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  1. Voodoo Man (1944) Youtube 5/10 A mad doctor (Bela Lugosi) uses voodoo and kidnapped young women to revive his zombie wife. This was one of the cheap Monogram horrors that Lugosi made and it's one of the better ones, though that's not saying much. George Zucco plays a voodoo priest who conducts the ceremonies. John Carradine plays a scraggly haired pervert who abducts the girls. There is some OK direction by William Beaudine, some good closeups of a very sinister looking Lugosi, he wears a goatee in this one. So it's very watchable, short (62 minutes), moves fairly swiftly and rarely
  2. A View To A Kill (1985) Next-Vamp (1986) 2 with Grace Jones
  3. The Weekend Nun (1972) Youtube 6/10 A nun moonlights as a probation officer for juvenile offenders. This was a TV movie that I saw many years ago and just revisited on Youtube. It was a very dark, faded copy but I liked it anyway. Joanna Pettet plays the title role who uses her faith and kindness to her cases and she is partnered with Vic Morrow as a more tough and cynical P.O. Kay Lenz has her first role as Pettet's toughest case, a drug addicted teenage hooker. The acting by Pettet, Morrow and Lenz is excellent. The most memorable scene is Morrow giving Lenz a dose of reality when
  4. My Top Five 1. Goldfinger (1964) The best James Bond actor in the best James Bond film. Connery tosses off a great wisecrack, has a great scene with his Aston Martin and has to battle a near indestructible henchman in Oddjob. One of my favorite action movies. 2. The Untouchables (1987) Connery is excellent as the beat cop given a chance to redeem himself from corruption and goes after Al Capone with Eliot Ness. My favorite film of the 1980s. 3. Dr No (1962) The first 007 film and Connery at his toughest and most ruthless. His first scene is iconic. 4. From Russia With Love
  5. I love that movie. Bacall is the most intelligent of the three women and gives the most subtle performance. Though I was also entertained by Allyson as the well meaning klutz and Dahl as the scheming seductress.
  6. I struggled a bit when thinking of putting this on my list. I have not seen it in many years, but would love to see it again. Ronald Colman gives a powerful performance so he is the main draw, though I recall Winters having that great Othello scene with him.
  7. She is a very deserving Star Of The Month, since she had a very long and diverse career. Here are my favorites in chronological order, what are yours? 1. A Place In The Sun (1951) She is very touching as the factory girl who becomes pregnant by social climber Montgomery Clift. She generates a lot of sympathy especially since she has to compete with gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor. 2. He Ran All The Way (1951) She plays a lonely woman living with her father whose life is changed by escaped criminal John Garfield. 3. The Night Of The Hunter (1955) She is another victim here but plays i
  8. Once Upon A Honeymoon 1942) Next-Monkey Business (1952) Cary Grant/Ginger Rogers double feature
  9. Blondie's Reward (1948) Youtube 41/0 Dagwood bungles a deal and Mr Radcliffe demotes him to office boy. This is the 23rd entry in the series, not as funny as it once was, though it tries very hard. After Dagwood forgets to pick up some plans, Alvin's football hero cousin helps out posing as Dagwood. He punches out the boyfriend of the client's daughter to protect her. It turns out her father can't stand the boyfriend so he is OK with it. Some complications when people are confused by two guys named Dagwood Bumstead.
  10. 9) At the West Side Story premiere, he was gratified when Fred Astaire complimented him on his dancing.
  11. Bing Crosby taking the New York City Subway in 1976
  12. yes, Anissa Jones did not want to act anymore and turned to drugs. She died of an overdose at the age of 18. John Williams played Mr French's brother for 9 episodes while Sebastian Cabot recovered from an illness. The producer of Family Affair was Don Fedderson, the same one who produced My Three Sons.
  13. Richard Carlson, I am more familiar with his work Next- Albert Finney or Alan Bates?
  14. 1) He started out as a pre teen actor under the name "Rusty" Tamblyn
  15. The Tin Star (1957) next- Fear Strikes Out (1957) 2 with Anthony Perkins
  16. Ursula Andress in She, I would worship her any day
  17. Family Affair (1966-1971) I spent the last few months going through this sitcom on IMDB TV. It was about a bachelor engineer who adopts his brother's thee children after the parents are killed in an accident. It used to be one of my favorite shows as a child. Buffy and Jody (Anissa Jones and Johnnie Whitaker) sometimes can have some cutesy and whiny moments, but seeing it within the context of a show is not so bad. Kathy Garner as Cissy provides some more mature moments. Brian Keith as Uncle Bill is very low key and often very understanding no matter what the kids do. Sebastian Cabot pro
  18. No, the Salem/bedwarmer episode came two years after this one with Darrin #2 Dick Sargent.
  19. In The Mummy (1932) there is a graphic scene where some slaves are killed with spears, we see the spear run through and quite a bit of blood.
  20. Cop (1987) Next-The Onion Field (1979) James Woods double bill
  21. It was the first Darrin, Dick York. One of the Pilgrims notices him lighting a fire with a match and he screams "Witch! Witch!"
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