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  1. I believe Robert may have addressed this in Alec's TCM interview of him, too, because I remember him saying that very thing somewhere I could hear it, too. He was completely puzzled that Mitchum was friendly and almost chatty between takes, but refused to say anything as soon as the camera came back on. I felt kind of sorry for Jane Russell, too, trying to cover for Mitchum's obstinacy as best she could, lol. Strange interview, certainly, and not the kind of thing you'd think anybody would do to somebody as sweet as Robert Osbourne. ??? As for your disbelief, I can't either! I still c
  2. I always thought so, too. It wouldn't seem as real, maybe, if they'd always agreed. And yes, respect for everybody was a Osbourne trademark, in my view. I love[d] the show and hope they can revive it again someday soon. Sure, it'll make me miss Robert at first, but I think I'll still enjoy seeing it again. I, too, got my hackles up watching that Mitchum interview. It just didn't make a lot of sense, to me, that he'd be so obstinate, after agreeing to the interview. I didn't realize Mitchum wasn't feeling well, but that's no excuse, in my opinion. Why not cancel or reschedule, or fai
  3. Thanks! I planned to do that, anyway, of course, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that.
  4. Does anybody here remember a disagreement between Robert and Alec about the film "All About Eve"? Maybe one considered it a great film, but the other didn't? I vaguely remember some surprising differences of opinion on a few "Essentials" films (with all the hosts, actually), but not this one specifically, so I hoped maybe someone here remembers that in some detail. I tried searching the Net and the forums here, without success, so I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
  5. Here's an image of the two Roberts together at the ceremony, dated February 1, 2008. Here's a whole treasure trove of images from the event, where I found the above. And thanks to everyone for the welcomes and the wonderful additional ideas for tributes, too.
  6. Thank you! For the Welcome and the response. Robert as Star of the Month would be a superb idea, too! It might be better to allow for some settling and grieving and such, before they proceed, you're right. I'm just missing his presence so much already, you know? But thanks again, jamesjazzguitar, and to TCM for giving us Robert to love in the first place, while I'm at it.
  7. First post here, so I hope it's okay for me to just thank everyone else before me for the lovely tributes for Mr. Osbourne, because they've expressed all the the emotions and accolades going through my head since I heard the sad news last night quite eloquently. So thank you. What drove me to post at this time, besides the passing of the 'Father of TCM,' of course, is also an idea that keeps tumbling around in my head, and thought I might offer it up as a suggestion for a way I'd, personally, like to see TCM honor Robert. I'd really love to see a whole week, heck, why not a whole month o
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