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  1. "Chicago" was very overated, or at least that is my opinion. I really was looking forward to watching it, but was unable to see it in the theater, so my husband bought the dvd the very first day it came out. The song and dance numbers were fantastic, but I did not like the story. Everyone said that it was a better movie than "Moulin Rouge," but I did not think so. "Chicage" seemed to be shot better though. Whatching "Moulin Rouge" sometimes reminds me of our home video where my husband was spinning around with the camera, and we all got dizzy just watching the video.
  2. I love Gene Kelly's tiny apartment in "An American in Paris. The street where it was located seemed so charming! There is a house I really love in "The Patriot" (a fairly recent movie starring Mel Gibson). Aunt Charlotte's country house is actually a home built in the 1820s with huge rooms, high ceilings, lots of windows, and nice, big porches. The house is part of a living history museum where my family often volunteers. I would love to live there, but at least I get to pretend that I live there!
  3. My favorite musical is "Singin' in the Rain." I really like to watch Gene Kelly dance, and I am absolutely in love with Donald O'Connor. I have heard that after filming "Make 'Em Laugh," Mr. O'Connor had to have 3 days of bedrest. My 12 year old daughter's favorite musical is "Grease," which I saw in the theater on my 12th birthday.
  4. I consider Charles Chaplin to be the greatest film star of all time. Buster Keaton was also a wonderful comedian. I watched "Steamboat Bill Jr." for the first time this afternoon and it was absolutely fantastic. The stunts Keaton performed were incredible. My children, who are 12 and 14, were introduced to Chaplin's films about 5 years ago. They both enjoy his short films, and my son, who is very interested in theater arts, tries to emulate the little tramp (he was the tramp for Halloween one year). I am going to introduce my children to the wonderful films of Buster Keaton this week.
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