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  1. I really enjoyed this, much more than the Warner Brothers special from a couple of months ago. I did record this also, it's something I think can be watched again and again. Very interesting, and instead of the historical aspect dragging it down, it moved along at a nice clip.
  2. I don't know...what is going on? I'm kidding... As someone who has been a member a long while, but doesn't post often due to other real life and internet obligations - it is a little bit clickety click click clack around here at times. But, I will say that most of the ole timers are very friendly folks to any newbies that don't act like raging idiots. To the poster who said that "The only movie outside of "The Dark Knight" that is of any quality of the past year is "Valkyrie" - Oh now, I must disagree. While The Dark Knight is an admirable film, I would say you'd have to put
  3. I've been a member of Netflix for almost six months now and love it. I've never had a problem, even when the mail service in our neighborhood was screwed up and I missed two flicks. I reported them lost, got replacements, and when they did show up (weeks later) I just returned them. I started out using the three disc program, but when I started to rent television series I went up to four discs. Usually I try to watch something the same day or next. Been plowing thru the House of Eliott series, and I'll be into The Six Wives of Henry VIII next.
  4. Well, I'm happy to see a replay of Tight Spot, which I missed the other night. That and The Count of Monte Cristo and Craig's Wife will be my highlights.
  5. What a week...I am truly sad at this great actor's passing. What a talent! I'll have to stick in Henry V or A Man for All Seasons tonight.
  6. Thank you - you said everything I was planning on typing out, except probably nicer. If I don't like what a channel has on, I change the channel. Simple as that.
  7. Yay - more Popeye on it's way! Title: Popeye the Sailor Starring: N/A (Animation) Released: 17th June 2008 SRP: $34.98 Further Details: Warner Home Video has announced Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940 Volume Two which includes 31 uncut and remastered shorts. The 2-disc package will be available to own from the 17th June, and should retail at around $34.98. Extras will include commentaries, Popeye Popumentary featurettes, an Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer Story retrospective documentary, the feature-length movie Gulliver's Travels, vintage audio recordings, radio interviews, and more
  8. I've been wanted to run up an all-purpose thread for dvd releases Mets, I'm glad you started it. I do have good news about one of my all time wants, Little Dorrit is to be released shortly, at least within the next couple of months or so. However, it may only be released in Region 2, but I did hear from one of my other 'wanter' friends that it should be Region 0, which will play stateside. Now here is some good news! 431 : The Thief of Bagdad SRP: $39.95 Two Discs Synopsis The Thief of Bagdad, legendary producer Alexander Korda's Arabian Nights marvel, is one of the most
  9. Thank you a million times over for posting the December schedule! Ahhh...all those Pre-Codes...the best X-mas gift I could get!
  10. I found his obit...as I said to others, what an interesting life he had, Olympian and acting, and in business. A truly full life. Herman Brix, who died Saturday at 100, was a record-breaking shot- putter who went on to star in Tarzan movies, in which he invented his own version of the Tarzan yell, transliterated by one critic as "Mmmmmmm-annnnngannnnn-eeeeeee." Brix's was no competition for the more famous version developed by the far more prolific Tarzan portrayer, Johnny Weissmuller, along with his coaches at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. A dozen or so other actors played the
  11. Ahhhhhh! Dancing Snow White! Somebody hand me a jug of eye bleach quick!!! Ya know, it was too long, they coulda lost the screen dancers and the Mann montage, but other than that it was okay. I'm peeved that I first picked The Departed, then LFIJ, and I love my Marty but was still hoping Greengrass would have won for United 93. Oh well.
  12. I screwed up royally and forgot to tape the Pre-Codes this morning of The Guilty Generation and The Criminal Code - if anybody did tape them or already have them recorded, please please PM me. Thanks everybody! Oh hey, if you did watch them, were they any good?
  13. Myself and a couple others got together for a chat the night of the GG's, cause that's basically all the show is good for, is a good laugh. I did like the point that Meryl made about finding the small films and trying to entice your local theatre to carry these films, though these days you'd have to e-mail the conglomerate that owns the fifty zillion multi-screened monsters. And I enjoyed Scorcese mentioning not only Night of the Hunter, but The Red Shoes and the Warner Brothers gangster films. Love Hugh Laurie! Adorable! Message was edited by: silentfan66
  14. TCM does such a beautiful job with these...my upstanding applause to those who work on them. And thanks for the site that has the older TCM Remembers guys! I just wish the Oscars would do as good of a job on their memorial pieces. I always say that the best I've seen on any Oscar show was the 2001-2002 show when Anthony Quinn, George Harrison, Carol O'Connor and others were featured, because rather than just a quick pic they had actual clips and the 'dance' theme which was a celebration, rather than just a black armband salute.
  15. Dang, I just posted this over at the Hot Topics. Such a shame, though I'm sure not unexpected. Truly a talented and let's face it - lushly gorgeous women. I loved her in almost every role she played, The Ten Commandments, Criss Cross, Death of a Scoundrel, McLintock!, and so many others.
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