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  1. Not to disrespect funny and "ideal" Rock, but John Gavin had his own unique charm. Another wonderful thing is his voice. I have just been reading the biography of Rock Hudson (ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS by Mark Griffin, 2018). One interesting thing in the book---Douglas Sirk (who was one of the architects of Rock's stardom) said in person, Rock seemed handsome, but just that. You had to see him through the camera lens to get what made him "special".
  2. LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME--- a crazy film, but very loveable! Everyone is great, but the real Ruth Etting looked like CHER, not Doris Day.
  3. A popular film, it is featured in the "In a foreign field" (season 2) episode of "Dr. Blake Mysteries" (a retro-mystery series set in Australia in the 1950's)
  4. This obscure film is supposed to be one of Rock Hudson's breakthrough roles. (according to his biography ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS). has anyone seen it? thanks!
  5. CLEOPATRA has been running this month on MOVIES! channel. The kind of film that you don't watch, but that watches YOU. You really can't turn it off when it gets to certain points of history. You can't look away. You can't figure out how Liz Taylor can even SEE through that perfect eye makeup. Or, how you can ever breathe again after seeing Richard Burton look so darned CUTE in those.... Well, they had a lot of embossed leather and cool golden accent work available from Italian craftsmen on this picture, and Burton has great legs. CLEOPATRA is different than QUO VADIS (horror and fear
  6. Welch performing his role well--- TRIAL lawyers are "born" actors---the trial itself is a "play" in many respects. This is the profession where you will find them, so it is an easy win that Welch could play his part, after being so interesting and compelling during the real-life Army-McCarthy hearings. (and speaking of actors, who was a better "actor" than Joseph McCarthy in his appearances during the Blacklist mania? Did he believe a word he said? Probably not.)
  7. wow, I think Lana Turner would have been super in this movie. But, it would have been a different movie altogether (more "Hollywood") Lee Remick's youth adds so much drama--especially up against creepy/ugly George C. Scott in the courtroom. But the REAL-LIFE rape victim (in photos) is a more mature looking woman, much more like Lana Turner---older, but quite sexy.
  8. who Kathryn Grant will marry--- IRL, of course, she hooked up with Bing Crosby (exactly 30 years older than her). It took her FIVE YEARS to decide to marry him, after he proposed. ------------------------------------------------------- But the guy who is in love with Kathryn Grant's character in ANATOMY OF A MURDER is the other bartender, the wonderful Murray Hamilton, and James Stewart comments in the movie that this is so. James Stewart is BROKE, remember? He will remain a bachelor....
  9. Impossible to turn this film off, if it is showing. So I guess it's one of my favorites. Some weird things that make it unique (like Preminger himself!) > the various male-bonded pairs that sort of drive the plot--- Jimmy Stewart and his old lawyer buddy, and the murder victim and his fellow bartender. > The grungy small-town locations ( which i adore! ) > How hideously UGLY George C. Scott is - he is quite a monster. Since in later life he was infamous for beating Ava Gardner IRL, this sort of fits. > Orson Bean and the little pet dog--to keep things from
  10. It would be interesting to read a definition of "thriller"! "film noir" (to me) is entrapment in a situation that makes no sense. And i think we can agree that Gregory Peck enters one in this wild film.
  11. Very true, Sgt! But--when you get to MIDNIGHT LACE, we get into the murky dishwater of "women's film". One way to tell is they always show "fashions" (you lose the men's audience right there). But women LOVE this stuff (one of the hilariously fun parts of THAT TOUCH OF MINK is the fashion show of coats--and don't you think Doris, Animal-activist that she was, hated to see that sequence in later years.) Show women fashions, and we go crazy, no matter how silly the plot or lame the locations. No one has mentioned the RODDY McDOWELL role, which is creepy and wonderful, es
  12. What a wonderful actor! I watched THE DRESSER a zillion times. And I think he nailed "Hercule Poirot" in MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.
  13. Love PATRICIA HIGHSMITH--- i just read her book "The Blunderer", which was made into a kinder gentler version, as the film: A KIND OF MURDER (2016). But the book is cold as ice, with a fantastic ending.
  14. Very True. There just wouldn't be a story without Rex's deception. What I regret is that there was never a "stalker" subplot with John Gavin. He could have given Rex a run for his money in the irresistible guy category. I think John Gavin could have done a lot of roles that Rock Hudson was known for....!
  15. Actually, you could classify MIDNIGHT LACE as a "noir" - instead of a femme fatale, it had the homme fatal (REX HARRISON). Quite a few wonderful "noirs" are like this---a woman giving it all, even committing crimes, to keep her man. (SUDDEN FEAR, RAW DEAL, DANGEROUS CROSSING ). But, stupid and sweet as Doris' character was, it seems that Rex could just have asked her for her money to help his business, and she would have said yes.
  16. Re-thinking my "fave" Doris Day....! I mean, can anyone forget the silly (hollywood-made) London thriller MIDNIGHT LACE (1960)? SO BAD, SO GOOD in so many ways! (not to mention the John Gavin role to die for!) But the REAL question is: Gorgeous, blonde, rich, Doris Day is going to be shoved aside for the plain, brunette, skanky NEIGHBOR (Natasha Parry) by Rex Harrison? In what universe would this happen?
  17. Thanks so much!😊 I knew this was what we (tourists) were told! And, the way Churchill treated most of his employees made this story-line ridiculous. Why couldn't they ADMIT the cows were the story?
  18. (this tv-series is an instant classic, so i hope no one minds discussing it on the CLASSICS website) First season----THE KILLER FOG hits London, and no one knows what to do, or even has the WILL to change things re: coal pollution in London.. A sentimental story-line shows one of Prime Minister Winston Churchill's secretaries getting killed in a fog-caused accident. BUT-----isn't it true that the REAL outrage that forced the government to clean London air was a prize COW dying at an agricultural show in the City, simply from breathing London air? (that's what we tourists we
  19. Stunning movie (and classic stars!) but this is one of the most depressing films ever made, I think. Just saying...
  20. Got to be: THAT TOUCH OF MINK weirdly enough, with all the "fantasy" elements included (A man who looks like Cary Grant!), this is the most "complete" role for Doris, IMHO. Lots of wonderful humor, too!
  21. I love Richard Carlson SO MUCH!!! He can do a fine hero, and a villain as well!!!! What's wrong with that? LOVE him in IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE and, as the vicious guy in: TORMENTED [1960] (a blast to watch in the MST3K version, as well.)
  22. Thanks for listing my fave actor of all time, RICHARD CONTE! not only was he BORN for black and white movies, he just about originated the role of the bad guy/suave charming guy villain in SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT. He totally re-did the image of Italian-Americans in films with his career. A fun tribute (IMHO, it's a "tribute") to Richard is the "style" of Kevin Spacey's character in L. A. CONFIDENTIAL (1997), appropriately, a Neo-Noir. THIS is the way Richard Conte dressed in his movies....
  23. This beef is about women's looks---not their "sex" appeal to an audience of men. I don't mind Claire Foy being a quite pretty Elizabeth. IRL, we know she doesn't look that good. But the Queen Mother was ADORABLE---at all ages. This is very important to the story, because as Hercule Poirot said in "ABC murders" - A woman's looks are her destiny. (or something along those lines). Check out some child photos of the Queen Mother (known as the "Rose of Wraby"-her stately home). I don't think it is too much to ask that they cast an "adorable" mature actress to portray her.
  24. Clementine Churchill was a BABE. Her entire life. Enough SAID. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I haven't seen the older version of "Princess Anne" on this show, but from what i know about her, and saw once on a British-TV charity fundraising game show she appeared in, she is TOTALLY MODERN. Fun, spunky, tough, and standing up for herself. (Her mother Elizabeth should have been like this right out of the gate, and avoided a lot of angst.)
  25. Great to hear from fans of this show---! But i think for a VERY FAMOUS role (instantly recognizable, the Queen Mother, even to non-subjects) we need a similarly "CUTE" actress....that's what tempers the REALITY of the Queen Mother's (SUPPOSED) failings as a mother---probably the only fault the poor woman had was a fondness for drinking. We love her--she's grandma! --but Victoria Hamilton just looks "off." .......................................... to me, the most disturbing thing about "The Crown" (other than this weird casting) is watching poor Elizabeth never getting
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