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  1. Lucy was a lot louder and she seemed to think she was helping Charlie Brown when she berated him. Violet and Patty just seemed to a take a sadistic glee in torturing him.
  2. I have been reading the complete Peanuts books and was struck by how cruel Violet and Patty could be to Charlie Brown. He uses reverse psychology here and they don't know how to answer that, it was pretty satisfying. What do you think of this? I
  3. He had been suffering from dementia so I was expecting but dreading this day. He was a great talent, he co directed Holy Grail and directed Life Of Brian and Meaning Of Life alone. My favorite sketch of his was in Meaning Of Life where he played the fat man gorging himself in a restaurant and vomiting up gallons. It was so gross it was hilarious.
  4. I believe this one is The Incident (1967) with Jack Gilford and Thelma Ritter, a brutal suspense film about subway passengers held hostage by a pair of thugs.
  5. Kirk Douglas Detective Story Humphrey Bogart The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre John Wayne The Searchers Teresa Wright Shadow Of A Doubt James Stewart Vertigo Reese Witherspoon Election
  6. I had seen a few episodes of Archie Bunker's Place, they were awful, most people like to pretend this spin off never existed.
  7. Edward My Son (1949) Next-The King And I (1956) Deborah Kerr double bill
  8. Maude was very good show, I watched it when it first aired and am rewatching it from the beginning on Youtube. I have seen some merely OK episodes but never a bad one.It still holds up and the musical episodes I think are some of the best. Many other sitcoms did this "put on a show" type episodes bu Maude was the best at it. Beatrice Arthur was seasoned Broadway musical performer (Mame) and belts out some show stopping numbers on these shows. In one of them she does a great version of "You're Gonna Hear From Me" which was in the movie Inside Daisy Clover. The shows still were great comedy, in another one, Maude is putting on a telethon but they don't have a disease to ask contributions for it!
  9. This was my favorite era. The ABC Friday lineup was at it's best when Room 222 was added to it. The Odd Couple is my favorite TV show of all time. The CBS Saturday lineup of 1973-1974, I believe was the greatest ever All In The Family M*A*SH Mary Tyler Moore Show Bob Newhart Show Carol Burnett Show I own the DVDs for that season for the first 4 shows and few episodes from that season on some of Best Of Carol Burnett. I have occasionally done a night of 1973-1974 TV and played the actual episodes that aired on the same night. Many of these shows ended at the right time. MTM did it right by stopping at 7 seasons, still at high quality. Bob Newhart at 6 seasons knew the time was up as well. Bridget Loves Bernie was a good show but was cancelled after a season, despite it being highly rated. The Brady Bunch's final season was it's worst, so it was good it stopped there. Other shows like AITF (9 seasons) and MASH (11) outstayed their welcome. AITF in particular, the first 5 seasons were hilarious and brilliant, if it had ended there it would have been the greatest sitcom of all time. Later seasons had Gloria having a baby, Mike and Gloria moving and later leaving the show all together, Archie becoming more sedate and whiny, Edith becoming a victim of attempted rape, so it was not much fun to watch anymore and the humor was less edgy and more juvenile. And the final season added a little girl to the cast, a sure sign of desperation. MASH was still pretty good towards the end but many cast changes did not always work well IMO. Some of the episodes became a bit too preachy in the later years, and not as funny.
  10. I love this series. I believe Seasons #2 and #3 are in a tie as the best in the series. I did not care much for Season #1, as Blackadder was just an idiot, it was funnier when he became the sarcastic smart aleck, and Hugh Laurie was the dim Prince . Baldrick always remained the same, the filthy, but well meaning scruff. Two episodes stand out as the best and IMO two of the funniest sitcom episodes ever Sense And Senility-The Prince wants to take speech lessons from a pair of prissy and untalented actors. Blackadder finds that saying the word "Macbeth" to them drives them crazy in some of the funniest moments. Duel And Duality- The Prince is challenged to a duel with the loud and violent Duke of Wellington (Stephen Fry in a hilarious performance). The Prince begs Blackadder to pose as him in the duel.
  11. The Men - great debut for Marlon Brando, fine supporting cast with Teresa Wright, Everett Sloane, Richard Erdman, Jack Webb The War Of The Worlds- very good 1950s sci fi about evil alien invasion Finding Nemo-I am usually not a fan of animated PIXAR but this one was very entertaining. So only 4 for me this time, I usually see about 6 or 7
  12. 48 Hrs (1982) Cop Nick Nolte and convict Eddie Murphy have tough, exhausting brawl on a San Francisco street From Here To Eternity (1953) There are some use of doubles in some scenes but this is one of the best moments in the film. Private Prewitt (Montgomery Clift) is constantly being bullied by nasty Sgt Galovitch (John Dennis). He finally strikes back in the scene, which is also very well edited.
  13. This show was an 80s favorite of mine, though I haven't revisited it since it's been off the air. Season 1 and 2 I felt were the best but I do recall some good ones from Season 3. One was where Crockett tries to get into the mind of a psycho burglar who may be getting ready to graduate to murder, it was reminiscent of the great 80s Michael Mann film Manhunter. Wilie Nelson guest stars on another one when he shoots it out western style with some drug dealers. I seem to recall this was the season where there was controversy because they made the show look darker and less pastel colors, plus Crockett cut his hair.
  14. Spencer Tracy and Ernest Borgnine in Bad Day At Black Rock
  15. Talk About A Stranger (1952) TCM 7/10 Bud, a small town boy thinks a mysterious new neighbor killed his dog.This is a short B film that I discovered on late night TV when I was a little kid. The fact that it is told from a child's point of view is why I liked it so much and still has nostalgic feeling for me. Other 1950s films like the later Invaders From Mars (1953) and Night Of The Hunter (1955) have the same feel to it. Billy Gray (Father Knows Best also named Bud on that show) plays Bud and he gives an excellent performance. Kurt Kasznar (best known as the cowardly Fitzhugh on the TV show Land Of The Giants) is well cast as the strange neighbor Matlock. Matlock is secretive and surly, plus he has a foreign accent which makes him the perfect target for suspicion in a small 1950s American town. There is a great scene in a grocery store where Bud makes the accusation that Matlock poisoned his dog, the suspicious townsfolk (character actors like Burt Mustin and Kathleen Freeman are among them) really start jumping to conclusions. All the mystery is tied up at the end, I recommend this to anyone fond of 1950s movies with good child actors and if you like short to the point B&W suspense.
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