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  1. Ewa Froling, Swedish actress from Fanny And Alexander, had sexy brows.
  2. I remember Kim Morgan being a programmer with Robert Osbourne years ago. One of the ones she selected was Something Wild (1961). a bizarre suspense film with Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker. She was a film critic at the time and has very good taste in film. I also find her extremely attractive, one of the cutest pug noses I have seen since Hayley Mills.
  3. Yes to all questions. A dog attacks the rabbits and kills a few. Two rabbits claw each other, quite a bit of blood and wounds are shown. Another rabbit is shown caught in a snare trap. The ending seems hopeful.
  4. Watership Down (1978) TCM On Demand 7/10 A colony of rabbits search for a new home when their country side is threatened. I saw part of this years ago but this is the first time I saw it all the way through. It's an animated version of a book by Richard Adams. The hand drawn animation looks very good. John Hurt voices one of the main rabbit characters, his scratchy, weary voice works well. Other voices are provided by Richard Briers (from the British sitcom The Good Neighbors) , Denholm Elliott and Sir Ralph Richardson. Zero Mostel is the voice of a bird, though it is hard to underst
  5. One of the funniest Bugs/Yosemite Sam cartoons, although Sam gets the funniest bits. He is stuck on a deserted island with only coconuts to eat "I HATES COCONUTS!" He also has to deal with a shark named Dopey Dick.
  6. Here are some good ones from this morning: POPEYE/PINK PANTHER PARTY Vim, Vigor And Vitaliky (1936) Funny Popeye short. Popeye is running a gym for "wimmin" right next to Bluto's cabaret. Bluto shaves his beard and gets in drag to join Popeye's gym. Many funny scenes as Bluto tries to show he is a stronger woman than Popeye is a man. TOM AND JERRY/MGM CARTOONS Deputy Droopy (1955) A sheriff has deputy Droopy guard his gold from two outlaws. Many hilarious gags as the duo try to get to the gold without waking the sheriff. Some of the funniest scenes is when Droopy treats on
  7. One of my favorite years. Three of my favorites- 2001 A Space Odyssey Rosemary's Baby Planet Of The Apes Here are a few not mentioned- Targets - Boris Karloff plays a elderly horror film star, he is making a personal appearance at a drive in, where the real life horror of a mad sniper is lurking. I Love You Alice B Toklas- One of Peter Sellers' funniest. A great satire of both the straight middle class and anti establishment hippie culture. The Anniversary- a great later role for Bette Davis as a one eyed matriarch of a highly dysfunctional family
  8. I love this one. It was a great comeback for Sidney Poitier (he hadn't acted in a film for a decade). The stunt across the ravine was eye popping, this was before CGI so that was a real live stunt man swinging on that rope. Another thing I liked was how we did not know at first who the villain was, Kirstie Alley was the guide to a bunch of guys, many who are acting suspicious. Add to that was the fact that some were played by actors known for villainous portrayals. Andy Robinson was the psycho from Dirty Harry (1971), Richard Masur played a child molester in a 1981 TV movie Fallen Angel and C
  9. Cary Grant in Notorious (1946), To Catch A Thief (1955), Indiscreet (1958) next Tybalt Mr. Murdstone Richard, Duke Of Gloucester
  10. Tucson, Arizona Next favorite Dean Martin song
  11. I will be away next week so I will miss the shows on Nov 27. If anybody wants to discuss the cartoons next Saturday, it's OK with me.
  12. Here are some good ones this morning POPEYE AND PINK PANTHER PARTY The Pink Tail Fly (1965) A funny Pink Panther cartoon. He is trying to sleep but gets bothered by a pesky mosquito. He tries many ways to get rid of it. Funniest scene is when he gets into a karate outfit and starts chopping every thing in sight. TOM AND JERRY/MGM CARTOONS Hatch Up Your Troubles (1949) A good T&J cartoon. A mother woodpecker loses her egg and it rolls into Jerry's house. The baby woodpecker hatches and thinks Jerry is the Mama. Tom chases after both but but the bird demolishes everythin
  13. 9) He won an Emmy for the TV mini series Washington Behind Closed Doors (1977)
  14. 7) He was a friend to Robert F Kennedy and persuaded him to run for President in 1968
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