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  1. Some quick notes for ?specialty? collectors: 10/26, 4:06pm/1:06p - Third Dimensional Murder 1941-7m-PSS TCM in the past has shown this Pete Smith novelty short in its original red-blue format, so 3-D fans take notice. It comes complete with the usual clich? objects being thrust towards you. Set your recorders and get out your glasses?.. 10/29, 11:38pm/8:38p - The Flag 1927-20m-silent 10/30, 1:34am/10:34p - The Devil's Cabaret 1931-16m-M TCM has aired these shorts in the past but they do warrant special attention. They both were done in the two-strip Technicolor process,
  2. Extra thanks, LaughingGravy, for the additional details and west coast times. One doesn?t always have time to bother with such information. Just a couple of added notes?.. 10/24, 7:38am/4:38a - City of Little Men 1938-11m-doc >>> This short provides an overview of Boys Town (the place, not the movie), featuring an appearance by the real-life bespectacled Father Flanagan. It is often aired before or after screenings of the films Boys Town or Men of Boys Town. 10/25, 3:48pm/12:48p- La Gazza Ladra 1964-11m-(aka The Thieving Magpie, animated) >>> Perhaps a listing er
  3. busterchaney


    As I?m new to this performer, my collection is limited. TCM has recently shown these two Hal LeRoy short films: Private Lessons [1934] ? Hal joins a girls dance school as instructor giving?.. Wash Your Step [1936] ? Hal sells washing machines with a song and dance sales pitch Hopefully, TCM will continue to screen even more Hal LeRoy shorts (there are about a half dozen listed on the site) as he surely would garner viewer favor as easily as he taps across the screen.
  4. I just finished consolidating all my TCM Ruth Etting shorts together (about 1hr45m worth). So far, I?ve collected: Roseland [1930] One Good Turn [1930] Words & Music [1931] *includes a ?singing scene? from Broadway?s Like That Artistic Temper [1932] A Modern Cinderella [1932] No Contest! [1934] Not sure if TCM has ever shown any of the other Ruth Etting shorts, which include: Broadway?s Like That [1930] Radio Salutes [1931] Old Lace [1931] A Regular Trooper [1932] A Mail Bride [1932] The Song of Fame [1934] All these short films are
  5. Yeah, color me disappointed too. I?d checked here for the schedule Friday and early Saturday but didn?t have time to do my own search and destroy mission. And of course I took one right below the belt (two in fact!). That?s what I get for my lack of extra effort, but heck there are so many times that TCM has a 20 minute gap between features only to leave me sitting there like a fool with remote in hand as they repeat the ?This Month? news, a ?TCM on?? star promo, and other miscellaneous previews. Oh well. TCM already consumes 23? hours of my day, if I really want to catch all the shorts I
  6. Maybe this Search Page at the Internet Movie Database site will help you in your quest. http://www.imdb.com/help/show_leaf?searchtips Scroll down the page to find the alphabetical Index of Searches, listing all types of categories for finding your selection. Some categories (year, genre, etc) will obviously provide broad results, requiring further research. However, more specific keyword categories (plot, character, etc) might narrow your results. Be sure to put ?quote marks? around phrases or you will get separate results for each individual word. Good luck!
  7. Anyone able to offer an editorial for a DVD set currently advertised on tv, the Shirley Temple Storybook Collection? Not being that aware of Shirley Temple outside the famous kid/teenage films (and some knowledge of her involvement in politics), I had never heard of this show before. Although the actual original show title seemed unclear, from what I could gather this was some type of (primetime?) family/children?s program, hosted by the adult Shirley and with special celebrity guest stars. Did she just host and introduce the scenes or did she participate? Are these six shows the only e
  8. I had earlier mentioned that the TCM Movie Database Page listed only the Top 9 of Most Requested Films Not on DVD. Well, I have since discovered the next item?.. #10 ? Greed (1925) The TCM database ranks this film as noted, with approximately 1020 votes (just to give you an idea of what it takes ? although when you look, the vote totals don?t really sync with the rankings?..huh?). Strange thing is, I thought this film was released some months back, thanks somewhat in part to the (since disbanded?) TCM Viewer?s Poll. Although Greed didn?t quite make the top-five ?winner?s circle?
  9. Ooooouh, one of my two favorite clich? scenarios in film, the ?mad doctor declaration? ? Colleague: Why, doctor, that?s insane. You must be mad! Doctor: Mad?! Mad?!!! That?s what they called me at the institute. Well, I?ll show them who?s mad?.. By the way, the other is the ?stoolie-gangster police shakedown? ? Stoolie: Hey, you guys, I don?t know a thing about that murder. The Heat: Murder? Who said anything about a murder, Joey?* Stoolie: Well, I ?er, read it in the papers, yeah it was in the papers. * It?s always best when the guy?s name is Joey! These scene
  10. Agreed, the Barry Paris biography Louise Brooks provides a more comprehensive overview. The closing notes section alone is exhaustive ? including the cited Errata, plus a complete listing of both films and articles by Brooks, as well as extensive author?s notes and acknowledgements. In addition, there is a massive index. My previous commentary was focused solely on the ?in their own words? perspective. Glad to hear that the program Lulu in Berlin will indeed be a part of an upcoming video release.
  11. Yeah, for those interested, the available Louise Brooks video selections have been appropriately noted. Just wanted to echo the sentiments for the Lulu in Berlin documentary from 1985, which is primarily a filmed conversation with Brooks. This is a real treasure to experience, for it is a candid discussion filled with honesty and insight wherein Brooks repeatedly delights the viewer with her frankness and forward-thinking. This 50 minute program would make an excellent companion piece to the bio-documentary Looking for Lulu (1998, 60 minutes) that TCM has aired before. Perhaps Lulu in Berl
  12. Yes, fortunately for silent film fans, TCM keeps the Lon Chaney catalog in regular rotation (especially around this time of year -- boo!). Indeed, there are more dates this month, so check the TCM schedule. As for The Unknown, it is scheduled again for December 22 so mark your calendar (to set your recorder, as there are three Chaney films running consecutively starting at 2:00AM ET).
  13. Try this TCM page?.. Movie Database ? from top-right of TCM Page Heading Banner http://tcmdb.com/index.jsp There you will find Top Ten lists and a statistical recap of various TCM data: + Contributors ? folks who supply database input (with just five entries you?ll be famous!) + Title Searches & People Searches ? seemingly TCM programming links and some fan favorites + DVD Buys on turnerclassicmovies.com ? subject more to ?what?s available, newly released, currently advertised? obviously than an all-time classic collectibles ranking list + Database Statis
  14. Saturday September 30 at 3:36 ET / 12:36 PT ? a ?Two Reel Wonder?, screening prior to the feature film My Favorite Spy TCM is scheduled to show a special musical short from 1934 titled ?Paree, Paree? which features several Cole Porter tunes. It stars Bob Hope and has a running time of 21 minutes. Sources say this short, known as being part of a series called ?Broadway Brevities?, is available as an extra attraction on the Silk Stockings DVD.
  15. Continuing the discussion of TCM and the programming of "One Reel Wonders", why not rally the membership in addressing an idea long overdue regarding the creation of a full hour program devoted to the various short subjects. Consider this TCM Treasure Chest (call it what you will) as an actual spin-off showcase to the delightful feature ?Added Attractions? aired recently to kick-off the all-day shorts schedule. Surely this concept has been broached before. It continues to amaze the longterm viewers that TCM fails to recognize the power and potential for all the various short subjects. T
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