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  1. Old school Hollywood * Lana Turner * Ginger Rogers * Esther Williams * Brigitte Bardot * Betty Grable Current Hollywood * Kate Beckinsale * Kate Winslet * Jennifer Love Hewitt * Jennifer Aniston * Cameron Diaz
  2. * Charlotte * Atlanta * Raleigh /Durham (Triangle Area ) * Greenville, SC (Upstate Area ) * Greensboro (Triad ) Mid-Atlantic /Southeast states. There might be people who would participate.
  3. PLANET OF THE APES ( 1968 ) staring Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall Recently watched this movie in a small film festival. I've seen the film several times, though not in a while, but never in a theatre with an audience. Interesting to see people who have never seen the movie, and what they thought about the ending. I always thought the ending was slightly whack, or more to the point how could people watching the movie not know that the space explorers were indeed back on Earth the entire time? My own personal opinion i've always liked this film, despite slightly weak effects, I like the pace of the story and I like the players. Also i've always found it odd but cool that the novel this film was based off was written by the same person ( Pierre Boulle ) who wrote "The Bridge Over The River Kwai".
  4. One of my favorite Shirley MacLaine movies is SWEET CHARITY. It's offbeat, fun, quirky, and odd. Much to lurve there.
  5. I've always liked The Lone Ranger. It's been on TV forever, it's a fun show, well - paced with a lot of action. When I was growing up, there weren't many Western TV shows. Reruns of Bonanza, Little House On The Prairie, and Roy Rogers. Those I liked. Old episodes of Big Valley. Dr. Quinn and Walker Texas Ranger, which I never cared for. That was about it. Much prefer Western films to TV.
  6. These books and others are widely and easily available in books or digital form on sites such as Amazon and EBAY.
  7. I rarely buy print magazines anymore. Back when the internet was archaic, I did regularly buy magazines....mostly music and entertainment issues that interested me. Typically imports, music subjects hard to find online back then. A lot has changed, but I still have my collection.
  8. Sinatra had a unique sound. He loved turning the beat around and from what they say wasn't the easiest person to play with, but he worked with musicians /arrangers /producers he liked and respected so they could have fun keeping up with him. The swing jazz run he had at Capitol, the more moody Reprise tracks, the songs with Jobim...all good for me. He owned his sound.
  9. Frank Sinatra has some absolute sick jazz skills, one of my favs, would have loved seeing him in concert. I generally prefer Sinatra's music to his films, but my favorite Frank Sinatra movies are probably On The Town, High Society, and Pal Joey. Tony Rome is fun, and Kings Go Forth and From Here To Eternity are also cool.
  10. Have never read the print magazine, but a downer for people who collect it. Online schedule is fine with me, but would definitely sub the email version but don't want unreleated spam from Time Warner. Also...TCM should consider updating content slightly better for mobile.
  11. "Hollywood" has been gone for years, nothing recent, but there's still a lot of good around. What's missing may be the variety from way back when, but there's still plenty of great actors making really cool films. Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Walker, Cameron Diaz, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Kate Winslet, Chris Evans, and more longtime players like Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and others. Cool talent there. Big budget special effects "franchise" films? There's much more that just that. All have made many unique and entertaining movies, and many more. There are numerous small films that don't get the attention of the large budget movies, some of them foreign, that come out every year. ​Don't blame younger people, last I checked it's the old people running the studios. Good more recent films everywhere, in theaters or film festivals. You have to find them. Cheers.
  12. Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland. I always liked Judy Garland's more jazz pop vocal style over Deanna's more classical vocal style, but they make a nice pair.
  13. I don't really live tweet much, honestly I DVR most movies and watch them when I have time. But a lot of film fans do it...so they would call it cool. I agree, i'd say it would certainly help to have already seen the movie. I think the point for fans is more to interact with others fans, as well as actors , TCM hosts, directors or whoever else might show up as they often do and have fun and maybe learn something.
  14. Yep. Sometimes TCM Twitter has guests such as actors, directors, or whoever also live tweet.
  15. Good. Alec Baldwin is perfect. Topical, contemporary, clever with a respect for the arts as well as the people. Has always been a great fit for TCM, pour the man a drink and welcome him back. Dear TCM, while you're at it: BRING. BACK. DREW. BARRYMORE. Thanks.
  16. "The Bad And The Beautiful" (1952) starring Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Dick Powell Have seen this movie many times, but always a good watch. This film has a loaded cast, a cool story, and great cinematography. Plus Lana Turner, and you can't go wrong with Lana Turner.
  17. If you're looking for more of an cool contemporary interactive experience with film fans....your best bet might be with the TCM Twitter. I don't keep up with it very close, but I know they do sometimes have live Tweeting with both fans and guests. It's actually popular, a lot of peeps follow it. You won't find anything like that here, so consider trying TCM's Twitter. https://twitter.com/tcm?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
  18. "GRAVITY" (2013) starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney This movie was a big hit a few years ago, exciting and well paced film with fantastic effects. This is a movie that's good for repeated views, especially in a theatre or a large screen re-release.
  19. - Interesting about downtown movie theaters. Where i'm at, a center city theater closed a few years back. The company said it couldn't make money...the rent was over $42,000 a month. It eventually was replaced by another movie theater....this one more of a boutique style theater. Smaller, with a restaurant and drink menu while you watch the film. Date night. - Hollywood currently enjoys making higher budget movies, but fewer of them. The result is less variety of film styles but there are still good movies and fantastic actors /entertainers.
  20. I Love Lucy is a scripted TV show. It's fake. Its purpose is to entertain. Buffy isn't really destroying vampires, Mr. Ed doesn't really speak English, and that hammer that Moe hits Curly with isn't really metal. I Love Lucy is not real life. Anyone who doesn't understand that going in to it has far bigger problems than Fred being to cheap to pop for a nice bottle of wine for Ethels birthday.
  21. I love the "I Love Lucy" show. To me, it's perfect as is. I watch very little scripted TV shows /sitcoms but that's one I would watch. As far as not being realistic....so what, fine with me. There are TV shows about a talking horse, spaceships, and one of my favs has vampire hunters. It's not real. It's TV. BUT...it's entertaining and funny. To each their own, but I like it.
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