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  1. Does anyone else agree? I don't want to watch anyone opinions. I want Classic movies not anything made after the 1960s... and I can do without so many or any of the silent and foreign movies but that is because I can not read the subtitles fast enough to enjoy them. I'm not sure why this says I am a newbie. Of course I was too busy making movies to spend much time watching them like I can now that I'm retired. I was one of the first people that got Direct TV when TCM launched although I had been watching the true Classic Movies since I was five years old. I never watched much TV but C
  2. What is going on with TCM? In the many years since TCM began I have never had to change the channel and watch newer productions which I usually dislike! Granted I'm old and grew up watching the early years of late night television, not for the TV content but because they showed the best of the best films of the true golden age of film! These young people today seem to think that just because a film is twenty five years old, that some how makes it is a classic... truly a ridiculous thought or concept! As if a production has acquired some sort of story quality, prestige or stat
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