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  1. Thanks for the advise. I just uploaded a photo of myself. It would be nice if all the presidents of the local chapters and even the members of the club would do this. It will make it more personable, I think.


    1. Tamilee


      Hi! I’m a huge classic movie fan as well as a big TCM fan and I’d love to meet others that share my passion. I live in Homestead, FL and would like to join your group. Please send me info on when and where you meet, tamislayden89@gmail.com. Im looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you!

    2. Tamilee


      My apologies, my email is tamislay89@gmail.com

  2. Dear Backlot-Miami Chapter members, please feel free to enter discussion with me or other Backlot members. Ideas are always welcome. Would love to have you for Friday Night movies at CineMartinez!

  3. Hello dear Local Chapter Presidents. As suggested, I started a new Topic for our chapter. I am not so experienced with this Forum, so any advise will be appreciated. Do you think it may be a good idea to have a photo of each of our faces we can get to know each other visually?
  4. Thanks so much for your guidance. I just posted the message.
  5. Dear TCM friends: TCM Backlot members can now form local chapters with some neat benefits. Please visit this link for the official announcement<https://www.tcmbackl...ocal-chapters>. I am the inaugural Backlot guest programmer, and had the incredible experience of going to Atlanta to record a conversation with Ben Mankiewicz and introduce, as a co-Host, three of my favorite movies. You can visit the link<https://www.tcmbacklot.com/gp-contest-winner> for more information. I am very interested in creating a local chapter in the Miami area, and would like to meet any Backlot membe
  6. Could you please guide me on how to start a new topic. This is in regards to the recent announcement about creating local chapters for the TCM Backlot Club. They suggested posting in this forum for member recruitment.Here is the URL:<https://www.tcmbacklot.com/local-chapters>. I would appreciate your expertise in getting the new topic started. Thanks Humberto
  7. Hello TCM friends: This is Humberto Martinez, the inaugural TCM Backlot Club guest programmer. Camelot was one of 10 movies I submitted, most of them musicals. Yes. that is my favorite movie genre. The TCM judges selected only three, and you know which they are. All directed by George Sidney (coincidental) and yes all Columbia releases (also coincidental). NO, I do not work for Sony. I am not at all in the motion picture industry, but I am a passionate movie collector and love the classics. You can watch my evening with Ben Mankiewicz on May 24, starting at 8PM on TCM.
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