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  1. Kinks-Size -Apr 1965* A pretty good one from the group. It begins with the rip roaring #7 hit "All Day And All Of The Night" , it's pretty much an imitation of the "You Really Got Me" style but it's still great, equal to it and I at times I like it a bit more. "Long Tall Sally" is a bit more subdued than Little Richard's original and not as good as that one or the Beatles great cover of it. One of their better cover songs is "Louie Louie" , Ray's early style of singing seems to be based on the Kingsmen's lead singer. "I've Got That Feeling" is a very good Ray original, one of his best ear
  2. You Really Got Me by The Kinks -Dec 1964 Since I own all their albums, I thought I would listen to and review them in order. This is the first US collection by the group-Ray Davies (guitarist and songwriter), Dave Davies (lead guitar), Pete Quaife (bass) and Mick Avory (drums). It is not a very good debut but has it's moments. "Beautiful Delilah" is the first track, a Chuck Berry cover, Dave sings it but his voice sounds like he has a bad cold. The Kinks were not very good at R&B covers, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were much better at it. "Just Can't Go To Sleep" is a Ray origi
  3. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958) next- Burt Lancaster, Kim Hunter, Joan Rivers
  4. Jurassic Park (1993) next- Loretta Young, William Holden, Robert Mitchum
  5. Macabre (1958) TCM On Demand 5/10 After the mysterious deaths of his wife and sister in law, a doctor is told his little daughter has been buried alive. The first of director William Castle's "gimmick" films and this is one of the weakest. Castle's gimmick was to have insurance policies if anyone died of fright while watching it. Despite the bizarre plot, it is a bit dull. Things start to pick up near the end. The only familiar faces in the cast to me were Jim Backus as the police chief who has a grudge against the doctor, Ellen Corby is a suspicious housekeeper. Castle's pictures w
  6. the #1 fan favorite turned out to be What's Opera Doc? (1957), which was when Elmer sings "Kill Da Wabbit" to Wagner music.
  7. That line was intact this morning. Backus was hilarious as the genie, especially when he laughs at his own "witty" joke.
  8. Many great ones this morning: POPEYE AND PALS Too Weak To Work (1943) Popeye is working hard painting boats while Bluto loafs. Bluto gets most of the funny scenes in this one, he notices a hospital and decides to fake illness so he can rest there. Popeye finds out and poses as a nurse. When Bluto sees him in a wig he says "She looks like me grandmother!" Poopdeck Pappy (1940) Pappy wants to sneak out to a bar but Popeye wants to put him to bed. Funny scenes as Pappy dances with girls and gets involved in barroom brawls. I'll Never Crow Again (1941) Some crows are invading
  9. Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis, explosive chemistry in their only collaboration The Defiant Ones, they could have made a good buddy comedy together
  10. Some of my favorites, great books turned into great movies: Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck-the 1939 film is mostly faithful, minus a few curse words Dracula by Bram Stoker-many characters are not in the 1931 film, Renfield is the one who first meets Dracula instead of Harker From Here To Eternity by James Jones- the book was nearly a 1000 pages, 1953 movie successfully cut it down, took out the foul language and prostitutes Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin-one of the most faithful adaptations, nearly word for word, scene for scene The Collector by John Fowles-the book
  11. I remember her mostly for HR Pufnstuf, one of my favorite Saturday morning shows, I have it on DVD. She was great as Witchiepoo.
  12. There Is Only One Roy Orbison -Aug 1965 A great album, Roy's first for a new label MGM. He had most of his classic hits on the Monument label. "Ride Away" is a great opener, it reached only #25 as a single but it is just as good as his bigger hits. It has many changes and moods to it, with some fine orchestration and his usual peerless vocals. "You Fool You" is a nice 1950s style ballad. "I'm In A Blue Blue Mood" is the shortest (1:50) but one of the best on the album, it has similar structure to his hit "Running Scared" and he hits an incredible note in full voice. "If You Can't Say Som
  13. Yes, the Stuart Margolin character asks Charles Bronson if he is checking his suitcase, when he says yes he puts the gift wrapped gun in it.
  14. Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962) VHS Tape 8/10 An early 20th century family deals with addictions and illness. After viewing The Iceman Cometh a few days ago, I was on a Eugene O'Neill kick so I pulled out my old VHS of this one. Katherine Hepburn gives one of her best performances as the drug addicted matriarch. Also excellent are Ralph Richardson as her miserly actor husband, Jason Robards as the alcoholic older son and Dean Stockwell as the younger son seriously ill with TB. Many great scenes of confrontation between this dysfunctional bunch, and it quietly concludes. I j
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