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  1. "Kong: Skull Island" ( 2017 ) Recently went to see this movie on its second run. Have never much cared for the King Kong movies, and "monster" films in general I can give or take, but the late Spring-early Summer releases this year have been a bit off. SO... decided to check this film out. Glad I did, an entertaining film this was. Not much in the way of characters...basically a HUGE CGI ape defends the homeland against outsiders and various other extra large creatures. BUT...is what it is, an entertaining film. This film isn't "Pride and Prejudice" or "A Streetcar Named Desire", and thankfully its not designed to be. No dull and watered down drama film here, this one is silly but fast paced and entertaining. Solid watch. Props to John C. Reilly, he had the best role.
  2. Was not planning to see Wonder Woman on its first run, was going to catch it later. BUT...have changed my mind. This movie was set up to be a disappointment, but the word on the film has been so good that there's a real buzz. Doesn't hurt that the summer film schedule looks to be a bit weak. Props to Gal Gadot.
  3. "White Sun /Seto Surya" ( 2016 ) Nepalese film about the Nepal cival war. Really good movie, caught this film at a recent film festival.
  4. I like Eastwood, one of my fav old school actors, but he might need to see more films, or connect with modern audiences. The reason they might not make "Dirty Harry" today is the same reason they made it way back....MONEY. Has nothing to do with being political correct. If Hollywood thought the film would make money, they'd release it. Violence, racial stereotyping, ect, that receive negative publicity ...they release films like this frequently. Just went back and saw one again this past week..."Ghost In The Shell". "The Hunger Games"....there are a lot of VERY big budget Hollywood movies that aren't PC. Maybe modern audiences just don't want to see a film like "Dirty Harry" in theaters. Times change. A medium budget R rated film with a high paid leading man might not be what a film company wishes to release. And they do release films like this, just not nearly as many. Also many film studios wants their films to be INCLUSIVE, where all are welcome. People from all places...all types, LBGT community, all races and genders. Eastwood sometimes comes off as being an out-of-touch old man, which i doubt that he is, but that's what he wants. Personally, I like "Dirty Harry", even though the film came out before I was even born. I like Eastwood's westerns, same as Randolph Scott, and John Wayne. I have many of these films in my collection. "Dirty Harry", and others, are widely available. SO...more modern audiences can, and do, still enjoy the film. Anyways here's the interview at Cannes:
  5. Frank Sinatra Unreal jazz skills. I'm not old enough to have seen Sinatra in concert, but in his prime I would have loved it. He was the real deal, for my taste the best ever in jazz. Bing Crosby? Pleasant voice, pleasant music, cut some nice sides early on and I like some of his duets in his prime years. BUT... to me he was all over the place, he lacked a certain "style" that was a sound. He made a lot of records, did very well though.
  6. I much prefer "Gone With The Wind" to "Citizen Kane". I like Citizen Kane, it's a well made clever movie with one of my favorite old school actors in Joe Cotten. But, it's not as entertaining as GWTW and I don't need to watch Kane that often. I can watch GWTW somewhat regularly, or at least as much as I can watch any four hour movie, and Clark Gable is one of my top old Hollywood players. Neither of these films I would say are favorites of mine, there are a number of Gable films I like better, but GWTW is a cool watch.
  7. I recently saw "Ghost In The Shell" with Scarlett Johansson and Michael Pitt once again, the standard digital version on its 2nd. run before it departs theaters forever. The film was released in several formats, but the 3D version isn't much different...at least to me. Entertaining film, not the success that it was hoped to be, but for me one of the more entertaing action films of this Spring. This film had a lot of bad publicity, for several reasons. I'm not familiar with the Manga, the story's source, so that wasn't an issue for me. As for the casting of Scarlett, well that's "Hollywood"...and for me anyways I've always been a big fan of hers. Big props to the music score in this film.
  8. Yep. I love me some Kirsten Dunst. The first of her movies I saw were The Virgin Suicides, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Bring It On. Liked all of those. I saw Interview With A Vampire sometime after those.
  9. I've seen "Sin City" several times, though it's been a while. I've also seen the sequel "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For". Cool odd films, quite moody and unique. Entertaining and stylistic. Frank Miller came up with some interesting stories back then. Good casting on these movies, a large cast. Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke. As far as the ladies went, hard to ignore Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson. And wow Brittany Murphy just a few years before she passed away.
  10. I've always had a crush on the 1960 Sunbeam Alpine that Elizabeth Taylor drove in Butterfield 8. Sporty red beautiful old car. From what i've heard, red was a rare color for this car, but the car seemed to really fit her character.
  11. I remember Kirsten Dunst way back from Bring It On, The Virgin Suicides, Spider Man, and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Always one cool classy lady, hoping her newest film will be a good watch.
  12. I have really wanted to see "King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword". But the word is this film is really bad, and bad in a silly way. I had hoped for better, especially since the summer releases look a bit down for what I like. Not much on the way this year. I might try to catch this film anyways soon, at least the score might be good...it's done by a talented composer named Daniel Pemberton. Word on "Snatched" isn't much better, but I may go see it also.
  13. I love this film. China Seas often gets overlooked, Gable made so many big movies, and MGM made so many big movies, that this one seems to get lost in the shuffle sometimes. But this is one of those movies that shows why MGM knew how to entertain in the 1930's....great adventure story, cool leads, and a good group of support /character actors. Gable has always been my favorite of the old-school Hollywood leading man types, and this is a great film as to why. Really good chemistry with Harlow and Beery.
  14. The first time or two I saw this movie, I didn't much care for it. I found it to be somewhat dull, and James Dean's "tortured soul" screen persona I could never get into. But the film has grown on me, I like it much better now. Still not a favorite, but better. I still prefer "Rebel Without A Cause", mostly because of the cinematography and players. "Giant"? I have to pass on that one.
  15. "La La Land" (2016) starring Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and John Legend. Good chance to see this movie again on the big screen as it ends its theater run. Good date night film, some solid songs by the cast. I'm not as big on this film as maybe some others, maybe it's because i'm such a fan of musicals, but still a well made movie with a good cast and GREAT cinematography.
  16. I might prefer the original "These Three" from 1936, mostly because of cast and style. I like MacLaine, and Garner is OK, but I've never been a fan of Audrey Hepburn. I've always liked Bonita Granville, Joel McCrea, Merle Oberon, and Miriam Hopkins. That said, "The Children's Hour" is a good watch. The story seems to make more sense than in the 1936 version. But it doesn't have Bonita Granville. As for how "The Children's Hour" was thought about on release, 1961 was way before my time so can't say but I've known many in LGBBT community and doubtful they wouldn't relate to the film today.
  17. My favorite Marlon Brando films are the one's I haven't seen. Not a fan at all.
  18. I can imagine Shirley Temple, Rooney, Disney movies and a few more being popular. Some things never change, films made for kids and teens do well. I don't put much faith in industry opinion "polls" from way back, the film business being so different back then, but i'd guess that it was more or less correct here. Clark Gable was given the biggest movies, with the top leading ladies, making big money, for the biggest studio back then. If not Gable, then who? Robert Taylor was a big star, maybe MGMs number 2 leading man for years. BUT...he wasn't the top player. Robert Montgomery was a big star, probably MGMs top comedy actor and a big draw in a lot of big films with top ladies of the time. But after the War, he was basically part time. Fred Astaire was big, a top draw for a long time. But he didn't work as much, and he was limited to musicals. Henry Fonda was respected, and considered a top "actor". But he was nowhere near the star that Gable, Wayne, Astaire, and a few more were. Whatever the reason, Gable caught on with the fans.
  19. Clark Gable made a lot of money, his films consistently made a lot of money for many years, and he was the male biggest star, for the biggest studio at the time. If not Gable, then who? Mickey Rooney: another of my favs from back then, did a great Gable impersonation. I love me some Rooney films, BUT...he was big for a few years. After his peak, he never came close again. Gable was a top draw for almost three decades. Spencer Tracy: who got both Colbert and Hedy Lamarr...in the same film? Gable. Who was the focus of the big earthquake? Gable. Who was the airplane pilot, and who was the mechanic? Tracy won the awards, but Gable was a much bigger draw. William Powell: Gable may have died at the end of the movie, but he still got the top spot. Even dead he outdrew Powell. When it came time to film the biggest movie up to that point, who was the only one they wanted? They didn't ask Bogart, Cagney, or Montgomery. When the top leading ladies at MGM, or for that matter anywhere else, wanted the big name to work with, who was that person? Gable. Power, Barrymore, Stewart, Bogart? NO. Cary Grant and John Wayne came the closest. Gable was the headliner. NO...i'm not at all a fan of Brando. Can barely make it through a fim he's in.
  20. Clark Gable is the Main Event. There were many big stars way back: Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Robert Montgomery, Fred Astaire, Power, Rooney, ect. All of them good, and many more, but they were the opening act. Gable, and maybe eventually John Wayne, were the headliners. Clark Gable, and Crawford, never won many of the goofy film awards. These are the same awards that most forget who won them two weeks after the fact. But they drew a lot of money, for their studios as well as themselves. And they're still drawing money, for sombody. Clark Gable was the biggest star of old school Hollywood. Going to be a good month, with some cool films.
  21. Scarlett Johansson might just be the most "beautiful" actress in Hollywood. She gets overlooked sometimes, maybe because she's been making films forever. She's been in some really cool films, a lot of variety. Her more recent big budget movies, ...the Marvel films, Lucy, ect... are a bit of mixed results for my own viewing, but they are entertaining and do GREAT business. So good on her. Catherine Zeta-Jones is also overlooked, perhaps because she's fallen a bit off the radar lately. Have never thought about it, but there may be more beautiful ladies in Hollywood today than ever before. Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, Gal Gadot, a few more.
  22. Good call on Jessica Alba. Not only is she beautiful, one of the most beautiful in Hollywood today, but she's also smart. She's done well for herself making movies, and done very well for herself with her lifestyle business. Big props for a smart successful woman.
  23. "Love & Friendship" ( 2016 ) starring Kate Beckinsale and Xavier Samuel. Written by Whit Stillman and based on a Jane Austen novel.
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