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  1. I remember seeing them in NYC and San Francisco on television and the image was not good. Fortunately, since then they have had 3-D festivals in Los Angeles, most recently at the old Egyptian theatre and they showed every 3D film made. I couldn't afford to see them all at the time and had to pick and choose at today's prices. But what I saw was fun. I remember in 1972 they showed a revival of HOUSE OF WAX in 3D in some sleezy 42nd street theatre that I was almost afraid to enter but did.
  2. My opinion is to use the top brand recommended by the manufacturer of your VCR. I find TDK and MAXELL work very well for me. I just taped something from cable for a friend and she marked in email of the high quality of the tape.
  3. I think Rita's aging was a combination of the smoking for sure but also her drinking and love of the sun. I those days people thought if you sun-bathed you absorbed vitamins. No one knew of leathery skin or skin cancer. And yes, Rita always had those Kent cigarettes going. My own personal feeling is that it was the early onset Alzheimer's that aged her. I think Rita's mother had the same thing because she exhibited the same symptoms as Rita: the violent outbursts and then she would leave the room and return unaware of what had just happened. Volga Hayworth died at 47 of a ruptured appendi
  4. What Rita said she wanted, according to family members, was not a biography but a picture book similar to "They Had Faces" that consisted only of wonderful portraits from her films. No candid shots of the "real" Rita, just portraits. I think it would have been marvelous but these books are not selling these hard times. And now with discount booksellers and the internet no one pays full price for a book ever. With printing costs sky high, no one makes a dime. The wonderfully written Jeannette MacDonald Biography "Hollywood Diva" failed miserably, unjustifiably so. The author picked a Uni
  5. feaito: I love the German version of ANNA CHRISTIE. I wish there was a way to post photos here. I have so many photos I'd like to add to my posts. I heard yesterday that both Louis B. Mayer and Jack L. Warner were Canadians. I assumed most of the moguls were from Europe but apparently not so.
  6. Bulldogcafe: I was born in Paris, France sometime in 1944. People don't believe it and say "are you certain you don't mean 1964?" so I'm grateful for that. That's what the gym, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no red meat, and a diet of unprocessed food can do. I interviewed all the talent on COVER GIRL in 1953 when I was 9 years old! They were all amazed at this kid with a enclyclopedic knowledge of film and more nerve than Orson Welles. But I was reading novels at age 4 and skipped 2 grades in school so I was always around people older than I. For my writing on COVER GIRL I interviewed
  7. Salka Viertel introduced me to Garbo at lunch at her home. Ms Garbo already knew me on sight from New York City. I was the one shielding her from Photographers from Women's Wear Daily who continually stalked her when she went shopping in Gristedes. She went into more sprints getting away from them. I knew could figure out why a fashion newspaper was interested in her. She was interesting to talk to. Since we were all European our gears meshed well together.
  8. Thank you for the well wishes classicsfan. I've always found it sad the many stars are unable to find true friends. Garbo did not have one close friend, except Salka Viertel, who didn't write about her following her death. And wasn't there that one who taped their phone conversations without her knowledge and later wrote a book? I would never do that or want that done to me. There are just some things you don't do. I have taped various conversations with stars and other talent as part of an interview conversation but with their consent. I did so with Martha Mears, Nan Wynn, Anita E
  9. Yes the law is peculiar because all they could get now is a restraining order although his letters and repeated contacts to her agent are well documented. He believes her agent to be Berry's father and intends to meet with them. Unfortunately, the stalker has to take direct action before he can be ordered into care. Meanwhile, the star has to suffer complete anxiety worrying about his or her own safety.
  10. No, I'm not that old although in this country anyone over forty is discarded like aging is a disease. But I did grow up in a time before stalkers therefore stars met openly with almost anyone who asked. Stars didn't need or have bodyguards then. I read something today about some nut stalking Halle Beery who hears voices telling him they are engaged and must marry. We never heard of stuff like that in my day. Leaming's book "appears" well documented. But if you spend time checking the documentation,you will discover falsehoods. Much of her bibliography is "created". One thing that annoys me
  11. I'm afraid, bulldog, that Barbara Leamning's books is full of inaccuracies now accepted as fact. I know you love Rita but I can honestly say that books has done more to harm Rita than any other. Much of the original tone of the book was changed to get it published. There were so many Hayworth books by the time this one was readied that the publisher needed some "new revelation" to make this book a best seller. Unfortunately, much that Leaming comes up with is untrue. I've had people write me and curse me because my Hayworth website paints a different picture of Eduardo Cansino than what is
  12. I prefer her as a brunette and Rita herself preferred her hair it's natural dark brown but with a mahogany cast applied to it. She wore it that way for a time in 1955-6 but the public would not accept her as anything but a readhead. The blond hair she wore during her final public days was not of her own choosing. By that time she didn't have the capacity to care one way or the other. The original shade of haircolor for Rita was dubbed "new penny red." The hair was bleached by House of Westmore and a henna pack applied over it. The exact shade of brownish red depending on the amount of bl
  13. PAL JOEY never got beyond the planning stage. No casting for Joey is mentioned in the files except for Vivienne Segal and Rita. Once something is printed between the pages of a hardcover book, it becomes fact and often repeated. The Columbia files indicate they tried getting Kelly for DOWN TO EARTH because Rita is most successful when she has a man who can both dance her and romance her. Unfortunately, the only star dancers available for Rita were Kelly and Astaire, both at MGM working on other projects. Kelly, particularly, balked at loan-outs because Metro loaned him to Columbia f
  14. I'm new to the board and just read the entire thread. Normally, I do not bash people on message boards but you all have clearly discovered the enimga of msladysoul whose issues go far beyond what is acceptable on a message board. If you disagree with her she will show up on the same post under a new incarnation defending herself. Obviously so, since the grammer, syntax and spelling errors are consistent with her own. There is no support to her theories, for example, that Jean Harlow was jealous of Nina Mae McKinney and had McKinney's scenes cut from RECKLESS. Jealously wasn't a Harlow trai
  15. Few are aware that Tallulah was the original lead in LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN but after three days pre-production the studio decided to place her in A ROYAL SCANDAL and gave her role to Gene Tierney who was excellent in it. First choice for LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN was Rita Hayworth whom Columbia refused loan-out. Rita had just experienced a difficult caesceran birth with her first daughter and it was physically impossible for her to make the film.
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