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  1. Works for me. I like Ben. He's been the top host the last few years anyway. TCM is 24 /7, it's not like there's a shortage of time. Plenty of room for several hosts and guests hosts. I'd also like some new people, i'm sure there are plenty of current people involved in the movie business who would like to guest.
  2. Edward Everett Horton. He made everything he was in good. The Fred Astaire /Ginger Rogers movies have the best character actors. They're everywhere.
  3. I don't listen to the Beatles very often, but i did see Paul McCartney in concert once. I do like Ringo Starr's drumming, he's left - handed but plays a right - handed drum kit. Unusual back beat rhythm.
  4. Ride To Sherwood by John Barry from the film "Robin And Marian".
  5. The Hanging Tree [ Rebel Remix ] by Jennifer Lawrence w/ composer James Newton Howard from "The Hunger Games" series:
  6. Ben Mankiewicz.. Easy. Anyways you don't need one host, there's room for several. If they go with the multiple host idea for different nights or special shows ect....that they've been doing for a while, then i'm cool with Alec Baldwin, Drew Barrymore, and Tiffany. A few more i've seen. You can't replace RO, no need to try. For obvious reasons, there's not many people who have a connection to way back Hollywood who could host.
  7. Henry Mancini sets the standard for me. Probably because I like Jazz, and there were some killer jazz tracks around back then. Not counting soundtracks and musical cast CD's, there's not really a Mancini type composer /arranger lately, though there are a few obscure jazz arrangers that score reissued films. Henry Mancini: Touch Of Evil Henry Mancini: It Had Better Be Tonight
  8. Not familiar with that one. But I like most of what I have heard from Alex North, so I need a listen.
  9. "The Princess and the Pirate". Love that film.
  10. Most anything by Henry Mancini. Also some Alex North, Graeme Revell, Miklos Rozsa, Philip Glass, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, John Barry, Basil Poledouris, occasional John Williams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG76gIvzUeY&t=1175s
  11. Yep. I like most types of Electronic music. Techno, house, rave, trance, hard house. I like most types of R&B and Hip-hop, disco, and Latin music. I like most anything really that has rhythm, a cool beat. Most kinds of Jazz, swing, and cool jazz.
  12. Would like to see more German Expressionist films from the early 1920's - early 1930's, maybe more of the obscure films.
  13. Interesting point about older films and Jazz music. I think it depends on environment, and maybe personality and what you like. I listen to to a lot of Jazz, big music collection. Dave Brubeck, Harry James, Vince Guaraldi, Sade, Miles Davis, Gene Krupa, ect More or less all recorded before I was born. Everything from old school swing Jazz to newer hip - hop styled Jazz I like. I love everything from Frank Sinatra and Thad Jones to Britney Spears, M.I.A. and Lady Gaga. Music is music. The Jazz scene is small, but somewhat healthy. It's no less with movies. I like what I like. Older films, newer films, it's all the same.
  14. She had a lot of energy, that matched up well with Mickey. You had to have a lot of energy to keep pace with Mickey Rooney on screen. I think most people think of Virginia in the more serious movies of the day, with ladies like Shearer and Hepburn and Bette Davis.... but I always liked the fun films just as much.
  15. Always liked Virginia Weidler films. Talented lady back in the day. A lot of different types of movies, but for some reason I always think of her in those musicals or the fun Mickey Rooney films.
  16. I like Bessie Love. I always think of her in those pre-code MGM films and musicals. Or Broadway Melody.
  17. RO liked William Holden films, and Billy Wilder films, so....maybe "Sunset Boulevard". The Bill Holden part. He also liked "All About Eve". Maybe the George Sanders role.
  18. "Reflections In A Golden Eye" Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Brian Keith, Julie Harris. I just saw this film in a public screening, it was the original first run version from 1967, the print with the "gold" tone color. I had never seen this film, in any version, and didn't really know much about it. I am not at all a Marlon Brando fan, maybe that's why I never watched this before. After watching this film, i'm still not a Brando fan. I would have prefered Richard Burton in the lead part. Anyways, Brando mumbles aside, the film was OK and worth seeing. Well, at least once. The print was cool, I thought the gold tone might be a distraction but not so...it was unique. I think Liz Taylor's best movies were behind her at this point, but she was beautiful in this film and really seemed into the part. To me, the film was a bit long, kind of dragged a bit. Overall, though glad I saw it.
  19. I feel the same way as many of you about Robert Osborne: shocked but not surprised at his passing away. Considering his TCM schedule the last few years, obviously he wasn't in the best of health. It's a bit funny, and odd, but you feel like you get to know a person to a small degree when you see them on T.V. for years. Not a character on a show, but just a person who shares the same interests as TCM viewers. RO was the image of TCM. Whether it was viewers who enjoy TCM films because it reminds them of movies when they were growing up, casual fans or serious film buffs, or like myself someone who grew up decades past old school Hollywood....it doesn't matter. RO appealed to all types. TCM won't be quite the same without Robert Osborne, and it shouldn't be. But just like the "old" films that fans enjoy watching here go on year after year long after the people involved are gone...so will TCM. Personally, I like Ben. He's been, unofficially anyways, the lead host the last few years. He is different than RO, and that's good, he has his own style. I also like Tiffany. Or they may keep to the host - by - committee approach going, guests hosting some days along with Ben and Tiffany. Alec Baldwin, Rose McGowan, Drew Barrymore, and a few others i've liked in the past. We'll see. Cheers to RO.
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