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  1. Gunfight in Abilene (1967) Gun shy after killing a friend, a former Confederate officer (Bobby Darin) reluctantly becomes sheriff. Director: William Hale Stars: Bobby Darin, Emily Banks, Leslie Nielsen 60’s crooner Bobby Darin stars as a former confederate soldier turned sheriff in this 1967 horse town oater Gunfight in Abilene. After the civil war, Cal Wayne returns home and finds his former flame, played by the lovely Emily Banks, engaged to a childhood friend and town cattle baron (Leslie Nielsen). Sparks fly when Nielsen’s hired right hand man, Joe Slade, causes trouble between the cattl
  2. Then maybe you'll understand why, for me anyway as a fan of Laramie, it was shocking to see John Smith play the especially oily villainous role, although he was also pretty good as the antagonist in Fury at Showdown.
  3. Nice, I'll keep an eye out for that one!
  4. Rebel in Town (1956) Director: Alfred L. Werker Stars: John Payne Ruth Roman J. Carrol Naish Ben Cooper John Smith Ben Johnson - After the Civil War, tragedy occurs when a small family of former confederate soldiers ride into a town for supplies. With perhaps the most shocking and brutal slaying of a child I've ever seen in the opening sequences of a 50's western, Rebel in Town delivers a tragic and dramatic story of personal conflict, betrayal and emotional heartache shared by all parties involved. The terrific performances by this stellar cast keeps you on th
  5. Forty Guns (1957) An authoritarian rancher, Barbara Stanwyck, rules an Arizona county with her private posse of hired guns. Stanwyck falls in love with a new marshall (Sullivan) who arrives in town to set things straight. Both have itchy-fingered brothers and when a female gunmaker enters the picture, things go desperately wrong. Director - Samuel Fuller Stars - Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, Dean Jagger Barbara Stanwyck is the big name on this film but it is Barry Sullivan's turn as the the gun-fighting marshal that makes this fun to watch. Tragic consequences gives this me
  6. Red Sundown (1956) Directed by Jack Arnold Stars Rory Calhoun, Dean Jagger, Robert Middleton This is no standard meat & potato horse drama thanks to Rory Calhoun’s turn as a cool as ice, tough-talking gunslinger turned deputy’s sheriff. After making a promise to a dying friend Calhoun turns a new leaf and hires on with a with a small horse town sheriff (Dean Jagger) and quickly gets himself in the middle of a turf war between local farmers and a cattle baron (Robert Middleton). Calhoun finds romance with the sheriff’s daughter played by the easy on the eyes Martha Hyer. He also
  7. The Hangman (1959) Directed by Michael Curtiz Stars Robert Taylor, Tina Louise, Fess Parker, Jack Lord I had a chance to see The Hangman on Starz Western and though I love watching a Robert Taylor film this movie, despite all the credentials, didn't really deliver. Robert Taylor seems out of place in this role and his presence didn't make up for a weak story. I suppose I expected more from a movie directed by Michael Curtiz but it really seemed like a long drawn out episode of a tv western show. The only really worthwhile about this movie are the titillating scenes with Tina L
  8. Hey wouldbestar, thanks for the reply. Then you might also be interested in Tomahawk Trail (1957). Another nifty little cavalry western starring Chuck Connors and co-stars John Smith.
  9. Such is the plot of this excellent western that I was fortunate to watch on the Starz Western channel a few months ago. The first good thing about this movie is fans of the tv show Laramie might get a kick out watching John Smith play against type as the villainous gunslinger and he plays it up with gusto. Fury at Showdown may be a B Western but it packs a lot of punch into its running time and lives up to it's name. This movie quite possibly features the most vicious knock-down, gut-busting, fist-bruising, bloody, knuckle-duster I have ever seen in a western since Shane. At times
  10. Forrest Tucker stars in this movie I just happened to catch for the first time a few months ago and I took to it like a flea to a dog. Forrest has had many good roles in many great westerns, but here he really stands out as the feature headliner as a sheriff whose easy going manner belies his handiness with a gun. Forrest is surrounded by a well recognizable supporting cast - Mara Corday, Jim Davis, Lee Van Cleef & Hank Worden. In a lot of ways The Quiet Gun reminds of High Noon. Maybe not in the same class but it's just as entertaining with a terrific ending. This movie is highly re
  11. Thanks FG! The Broken Lance cast alone merits a top rating but you then add the story, Tracy's performance and it becomes a powerful movie, at least for me. By the way, solid list!
  12. This one is my watchlist. I haven't managed to track down a copy yet. This is a list of some western/horror hybrids I've seen and yet to see... http://www.imdb.com/list/ls066062607/
  13. They are both great, though I still slightly favor Onibaba. I mean just the thunderous theme song alone is a pleasure to listen to. Kuroneko has the strongest visuals and the creepier FX work, I'll give it that.
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