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  1. > > Ms. Sallie, that's quite a haul. Congratulations! > Is Band of Brothers the same thing as > Bande ? part? No, Band of Brothers is a series about the 101st Airborne Division, specifically Easy Company in their journey from D-Day to the Capturing of Hitler's Eagles Nest. It is an excellent series. Band of Brothers Message was edited by: Sallie
  2. Star In the Night is a fantastic short. There also was an old time radio show done of it called "The Desert Shall Rejoice" from Hallmark Playhouse. It aired December 16, 1948.
  3. Well, since this is a movie board, I'm posting the movies I got: Christmas Movies: Christmas In Connecticut dvd How the Grinch Stole Christmas 50th Birthday Edition dvd A Christmas Story 20th Anniversary Edition 2 disc dvd A Christmas Carol dvd Home Alone Family Fun Edition dvd Ernest Saves Christmas dvd Charlie Brown Christmas dvd It's A Wonderful Life 60th Anniversary Edition dvd Miracle On 34th Street (special edition with b&W and color versions) dvd Scrooge (Albert Finney) dvd Regular Movies Glass Bottom Boat dvd Double Indemnity Legacy Series dvd How to Frame a **
  4. I went to my local Wal-Mart today and found a wonderful display of the most recent editions of some great musicals for sale ($16.87). So I purchased: Carousel The King & I South Pacific Guys and Dolls West Side Story I am so excited to finally pick up these sets. They are priced at much more on Amazon. They would make great Christmas gifts!
  5. In all of the special edition releases of classic Christmas films, I can't help but think of two that were left out completely. TCM runs Holiday Affair constantly, why hasn't this been released on dvd? It is a fantastic Christmas film, one that I watch over and over again. The other that comes to mind, is Remember the Night with Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray. Now I know that Remember the Night was released through Universal/Paramount and they are notorious for neglecting their collection, but come on! That is also a great Christmas movie. Has anyone heard any rumors as to w
  6. Here lately, I've been watching some of my tapes that have WWII romance comedies. I have to say that One For the Book is my favorite WWII Romance Comedy movie. It has Eleanor Parker and Ronald Reagan with Eve Arden. I LOVE this movie!
  7. Yes, indeed you are speaking of "If A Man Answers" with the real life couple at the time, Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. I have this movie in my collection along with "That Funny Feeling". Check them out on Amazon- they are cheap on dvd and wonderful romantic comedies to have!
  8. I would love to have Sunday in New York and Any Wednesday on dvd. They both star Jane Fonda and were an introduction to more sexually involved films. What I like about these is that you know what is going on without them showing everything, making them great romantic comedies. I hope TCM will show them or some company will release them on dvd.
  9. I am curious as to when or if Esther Williams and Red Skelton's movies will be released on dvd? I think these would make great boxed sets. I know that Take Me Out to the Ball Game is already available and Three Little Words will soon be released. These are the films that I am speaking of: Esther WIlliams Dangerous When Wet Skirts Ahoy! Thrill of a Romance Jupiter's Darling Re-release of Million Dollar Mermaid Duchess of Idaho Texas Carnival (With Red Skelton) Easy To Love Neptune's Daughter (With Red Skelton) Fiesta Easy to Wed On an Island With You This Time For Keeps Red S
  10. There have been actors that have died that weren't my favorites, but TCM aired a tribute, and was appropriate, because they did contribute to the movies of the eras they show on TCM. Even though Don Knotts movies were not the calibur of Casablanca, there are still many of his films that were very funny and show the talent that he had both as a comedian and an actor. I would love to see a tribute to Don Knotts. My suggestion is, if you don't like him or his movies, just don't watch that day
  11. There are lots of good movies listed here. Some of the best in my opinion are Any Alfred Hitchcock film- Rear Window is the best Any Abbott & Costello movie- Who Done It is on of the best (Has the Who's on 1st routine) The Shop Around the Corner The Very Thought of You (Good WWII movie) Since You Went Away (Also good WWII movie) On the Town Blackboard Jungle Laura A Letter to Three Wives Meet John Doe Sabrina Singing in the Rain The Women Philadelphia Story High Society (remake of the above- more musical)
  12. I was at my local Walmart today and they had a retro "Hollywood Classics" dvd display. It is from Paramount, and they have lots of classics on dvd for $5.96! I'm sure that price and selection may vary, but it's still a good deal and they are definitely classics that you don't find in very many stores. They had: The Delicate Delinquent- Jerry Lewis The Ladies Man- Jerry Lewis The Disorderly Orderly- Jerry Lewis The Family Jewels- Jerry Lewis Girls, Girls, Girls- Elvis Presley Paradise, Hawaiian Style- Elvis Presley Fun in Acapulco- Elvis Presley Easy Come, Easy Go- Elvis Presley The
  13. I am receiving e-mail after e-mail of TCM movie reminders for such movies as Berenstain Bears, and other movies that are not in the TCM library- plus the date is for April of 2003! What is going on? Why am I receiving these reminders? I've gotten about 5 or 6 nonsense reminders. It looks like someone has gotten a hold of your e-mail database and are making the e-mails look like they are from TCM.
  14. There is a tad bit of difference between TCM and Lifetime. TCM runs theatrical movies, not made for tv movies. I enjoy a certain amount of "made for tv" Christmas fluff, but only so much. About the Paramount and Universal library- how does TCM show the Universal pictures like "The Major and the Minor", "Double Indemnity" and others- is TCM renting all of those pictures? It just seemed like recently they were showing alot of Universal and Paramount pictures which made me assume that they were finally getting the rights to some good films. I'm surprised that Paramount can be so behind on t
  15. "Funny Face" is my favorite movie set in Paris. Although it doesn't begin there, the film's introduction to Paris (the trio's song "Bonjour Paris") gave you a wonderful tour of the city. The film is one of my favorites!
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