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  1. Rock 'N" Roll by John Lennon -Mar 1975 John does some old 1950s favorites. It's one of his weaker albums, but a few songs are pretty good. But none are as good as the originals, or as good as some Beatles covers John sang like "Rock and Roll Music" or "Bad Boy". The first is Gene Vincent's "Be Bop A Lula" which is OK. The best song is Ben E King's "Stand By Me" which has John's best singing on the record, it became a top 20 hit. Phil Spector produced a few of the songs then quit. Two of these were remakes of Chuck Berry classics. Spector's production drowns out John' s voice on "You Can't
  2. Another Woman (1988) HBO On Demand 8/10 A middle aged woman (Gena Rowlands) rents an apartment in order to write a book, the apartment next door is a psychiatrist's office and she can overhear the sessions with another woman (Mia Farrow). The second drama in a row for director Woody Allen. It is much better than the last , September. I had seen this one before, yet it felt like the first time when I re watched it last night. Allen often talks of Ingmar Bergman as his favorite filmmaker, and this the most Bergmanesque of his films that I have seen. There are great dream sequences and
  3. Venus And Mars by Wings -Jun 1975 Paul and Linda McCartney and Denny Laine welcome two new members to the group-Jimmy McCulloch on guitar and Joe English on drums. The first song is the haunting title track which segues into a great rocker "Rock Show". "Love In Song" is one of Paul's most beautiful melodies in a long time. "Magneto And Titanium Man" is an entertaining tribute to comic book superheroes. "Letting Go" is great ending to Side 1 with some very good guitar playing and terrific horn arrangement. Side 2 is not as good as the first. A reprise of "Venus And Mars" is one of the bett
  4. I would have thought she lived here, in the famous Hollywood Witch's house, a favorite on many tours
  5. "Starting Over" in 1980 would become his only other USA #1 song
  6. Walls And Bridges by John Lennon -Sep 1974 A good Lennon album, his best since Imagine, though still cannot match the brilliance of that one. He is helped by some old friends like bassist Klaus Vorrmann and pianist Nicky Hopkins who worked with him on his best material. The vinyl came with a booklet of all the lyrics and some of his childhood artwork. He seems to be finding some happy times he had instead of the pain and fear he showed on Plastic Ono Band. The opener "Going Down On Love" shows some sadness over his recent separation from Yoko. "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" is a jaunt
  7. I think it was his best up to this point. I will continue reviewing all his solo stuff in the coming days and weeks since I own everything he has done. There are two that I like even more. Yes, Coburn and Lee are the two most famous ones. British chat show host Michael Parkinson is the only other one that I am familiar with.
  8. September (1987) HBO On Demand 5/10 A suicidal woman (Mia Farrow) spends time with family and friends in her Vermont home. Woody Allen directed this extremely somber film which has some good acting but it is slow and talky , even though it is short (82 minutes). It has an interesting cast- Denholm Elliott plays a widowed neighbor who has a crush on the Farrow character, but she is in love with divorced writer Sam Waterston, and he is in love with Farrow's married friend Dianne Wiest. Elaine Stritch plays Farrow's mother and Jack Warden the new stepfather. Most interesting thing for m
  9. Band On The Run by Paul McCartney And Wings -Dec 1973 A great album, best so far for Paul. It started off with drummer Denny Seiwell and guitarist Henry McCullough quitting the band before recording began in Nigeria. Denny Laine took over lead guitar and Paul supplied the drums. The first song, the title track is my favorite. It starts off gently with the story of being imprisoned then explodes into main part of the song where the band escapes and goes on the run. Great drumming by Paul on this, a #1 hit single. "Jet" a thundering piece, was another hit, great and catchy chorus. "Bluebird
  10. He was great as the creepy cop in I Wake Up Screaming
  11. I love "Oh Yoko", the record company pushed for it to be a single, but Lennon thought it was too "pop".
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