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  1. There are excellent movies about "religion" and STORY OF RUTH is one of them. It stars Elana Eden as "Ruth". Universal truths and experiences, good, evil, history, faith, and just about everything in the human experience is shown. Production values are terrific, as well. Best of all (IMHO) it's from a woman's perspective. Enter this film, and you will enjoy it very much.
  2. I just watched Lana Turner in A LIFE OF HER OWN (1950). Not a perfect presentation of her, but darned good, and VERY 1950! Fun things included the price for a proper apartment in Manhattan, $3,000 yearly.(What would it be now? $5,000 rental---per month?) Of course, an affair with a married man (Ray Milland) is doomed under the "Code", but the movie teaches some great life-lessons and Lana is a darned good actress in anything.
  3. Well, for one thing, QUERELLE is stunning visually! I was lucky enough to see it when it came out. As is BRAD DAVIS. (who, tragically, died too soon). And, anything Fassbinder made is worth seeing. And, as to CAGE AUX FOLLES, the really cool one is CAGE AUX FOLLES 2--!
  4. Lots of stuff going on in this film, most of it pretty silly, but ROCK HUDSON makes it work. EASY to shine in a masterpiece, but it takes real talent and hard work to make THIS film fit together. The "titles" are nauseating, as are most of the male characters. Three starring actresses have the most offensive roles I've ever had to watch, and all 3 of them torment "Rock" throughout. He's not only a star, he is a hard-working star, willing to subject himself to this film. And it's fun.
  5. If we jump ahead to 1956, we'll see pregnant JUDY HOLLIDAY in FULL OF LIFE. Not only that, she and "husband" Richard Conte share a double bed. In: THE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR (1950), Nancy Davis (later Nancy Reagan) plays a pregnant housewife, and though she is in maternity clothes, there is no "baby bump" at all. The fun part about seeing this film is seeing the TV biopic "THE REAGANS" where Ronald is shown visiting Nancy on the set, and telling her how cute she looks "pregnant" (they aren't married yet, just dating.) Obviously, in the 1950's, just to wear Maternity clo
  6. I'm re-watching OPERATION FINALE (about the kidnapping of Adolph Eichmann in Argentina), which has a commentary track, which is so wonderful in a good modern film because so many don't, and the film is quite complex, all filmed on location in Buenos Aires, a great reason for seeing it, anyway. But---BEST OF ALL----the Director (Chris Weitz) is the son of Susan Kohner (who played the angry, tragic daughter in IMITATION OF LIFE, 1959!!!!!!) Not only that, they show people in the movie house in Buenos Aires watching the movie, and Susan Kohner's scene where Troy Donahue beats her up
  7. Yes! very true! One FUN movie-studies thesis project might be: Reality and unreality in the "sets" of Doris Day films. REALLY! All over the world these films were showing, to all sorts of audiences, and many might have been going home later and thinking---"wow, I want to live like this. I'm emigrating to the USA". Why else are all these people (sort of a torrent right now) leaving their home countries, dissatisfied, and heading to the USA or Europe.? But the fun of this in Doris Day films is how truly different they are. LOVER COME BACK---> "roasted" at the time it appea
  8. Strange that you would mention Johnny Carson. He adored Jack Benny, as a performer, and a personal friend. What he said he admired most was that Benny would never criticize anyone, even some of the true bums in show business that he worked with. Johnny Carson thought he was a SAINT.
  9. re: VERY SPECIAL FAVOR---I haven't seen this movie, I'm sure it's terrific. But Charles Boyer unfortunately drags his own sad history with him--didn't he commit suicide when his wife of many years passed away? And, if we're talking "romance" with all the stops out, with a REALISTIC setting, one of the greatest ever was with Leslie Caron and Cary Grant, FATHER GOOSE. What SEND ME NO FLOWERS reminds me of is the "reality", more real than real (and not truly captured in BACHELOR IN PARADISE) of exactly why people all over the world, for the last 60 years, have been coming to the USA any
  10. Thanks, fans, and FUTURE fans of this movie. I think the interesting (elephant in the room) feature of this film (and, of Suburban heaven) IS the hypochondria. Didn't we just watch (in the 1960's) Terry-Thomas RANT in the film IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD, about the U.S. being the world's worst Matriarchy, about "American Men" dropping dead daily from coronaries while American women spend their days under hair dryers? Later, in more astute times, we discover that "hypochondria" is often the adult manifestation of early child abuse, and we also know that Rock Hudson was subjected
  11. I just watched SEND ME NO FLOWERS (1964) after many years! I love this movie so much. So many great things about it (even though Doris Day's husband Marty Melcher was a total crook, we do thank him for exploiting her in these movies). One thing was the LIMIT on characters--it was really simple to keep track of plot-wise, compared to Rock and Doris's other films. Every character is perfect, a pro actor playing them, and they are all experts in comedy
  12. In the mid 1960's, John Dall did his last performances on "Perry Mason" episodes. This A.M. I just watched him in "Case of the Laughing Lady", on MeTV. He's great, and he looks great.
  13. re: SEE YOU IN HELL, DARLING Wooow!This never came to my town, I know that! (Probably because of the title!) I love adorable Janet Leigh, even when she is wielding a whip. One wonders if (like Tony Perkins) the rest of her career was a post-PSYCHO "makeup" that perhaps went a little too far. But she's cute in anything. She's quite proper in THE FOG, which is all I ask of her. She also had the most ladylike VOICE of all actresses. Scarlett Johanssen tried to replicate that a little in HITCHCOCK.
  14. Hi!-I can't find this movie on IMDB.COM, and I've never heard of it.... What is the year? One (made for tv) movie I have never forgotten though, is HOUSE ON GREEN APPLE ROAD (1970), which starred Janet Leigh and William Windom, and was cutting-edge!
  15. 2 words that these "actresses" don't seem to know : PREP SCHOOLS Not only do these celebrity parents want to throw away money, they seem to want to keep their children as stupid and dependent as possible. Sort of like PETS. For the well-heeled parent, all these problems (getting the young ones into fine colleges) can be easily solved by their attendance at a (gasp) prep school. FINE (and very expensive) ones exist on both coasts, though the best are in New England. Sure, the tuition and fees and boarding can get close to $50,000 a year (or more) but the social worth, f
  16. Tom Neal, gorgeous, doomed hunk who stars in DETOUR, is offered a free dinner by the driver (Edmund MacDonald) he has "hitched" with on his way to L.A. "That's sure white of you, mister" he says. This line is fuzzed out in the Movies! channel broadcast. Perhaps he is saying "nice"? Anyway, I don't know why they have to mess around with the "Noir of all Noirs", Edgar Ulmer's low-budget masterpiece. Any opinions? Should Movies! channel weep in shame? Or just wait for the cops to pull them over?
  17. One of my faves is THE SMILING GHOST (1941) It stars Brenda Marshall (Mrs. William Holden) and the super (African-American) comic Willie Best, who was in hit after hit, including HIGH SIERRA, GREEN PASTURES, CABIN IN THE SKY, and TONS AND TONS of films in the 1930's and 1940's.
  18. Reading the new biography of Rock Hudson (ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS) started me wondering. Rock had open-heart surgery after a possible heart attack in 1981. Couldn't he have gotten a transfusion of AIDS-tainted blood? Blood banks certainly weren't TESTING for AIDS in 1981. And getting a blood transfusion would be a SURE way getting the virus, instead of the unknown, unseen, and private sex life he had. ---if anyone knows WHAT YEAR "AIDS" appeared, please tell us.
  19. Reading about Rock Hudson, i discovered that Howard Hughes was so obsessed with ICE STATION ZEBRA that he would call up his Las Vegas television station, and order them to play the movie all the time! Must be nice! So---if you owned your own Television station, and were a reclusive (germaphobe) Billionaire holed up in a hotel with bodyguards, what movie (or movies) would you order up for the entire CITY to watch? For me, it would be a toss up between: ISLAND OF TERROR (1966), CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958), and SEVEN SAMURAI (1954).
  20. Don't miss reading the original book: James M. Cain DOUBLE INDEMNITY---the ending is strange and mysterious, very "moody". also-- If you like the re-make of Cain's MILDRED PIERCE, it is much more like the original book.
  21. Anyone ever discover WHY Howard Hughes constantly screened a copy of ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968)? I mean DAILY. Many times a day. thanks, if you know!!!
  22. Thank you, Dougie B! Right---the money is up there on the screen. Kind of fun to imagine what taking away all the booze and pills might have meant to this movie, and cast. According to the Liz Taylor biography (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD BY Ellis Amburn, 2000), the director was on uppers, and all the cast was on downers. Liz could get seriously sick at the drop of a hat (a condition that happened all during her career, though she was a tough bird, living until 79). Nobody planned a darned thing in the movie (BEN-HUR was meticulously planned for in Hollywood before any
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