charlie's part-- not any kind of romantic or sexual feelings. As for Uncle Charlie, I feel like there was a level of strange seductiveness on his part in his interactions with his niece. And I get that they're meant to have a deep bond and connection, and that came through entirely, but there was also some other chemistry happening. At least I sensed as much. This was a topic that was quite popular on
  7. Herbert Lom. I made a whole thread about how underrated I think he is. He was always great and fascinating to watch. The Seventh Veil, The Ladykillers, Night and the City, War and Peace, Spartacus, the Pink Panther series... I could go on. As for another character actor, I just love it whenever Harold Huber pops up! And he does, a lot. He was great in The Thin Man (the perfect part for him) and A Slight Case of Murder, with Edward G. Robinson.
  8. I've loved Oscar Levant in everything I've ever seen him in! He basically just played himself most of the time, but I love it! His wit was terrific and his skills on the piano weren't too shabby, either. I think he was great in the Barkley's of Broadway, An American in Paris, Humoresque, Romance on the High Seas-- he was constantly a treat!
  9. Gone with the Wind - Max Steiner The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - Bernard Hermann A Patch of Blue - Jerry Goldsmith Breakfast at Tiffany's - Henry Mancini Contempt (Theme De Camille) - Georges Delerue
  10. I was wondering if that Bette Davis performance really happened (I was really hoping it had) and I just had to go and look it up-- needless to say, I was not disappointed! I love that she did that! She didn't seem to take herself too seriously and it looks like she was having fun; I enjoyed seeing that side of her.
  11. I haven't seen Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, so I would be curious to know what people think of that movie. I really liked Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, though I haven't seen it in a while. I remember they used to show it pretty frequently on AMC's Fear Friday (when that was still a thing). Overall, it's a pretty good follow-up to Baby Jane, in my opinion. Very atmospheric and the cast is pretty good. Though I would've loved to have seen Crawford and Davis together again, I do love Olivia De Havilland. I'd recommend it!
  12. I love this idea! It would keep a little piece of Robert alive on the channel. It would be comforting in a way.
  13. That sounds like a wonderful idea! I know I'd watch! These are really great and insightful interviews, and they should really be shown more often.
  14. I've loved spending the day with Robert, one last time. All of the Private Screening's have been fascinating and really show what an amazing interviewer Robert was-- you can see just how much these stars trusted him and adored him. It's still hard to believe he's gone. As much as I've loved this tribute to him, it's so very sad to know that this is, essentially, goodbye. But he'll always live on in what he taught us, and I know I'll never forget this great man. I especially loved seeing his 20th Anniversary Tribute, the part with Alec Baldwin was great! The blooper reel was a big treat-- i
  15. Lol! Definitely a dead giveaway!
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