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  1. What movie did you see that you thought you had figured out but by the time the credits were rolling you realized you were duped! Alfred Hitchcock is the king of this devise. (Take Vertigo or Suspicion.) I can also think of some recent films, Fight Club and The Usual Suspects. Can you think of some more?
  2. I just thought of another one. "I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner." Hannibal Lecter
  3. From "The Little Foxes" Regina (annoyed) to her servant: "Cal, the grits is cold. Take it back." Cal: "Yes'm." (He grabs the plate then runs quickly toward the kitchen) "The grits didn't hold the heat! The grits didn't hold the heat!"
  4. Sorry for previous typos Ditto regarding Citizen Kane's retirement.
  5. I have to agree about that "Titanic" and The English Patient" are over-rated. I hated "The English Patient." "Titanic" was ok the first time I saw it, but I've grown to hate it because of the hype. Speaking of over-rated, two words...Leonardo DiCaprio. Who said they didn't like "Close Encounters?" In my opinion, that was when they knew how to make sci-fi suspense movies. Actually, "Close Encounters" is one of my favorites.
  6. What about James Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life." Throughout the movie he curses the old wobbly knob at the bottom of the staircase. Then at the end of the film he grabs the knob right off the railing and just starts telling it how great it is. Then of course there's the rest of the film with Stewart and his family standing at the top of the stairs watching wonderful things flooding through the door. Also, "Suspicion," the scene with Carey Grant creeping stealthily up the stairs with a glass of milk that is or is not poisoned.
  7. czahuran, have you seen Igby Goes Down, the 2002 movie staring Kieran Culkin? His character is very similar to Holden. I think that's one reason I enjoyed the movie so much.
  8. Great topic! My choice has to be THE GODFATHER. That restraunt scene sent chills down my spine, Michael Corleone defending his family's honor in an act of retribution that sent his life into a spiral. Yeah...pretty powerful.
  9. Yes Bansi, Frank Darabont definitely proved himself with THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. That movie had a perfect rhythm to the plot. What about Jon Avnet? He directed Fried Green Tomatoes and is working on SKY CAPTAIN, a movie someone mentioned wanting to see in another post.
  10. Snap out of it! Yeah, Moonstruck was pretty good. The Lady Eve. I can't believe someone said that. I saw that when I was a kid, and loved it. It was the first Stanwyck movie I saw. The next time I saw her she was playing a cold, calculating broad and I was shocked! These were all good movies, but the formula for the best romantic comedy is to add some Sinatra to the mix. By the way, did anyone say Sleepless in Seattle? Tisc, tisc.
  11. ladymirabelle, very funny! I'm not sure if anyone has said these already, but here goes some general observations. If you do not believe in friendly alien lifeforms until they arrive on the planet you are usually the villain. If you do believe in them, you are the only brilliant person on Earth. If you are a woman smoker you are usually trouble. If you are a male smoker you are usually trouble and could possibly be the hero. If you are the only man in the film who does not smoke you are a dunce.
  12. I love the extra information tucked into DVDs. Did you know in one of the most memorable scenes in movie history while Ilsa prepares to board the plane that will take her away from Casablanca and Rick Blaine forever. . . off in the distance you see mechanics making their final adjustments on the plane. Because the creators could not afford full-scale equipment, they used a model plane only a few feet high. After the model was created, the director decided that in order to maintain a sense of realism mechanics had to be added to the scene. So how did they accomplish this without the
  13. If I'm not his number one fan, I am probably up there. I even got a kick out of HIGH ANXIETY, which poked fun at his films. Two moments that had me laughing the most were the tributes to PSYCHO and THE BIRDS. (the shower scene and the pigeons in the park) I like his cameo in ROPE. It's been a while since I saw it, but I seem to remember the entire movie took place in real time in an apartment. At one point someone looks out the window and sees Hitchcock walking.
  14. There is only one Alfred Hitchcock. His combination of humor, and horror is at times unsettling and always enjoyable Well, that's my opinion, anyway. What do you think of this master of suspense? What was his best cameo appearance?
  15. A perfectly executed film can be magical. Which modern directors do you think have the skills of the greats--John Ford, Victor Fleming, Howard Hawks, etc.? I recently saw LOST IN TRANSLATION. Most of my friends said it was slow. I liked it a lot. Sofia Coppola uses an understated approach to create classic movie moments. Then there are the Coen brothers. Whether delving into a new feel for film noir or screwball comedy this director/producer team understands film making. Who would be on your list?
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