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  1. why in the world don't anyone mention tmdb (themoviedb.org), its clearly the closest thing to imdb but they really need to improve their message boards. it has specific boards for movies, tv-series... just like imdb, tmdb has been around for years, but they just re started the board function when imdb shut down, so it hasn't gathered many posts yet. see you there then. ADRIAN! ADRIAN!
  2. well it was the only channel here that aired movies from (mainly) 1930's to 1960's, there has been other channels titled "classic" which often aired movies from the 1990's... back when the imdb message boards were around, i remember seeing posters mention all kinds of airings on tcm (not sure which version they got), for instance "jesse james meets frankensteins daughter"... that would not pass for acceptable i gather on tcm nordic which had top notch airings like bogart movies, gone with the wind... well jamesjazzguitar, in my country i get many new movies... many french movies... i
  3. these are interesting replies, i guess the version i got really downgraded into something like one those explained by you, the channel used to air the greatest classic movies around the clock, and it completely transformed into showing almost entirely 21st century movies, chinese made and so on. i can add here that the channel had rolled the same classic movies for decades, hardly any new airings, for decades, and tcm nordic had replaced tnt which in the 1990's had the same movies, but shared channel space with cartoon network! ADRIAN! ADRIAN! - rocky.
  4. hamradio, "attack of la nina", is that a real movie? at first i thought it was the poster to attack of the 50 ft woman which got a remake in the 1990's, i actually haven't seen the original. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- signature goes here, but im a new user, havent made one up yet, see you.
  5. would you believe that? i live in scandinavia and turner classic movies (nordic version) no longer air classic movies, but has instead started airing 21st century flicks, sometimes perhaps once a week there will be an airing of an older flick, but not any of the great classics. i used to watch tcm regularly since i prefer older movies, and i find it pretty funny a channel including the words "classic movies" in the title no longer air classic movies. ADRIAN! ADRIAN! waste, of space.
  6. I've read that people who have enjoyed old time radio dramas has also come to appriciate the more recent "twilight zone radio dramas", so you might want to check that out as well.
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