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  1. THE BIG STREET - Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. The ending = sniff! What a beautiful, sad ending!
  2. Thanks, I saw that recently. The "Road To" films with Hope and Crosby & Lamour, plus maybe a couple of others, are the only early Dorothy Lamour films ever shown on TV for as long as I can remember! I loved the "Road To" movies and have them all on Video. Will see about starting a DVD collection of them now that they are coming out. The first "Road" movie I saw was ROAD TO MOROCCO and the reason I remembered it was because of Hope's line about "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!" You know what happened after that! All us kids thought that was the funniest thing we'd ever seen! -
  3. Gee - sorry about the "stairs" thing! Never thought of it as a "SPOILER" because there is so much MORE going on at the ending of the movie than THAT ! Thanks for the nice "Welcomes!" Re seeing old movies in the theatre: In many ways it was great seeing these movies in first release, but at the time I was so young that only 'certain things' made impressions on me and caused me to remember them throughout the years. My mother, brother & I moved from a city (where the only film I remembered seeing was THE WIZARD OF OZ) to live with my grandmother in a small town with one theatre w
  4. The house in HOLIDAY INN, but I suspect it would be impossible to heat in the winter! :-D Second choice would be the house in CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT.
  5. I too grew up in a small town during the 1940s and saw lots of TCM's Classic movies the first time around! I was a young child then, but many of these movies (and movie stars) made lasting impressions on me. It's such fun to see these films now and be surprised at the things I've remembered about them all these years - and what I have forgotten. For instance, I saw Lucille Ball for the first time at the theater in "The Big Street" and all I remembered about that film was her fall down the stairs when she became crippled, and her being carried up the stairs at the end of the movie. I ne
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