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  1. OMG lavenderblue - I have to be away from the computer for the next couple of days....so I will give it back to you this time!!!
  2. Sounds like Barbara Stanwyck! I think the movie was Forbidden.
  3. Of course I am enjoying the series, as I do most of the TCM films. I am very disappointed in Guest Host Professor Hanay Geiogamah, director of the American Indian Studies Center at UCLA. I think he has spent too many years in the ivory tower of academia. His comments are rarely informative or enlightening about the film - but instead they seem to be part of his own personal agenda. Even when he does make a good point, his manner is so condescending or abrasive that I have to just look away until the movie starts. There are many more informative comments and writings here on this
  4. I think Brewster's Millions with Dennis O'Keefe made back in 1945 had a scene like this.
  5. Teen Singer you mention was Frankie Avalon who never played Moon Doggie just as Annette Funicello never played Gidget. But then after awhile I guess all beach/surfer movies look alike. I can understand mixing Avalon up with James Darren.....but Annette and Sandra Dee?!!!!!
  6. Sounds like The Tomb of Ligeia with Vincent Price from the mid 60's.
  7. LOL....I guess I should have put the title of the remake in my post: I'd Rather Be Rich
  8. And remade in 1964 with Sandra Dee and Robert Goulet....hopefully we'll see that on DVD sometime soon. If we can have ALL three "Tammy" movies, surely Universal can give us the rest of the Dee catalog!
  9. Yup...Bells Are Ringing is the correct title. Judy Holliday played the show on Broadway and stars in the movie.
  10. In Shakin' The Blues Away, Annie wears a great black sparkling outfit with a yellow skirt and yellow gloves.....once you see it, you won't forget it. A lot of the steps are the same in her Too Darn Hot number....but well that's what she was famous for, I guess.
  11. "Too Darn Hot" from Kiss Me Kate....just on last week. Fun number.
  12. I bought this when it was first released because FIRST LOVE was a favorite Durbin film of mine. I've watched them all, and she certainly is fun. LADY ON A TRAIN is funny and mysterious, and Deanna is certainly all grown up. It's a great introduction to her work that I think people curious about her should take a chance on. It's certainly not very expensive as DVD sets go.
  13. LOL...now I have that image of that Metaluna monster chasing Faith Domergue stuck in my head.
  14. Sorry my posts bothered you Mr FredCDobbs. I have always found your posts to be fun, informative, and helpful. I apologize to you if you were offended. My "rants" were against an entirely different kind of TCM poster all too common on other message boards across the net. Just hated to see TCM infested with them.
  15. Why bother Snorky? He obviously stays up midnights at the computer in his mother basement thinking that we all are waiting breathlessly to read what he writes about things he learns about on the internet. My guess is he never goes to a movie or has any discussions with anyone in person, but instead lives to see his name on the net. I read his dumb posts so many times - his and celluloidkid - and finally just decided I would be as voluminous and irritating as they were to me. Sorry that some people didn't understand why I was making the posts. And it obviously didn't get to the on
  16. Can we please limit these posts? They are dominating the board with information and photos generally available on the internet. Thanks.
  17. Yes, Sunday. It happens once every seven days.
  18. I did, and your picture came up. Thought you were going to ignore me, genius.
  19. unclecharlie - I was bumping all of those posts to make my point. Sorry if they irritated you.
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