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  1. Okay. Let me fill in my top 5: Stanwyck, Davis, Bergman, DeHavilland and Arthur. Jean Arthur is crazy good.
  2. That sounds about right. Its a sure thing, my Dad never got Cagney to sit for a sketch session. LOL Seriously, my guess is my Dad used photos and his imagination to complete the drawing, along with the several other sketches he did. Its still, as you said, very cool. Davis and DeHavilland are two of my top five favorite actresses. Good stuff. Sadly, Carole Lombard was a life unfinished.
  3. Not sure. Could have been an original drawn from a composite of photos that accentuated Cagney's mop of hair. He did several other drawings too. My Dad did some photography work during the Depression and always liked to doodle. I like your avatar, it shows what a true renaissance man James Cagney really was.
  4. Thanks. I've been watching TCM since its inception, just never made enough time to visit the website and contribute. My Dad made that pencil drawing of Cagney about 90 years ago. He was another tough NYC/Bklyn street kid.
  5. You're entitled to your opinion. So far, you haven't shown me much either.
  6. I never said that. You did. I did say, that creativity and sex did not define one as a liberal or conservative. Sex, however, is a big part of being a human. As for David Lynch, meh.
  7. I hear ya. But you did post it. Which means you give it some level of plausibility. I do not. You know as well as I do that the IMDb offers endless movie trivia sections. Most of it rings true. While some of it is not so true. This topic does not ring true. Could you have read it in another format? May be. May be not.
  8. I always give the Young Turk a hard time. He's earned it. "Much Ado About Nothing…" Agreed.
  9. No. I do understand that ALL people are flawed human beings and some are more flawed than others. But I never thought that creativity, or sex was a sign of political liberalism or conservatism. Its a sign of human nature. Besides, I was strictly talking politics and Wayne's calling out Asner's own political liberalism.
  10. "Don't care". Obviously. Frankly, your post obfuscates reality. Wayne was a conservative Republican, but he never fought Sinatra. He did punch out Sinatra's bodyguard once. FWIW, Sinatra died a Republican. As did John Ford. As did James Cagney. As did many of the old Roosevelt Democrats. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, there where many liberals and conservatives in Hollywood. Driving out the conservatives is one reason Hollywood makes horrible films these days.
  11. Guess a refresh look might just be that. However, time itself won't ever make you Robert Osborne, Ben. Long live, TCM!
  12. Short stay in NYC or not. The point Wayne was making had more to do with politics than acting. Ed Asner = that NY liberal, that KC liberal, that anywhere liberal. Whatever flips your switch, pilgrim. Later.
  13. Simple. Two sentences, one fantasy, one reality. But you knew that. Guess its just a state of mind. Thanks ElCid. Btw, during production, John Wayne referred to Ed Asner as, " that New York actor". Now that IS reality, pilgrim.
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