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  1. The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society Jan 1969 I just saw a PBS documentary on the making of this classic album so I pulled it out and gave it a listen for the first time in years. It definitely is one of the group's best records. Ray Davies' song writing was excellent as always and the band's playing is impeccable. The album was not a success in it's day but has gained acclaim in later years. The songs are nostalgic for simpler times but still have the Davies wit to them. It begins with the title song, as they sing about "preserving the old ways" and "God save little shops, china cups and virginity", hardly the stuff most rock bands were doing at this turbulent time. "Do You Remember Walter" is a witty song about an old school friend who probably now is "fat and married". "Picture Book" is a wonderful, catchy song about looking at old photographs, the last song "People Take Pictures Of Each Other" is a similar theme where the pictures are taken to "prove they really existed. "Village Green" is another nostalgic, wistful song about simple small town living. There are also two songs which tackle the supernatural. "Phenomenal Cat" is a fairy tale about a cat who lives just to eat, there is an impish voice on the chorus. "Wicked Annabella" is a spooky tale of a witch with enslaved little demons. The songs are very English but although I am American, I have English heritage and was always fascinated by the culture. Listening to the album makes you wish for simpler times as well, even if you are not English.
  2. 7) Roddy McDowall played her son in White Cliffs Of Dover and called her Mother the rest of her life.
  3. Best- Planet Of The Apes (1968) Worst- Airport 1975 Next- Yul Brynner
  4. The Fog Of War (2003) Next-Gates Of Heaven (1978) 2 Errol Morris documentaries
  5. Blondie On A Budget (1940) Youtube 6/10 Blondie gets jealous when Dagwood is visited by an old girlfriend. Especially when the the old girl friend is played by a young and gorgeous Rita Hayworth! This is #5 in the series and still has some good laughs though it follows the usual formula. Bumbling Dagwood is misunderstood by a suspicious Blondie. Baby Dumpling and Alvin have some more funny lines. One of the funniest scenes has Dagwood seeing every woman turn into Blondie. including a Chinese lady. Daisy has a drunk scene.
  6. The DVD has an audio interview with director Ted Post. He said that he knew Ruth Roman and sent her the script and she accepted it immediately. Like you said, perhaps she thought it would revive her career since these macabre films with classic Hollywood actresses had become so popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
  7. The Baby (1973) DVD 7/10 A social worker tries to intervene when she discovers a woman has been treating her mentally challenged adult son as an infant and won't allow him to be an adult. I was in the mood for 1970s exploitation and this is about as bizarre, exploitative and intriguing as it gets. People not familiar with this type of film will be shocked and disgusted. I think it's very memorable, I had seen it on TV years ago and it has haunted me ever since. I got the DVD a few years ago when my favorite video store was closing, I have watched it whenever the mood hit me. The son is merely called Baby and he crawls on all fours, wears diapers and cries and gurgles but never learned to speak. The only major weakness is the cries are dubbed in, sounding still like a baby though the character is a grown man. Anjanette Comer (she was in the classic black comedy The Loved One) plays the social worker and she gives an excellent performance. Classic film veteran Ruth Roman plays Baby's nasty mom. Ted Post is the director, he had mostly done TV but his most notable film work was inferior sequels to hit movies like Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970) and the Dirty Harry followup Magnum Force. The Baby IMO is his best film, after all the weird and wild stuff at the beginning we get a knockout of a twist ending, cranking this one up an extra notch.
  8. Shattered Glass (2003) true story of a reporter who wrote totally fabricated stories
  9. I read a story about Destry Rides Again (1939), after a kissing scene with Marlene Dietrich, Stewart got so aroused that the director wagged his finger at him and called an early lunch.
  10. 8. The film is 198 minutes long and was screened without an intermission.
  11. In the book "The Films Of The Fifties" author Douglas Brode said "Essentially, Trapeze is a celebration of how wonderful a masculine relationship can be-until a woman comes along and spoils it."
  12. He was also the main character in Help!, since the plot revolved around a sacred ring on his finger that everyone was after.
  13. US economist and politician Dick Armey also turned 80 today, you must admit more care about Ringo than him.
  14. Of course he will be always known as The Beatles' drummer but a talented star in his own right. He did not sing lead on too many Beatle songs but they were all entertaining, my favorite is "With A Little Help From My Friends" from the Sgt Pepper album. He was also the best actor in the group. He had a great solo sequence in A Hard's Day Night". My favorite of his non Beatle movies was The Magic Christian (1969), while not that great was better than most of ones he appeared in (some are really bad like Caveman and Sextette), Here he underplays as a sidekick to Peter Sellers and there are some amusing moments and good music. My favorite of his solo albums is Ringo, which has two great #1 singles "Photograph" (which he co wrote with George Harrison) and "You're Sixteen" a great remake of the Johnny Burnette song. What are your favorites of his music or movies?
  15. 5) The 3 stars, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean were each given their own house during filming, Carroll Baker, Jane Withers and Mercedes McCambridge had to share an apartment.
  16. The Monster Club (1981) Next-House Of The Long Shadows (1983) 2 Vincent Price/John Carradine films in the 80s
  17. The greatest composer of film music ever, bar none. He was the only one whose scores I could listen to outside of the film. Here are my top five 1. A Fistful Of Dollars (1964) Mexican flavored acoustic guitars, voices and whistling brought in a new era of film music. 2. For A Few Dollars More (1965) More whistling and great guitar highlight the title theme. The later duel sequence with the chimes of the watch is a haunting moment. 3. The Good The Bad And The Ugly (1966) He really perfected his sound here, the title theme has more whistling with bursts of electric guitar. The rousing "Ecstasy Of Gold" near the end may be his masterpiece. 4, The Untouchables (1987) Harmonica, pounding piano are great on the credits scene. A grand sweeping score at the raid on the Canadian border and at the end credits. 5. Casualties Of War (1989) The use of wind instruments (not sure what they are called) give a quiet menace to this score. The use of strings and what sounds like a some kind of whistling instrument (maybe a piccolo) are very poignant.
  18. I'd say Diana Dors, I just saw her on an old Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and she had the most luscious lips I have ever seen.
  19. Gwen Welles as the hopelessly untalented singer in Nashville (1975)
  20. The Night Listener (2006) In one of his serious roles, Robin Williams plays a radio talk show host who receives calls from a young boy claiming to be a big fan. The boy also has serious medical conditions according to his mother (Toni Collette). She also says the boy was molested by a group of pedophiles. While the story is intriguing, it is often so over the top that it becomes funny. Williams becomes suspicious of the mother's story and goes to the small town where they live. He is met with hostility by the townspeople, this may be serious material but the way Williams is treated is so ridiculous. In one unintentionally hilarious scene a big fat cop uses a cattle prod on him! This is the only movie I can think of that I consider a "guilty pleasure" since I feel a bit guilty about laughing at it, but still somehow enjoy it.
  21. Bogart and Lorre have their best scenes together in this one.
  22. Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939) Movies! TV Network 6/10 Blondie is conned by an encyclopedia salesman that Baby Dumpling is a genius. A good entry in the series, not as funny as the last two. Baby Dumpling, along with his next door pal precocious Alvin, have some funny lines. Other things happening in this one has Daisy being caught by the dog catcher and Dagwood being fired... again. Mr Dithers has a funny moment acting furious at Dagwood, more like his comic strip character. This one also goes for some sentiment with a subplot about a rich girl in a wheel chair (played by Peggy Ann Garner, later in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (1945).
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