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  1. Hi Everyone, This may not be the proper forum for this topic, but, as you know, we live in the practical world as well as the world of TCM. Does anyone know of jobs to be had for someone with a knowledge of classic movies? I'm on a dissertation for a Ph.D. in American literature, and have heard that many scholars also write books on film/american culture. But are there any other avenues? Thanks for any advice on this topic .
  2. tcm programmer, thank you for sharing info with us. some films long overlooked tcm might acquire: THAT KIND OF WOMAN (1959) -- remake of THE SHOPWORN ANGEL. This remake has tab hunter and sophia loren, and i last saw it on AMC more than ten years ago. THIS HAPPY FEELING (1959) -- intergenerational romantic comedy with debbie reynolds and early blake edwards film. the other debbie favs are played often but this gem seems to have been lost. NOTORIOUS LANDLADY (1962) -- made an appearance on AMC, with kim novak and jack lemmon in a mystery/slapstick comedy (unusual genre)
  3. notice the famous scene where Adoree and Gilbert part, and how Vidor (or the actors) position their bodies. Adoree sits prostrate, head down, hands in lap (the shot that was recently shown on the memorial weekend TCM promo). reminds me of the scene in THE NUN'S STORY where the sisters-in-training lie flat on the church floor as an act of humility. alot of cinema is great for these simple choices: where do you place the human body in front of the camera lens? you make the right choice, as director, and you have a classic scene.
  4. this film has gorgeous tracking shots, where the camera swoops down to follow a character across long stretches of scenery. the camera movement is worth the price of admission alone. preminger doesn't like cutting, and it is a refreshing change to watch a movie that isn't designed like mtv videos. watch the film with the sound down and notice preminger's choices for camera placement. this is where the art is -- forget the story.
  5. June Allyson. She wouldn't stare at or flirt with other guys on the date. Courtesy and sentiment are best on first dates.
  6. it would be fascinating if TCM hosted a month of remakes. we could view the original and the remake back to back. would TCM warm to the idea? has it been done? examples: SEVEN SAMURAI and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1954 and 1960) SHOPWORN ANGEL and THAT KIND OF WOMAN (1938 and 1959) RIO BRAVO and EL DORADO (1959 and 1967) or, same subject, different versions: YOUNG MR. LINCOLN and ABE LINCOLN IN ILLINOIS (1939)
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