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  1. i see i'm in good company--my crush was on Richard Chamberlain, from Dr. Kildare in grade school through Thornbirds and Shogun -- tho' by then the gaydar was raising serious questions. i saw him interviewed last year after he and his autobiography both came out; his story was quite affecting. i think i was most demoralized to learn about Cary Grant. (please, don't ruin my current thing for Robert Mitchum...)
  2. oh, man, i was tired last night. of course i meant Cocteau's La Belle et la Bete.
  3. we used to have IFC but lost it, i did catch a lot of foreign films there. all we have is sundance, and they do show some classic french films occasionally, although usually they are newer ones. even PBS will feature a subtitled film from time to time. and last week on an obscure channel i caught The Marriage of Maria Braun - much more powerful to me 20 years later, older & wiser. i'd like to see TCM present Jean Cocteau's La Bete Humaine, or Orphee. or some of Jules Dassin's films.
  4. i'd forgotten Tony Curtis's other films; he was good in Houdini and Sweet Smell of Success as that agent, and Operation Petticoat was good fun. re:Spartacus, it was a hoot last year when they showed the "lost" sceme in the bath with the badly re-recorded dialogue. i agree with Cliff Robertson; the fact that he was married to VAST wealth probably explains his career. another actor i really think is way-overrated is Robert Redford.
  5. > Does anyone or you remember George Saunders in 'THE > E SCOUNDRAL'? And he was in that film about kids with > evil powers...its name escapes me > Leo was it Children of the Corn? the one where their eyes were all whited-out?
  6. that was one fine film that i'd never seen. Kay Francis was some piece of work as the wife. i enjoyed it totally, especially Carole Lombard in a serious role.
  7. i'm new here, so forgive me if this has been covered before. once in a blue moon TCM will show a remarkable classic foreign film -- a couple of months ago there was one in italian in the middle of the night, and they did that eye-opening Baliwood month. i, for one, dearly wish they would do this more often -- am i the only one? is there some reason they don't?
  8. lol, prof, frankly i'm more saddened and bewildered by my own inability to appreciate what the other 99% of today's movie fans seem to enjoy so much. frankly i can barely tolerate any of it.
  9. and what about Eve Arden? in so many of her roles she was the queen of the sardonic riposte.
  10. > arslong just for your information the Claudette > Colbert movie with Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple > is titled "Since You Went Away". > > Mongo silly me, of course, tx for correcting me. i suffer from CRS
  11. just thought of two more: Claudette Colbert and Barbara Stanwyck.
  12. > I think that These Three is playing this week. > Tuesday morning. Great movie. oh, goodie! i'm glad you flagged that for me. thanks all for answering -- and you reminded me that Miriam Hopkins returned to play the aunt in the second version.
  13. > People meet, fall in love, and marry within a few > days*** > > I've often wondered about this too. Usually they fall > in love within MINUTES not days. you're right, of course. what i meant to say was, people meet, fall instantaneously in love, and get married within 24-48 hours
  14. i don't agree with most of the replies so far, especially Gene Kelly! but i'm in agreement on Audrey Hepburn. I'm thinking about Wait Until Dark and what a one-dimensional performance she gave in that. OTOH, i simply enjoy looking at her. lol, i dunno why, but i'm thinking of Tony Curtis. someone remind me what he did worth a hoot aside from Some Like it Hot, although he was marvelous in that. what irks me more is when i see actors whom i know to have talent just walking through a movie (or movie after movie) to collect a paycheck -- Elizabeth Taylor springs immediately to mind.
  15. i'm watching, and i'm REALLY WATCHING. unlike a lot of the films on TCM where i can be doing something else at the same time (like with Lady From Shanghai right now), when the silents are on they have my full and complete attention. what a revelation this month of Chaplin films has been! i had seen many of these silents years ago as a poor student at the Cinematheque in Paris, where we could watch films all day for one franc. since then, silents have been few and far between for me, and i am now totally and completely in thrall to them. i love them all. Mare Nostrum was terrific -- anyone else catch that one?
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