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  1. Any Hollywood experts - ? Has anyone gone by the George Reeves (Superman) house, where the murder or suicide happened? (I know this isn't actually IN Hollywood.) thanks, fans.
  2. WAY back in the 1950's we went (combined with a trip to DISNEYLAND)---then, there was the "map to the movie stars' homes", and lots of postcards featuring them. In 1966, went on a TOUR of the Universal Studios---we visited the sets of GAMBIT (1966, Michael Caine), and also saw the "Psycho" mansion with the motel nearby, all kept standing. It was thrilling to take a tour of the studio, but it kind of killed the magic of movies in a way. Then, in 1982, (POLTERGEIST was showing in Hollywood), it was the fun of going to a seminar about Alfred Hitchcock's films, given by Donald Spoto (to
  3. 1940's, 1950's > Times were different then. Both my parents always worked (they had experienced THE DEPRESSION, and were really afraid of NOT working.) But there was quite a "Thing" about working women (especially if they themselves were MARRIED!) STEALING a job from a married working MAN. One lady, just graduated in Chemistry, went to apply for a job as a Chemistry teacher at our local high school.She was SHAMED out of the office---how dare she want to take a job that should go to a Man SUPPORTING his family. So, she went back to the University, got a Master's and PhD, and e
  4. Today's stars --> the odd thing about entertainment today is that the TV-SERIES (and the "limited" TV-SERIES) are of a breadth and depth that movies, even the 1930's classics, cannot reach. Some moments are silly but there are some GRIPPING performances in these shows. in: 11/22/63, Josh Duhamel plays a villain that LEAPS from the tv-screen. Many other excellent "period" characters that BREATHE 1963 America.
  5. wow! What a film! First you wonder, what drugs were they on when they wrote THIS? then you realize their problem (to be solved by an atomic blast into the atmosphere from a submarine) is that the earth is burning up! Yes, we can get behind this! Some of the shouted conversations between the major players (Robert Sterling and Walter Pigeon) could be lifted right out of our headlines. No time to lose. Michael Ansara carries around his adorable dog and preaches "God's will." Barbara Eden somehow runs around the sub on high heels. Does it make sense? Only if you are g
  6. quite an experience! 1971 re-created. It doesn't TOUCH the drama and clarity of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, though. (Though this film is a tribute to INVISIBLE women--Katherine Graham doesn't appear, and most of the newspaper females hand research work in, seen only by their HANDS, not to distract us from the heroic 2 Male reporters who "break" the story). Perhaps the reason is it was easy to ignore the "Pentagon Papers" at the time (lots of other horrors going on at the same time) But "WATERGATE" was impossible to ignore---it was a drama that went on and on for years, with a cast
  7. Yes, this does involve the (very brave) Catholic NUN, played by Phyllis Calvert. Didn't Bela Lugosi say that the trick for getting more screen time is to say your lines slowly? And---the point of Alan Ladd on-screen is to watch him as along as possible, because he is so beautiful.
  8. Just finished watching this super film, with all the ups and downs of Hedy's fascinating life and times. She was stunning in every way, and a true individual---a refugee from Nazi-occupied Vienna, like so many fine filmmakers. She's also portrayed in an episode from the second season of "Timeless" (episode 3, "Hollywoodland"), and her inventions are discussed in the commentary track of THE SNIPER (1952), because her inventing "partner", George Antheil, composed the cutting-edge soundtrack for that film.
  9. Theodore Dreiser, who wrote the book AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY, was a "realist" ( a literary movement in the U.S.) and prided himself on never writing about any incident in his books that hadn't really happened IRL, to someone. This of course, makes his stories rather serious and grim.
  10. A little masterpiece! I love this movie! Small town America in all it's creepy coziness.
  11. ALONE IN BERLIN is based on real people---a husband and wife who set out to "inform" people in Berlin about the Nazis with postcards left where they might be found and read. A lot were! They got the death sentence for this, but their story is wonderful. Not content with keeping silent, they did SOMETHING at least.
  12. vincent sherman's UNDERGROUND (1941) has everything this sort of movie needs! (from the imdb.com WEBPAGE:) A World War II Hollywood propaganda film detailing the dark underside of Nazism and the Third Reich set between two brothers, Kurt and Erik Franken, whom are SS officers in the Nazi party. Kurt learns and exposes the evils of the system to Erik and tries to convince him of the immoral stance that marches under the symbol of the swastika. We see the family dynamics---the proud soldier who doesn't think about his
  13. Even more fun stuff: Michael Starr: HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT - THE SECRET LIFE OF RAYMOND BURR
  14. This FINE cop procedural is for Sidney Poitier fans and anyone who loves cop procedurals. Of course we have seen Sidney in the megahit gothic and grungy IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT. Fun and horrifying, but as always, at the center of a murder is a WOMAN. A very excellent ride through the 1970's, MR. TIBBS is great. If you like groovy interiors and "neat" housewives, this is the film. But don't miss Sidney Poitier to the MAX as the call center volunteer in A SLENDER THREAD.
  15. Watching Charlton Heston in this clip, doesn't he remind you of Prince William (Prince Charles' son) ? Just saying....
  16. I don't know, there is just something about Raymond Burr that's wonderful. I love to watch him--villain or hero. As Alfred Hitchcock said (of him, I think, describing what it takes to be a great film actor) He's extremely good at doing nothing at all. (Maybe another poster can remember the exact quote.)
  17. Help! The heroes had to go through a rat-infested tunnel to get to the USA. What was the disease that the sister got from the rats? thanks, if you know! :-)
  18. whoa!!!! In some people's eyes Cliff Robertson might be Nixon, but I've always believed he was modeled after Robert Kennedy (a man that Gore Vidal knew well, and despised!) What i LOVE about THE BEST MAN is that BOTH main characters (Fonda, Robertson) have flaws and strengths. We also get handed a "background" on both men that explains these. So, we are ready for the "showdown".
  19. 2 POINTS: 1) Ashley Wilkes had (with good reason) PTSD. It's a miracle he could function, let alone concentrate on anything. 2) Strong women, weak men. This is a spectre that haunts the "South" - the men lost the war. They lost their "Cause", and everything related to it. Many people wound up homeless, broke, starving. People had to either leave the South, or claw their way back to some sort of livelihood, which took decades. Simply getting electricity was a hurdle many parts of the South didn't clear until the 1960's. That is a CENTURY from the Civil War.
  20. Films (especially classic ones) show up in all sorts of places. And, in some television series! One is VERTIGO in "House, M.D." (with some references to the Bro-mance between Dr. House and his oncologist best friend) another is: IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT in the series "Timeless". Any movie fans recall others??
  21. anyone know what the NEXT James Bond film will be? And, will IDRIS ELBA be picked to play James Bond? thanks, if you know!~!
  22. Thanks for this information! But Gillian (IMHO) is still too "perfect" (unlike the wonderfully seedy Bette Davis.) I wonder who we are supposed to "root" for in the play? One imagines her stunning persona too exacting to be distracted by a wanna-be P.A.
  23. My Great Grandmother not only liked GWTW--- she LIVED it. Up in the north eastern corner of Alabama, they certainly didn't have a plantation, but she and her family had to "outwit" the Yankee troops trying to steal their food (She and her sister did this by pretending to have Typhoid, and hiding the hams in the bedroom with them.) She was the same age as Scarlett---she also got to see the film when it first came out. It was too "overwhelming" for her to watch all at once, she went back to see the second part on the next day. She had read the book many times before she saw the film.
  24. i think this film works on SO many levels. among the BEST (that is, entertaining) roles played by John Wayne and Lauren Bacall. He's gorgeous---she's gorgeous. Absolute coolest catch-phrases (MOST spoken by John Wayne---"Are you hungry, Baby? You're going to get hungrier.) ("Patience-thy name is China") Best "imaginary friend" in a Hollywood thriller (perhaps the ONLY imaginary friend---Baby) Even the non-Chinese actors playing Chinese are darned good. Stunning setting and sets, and costuming. Great livestock. Looks at the Chinese "communist" takeover fr
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