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  1. You're The One Paul Simon-Oct 2000 A good album, Simon's first in 3 years and his first in the 21st century. "Darling Lorraine" is an interesting story about the life of a marriage, from first love then breakup and death. My favorite track is "Old" which is a tribute to Buddy Holly, he is mentioned in the lyrics and the arrangement is done in his style. "Pigs, Sheep and Wolves" is interesting for being most sympathetic to the wolves, usually depicted just as ravenous predators. It ends on a tranquil note with "Quiet" about trying to find peace at last.
  2. Warm Springs (2005) Next-Sunrise At Campobello (1960 2 movies about FDR
  3. 8. Wagner says he was bullied and humiliated by director John Ford during the filming of What Price Glory? (1952)
  4. Duck Soup (1933) favorite song sung (not danced to) by Fred Astaire in a movie
  5. The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre (1948) Next-favorite Walter Brennan performance
  6. I caught the ending of it, but I have seen this a few times. It did not seem very "noir" to me but I think it is a great suspense film. The only time Robert Wagner played a psychopath and he does very well. He is still the well groomed character he had played before but this time has danger behind that mask. This was based on an Ira (Rosemary's Baby) Levin novel and it is worth reading. The great thing about the novel is we follow the villain in the beginning and we are never sure who he is by the end since he is never referred to by name at the beginning. In the movie, of course we can see who he is from the start.
  7. I am not a ballet fan but I saw The Red Shoes last night for the first time and thought it was very good 7/10. Surprisingly my favorite sequence was the Red Shoes ballet, it was a great combination of color. dance and some dazzling direction. I thought the framing story of Moira Shearer and the two men dragged a bit but the powerful ending makes up for it. Black Swan (2010) is my favorite film about the ballet, it really captures how difficult and how physically brutal it can be. There was a film of Romeo And Juliet (1966) which was a filmed record of the Royal Ballet performance. I never saw it but it is an example of an actual ballet on film.
  8. Hairspray (1988) Corny Collins Show
  9. 3) His first TV series was It Takes A Thief (1968-1970)
  10. I haven't had a beer in nearly 3 months, I am primarily a social drinker, I never have beer at home. I also sick of my own cooking( I live alone), I hate getting takeout or delivery because the meal loses something in the time it takes to lug it home. I live in New York so there are many great fancy restaurants here, there is no way I am going to get takeout or delivery of a great meal like lobster or steak. If they start reopening again I don't know how they are going to have people with masks trying to eat and drink. Also having a small capacity of about 25% in the places, what if you go all the way to the place and then don't let you in? I am not sure if I will go back until they lift all restrictions, but maybe I will try it after a week after the first phase of reopening. Anyone else feel this way?
  11. La Strada (1956) Next-favorite film set in early 20th Century
  12. Oliver Twist (1948)/Oliver!(1968)
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