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  1. In the book SUNSET BOULEVARD FROM MOVIE TO MUSICAL, George Perry writes that the car is a vintage Isotta-Fraschini from the 1920's. The script had called for an Hispano-Suiza but one couldn't be located. Unlikely that Walter Chrysler would have gifted anybody with anything...but in fact I think this car was also used in the Bing Crosby picture THE EMPEROR WALTZ directed a year before by Mr Billy Wilder.
  2. My pleasure. And I think THE UNFINISHED DANCE has been on TCM before and Cyd Charisse has talked about it in interviews before. I remember seeing it on tv when I was little and being very scared at the "fall" sequence!
  3. I think you are referring to WAY DOWN EAST a movie that starred Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess. Lillian has said until she saw the film, she didn't realize how close they were to going over the falls, which weren't very high in reality, but dangerous nonetheless. This may even have been a D.W.Griffith film.
  4. EEPS sorry about the spoiler...first time here. He brought her books about Lincoln and the Civil War to read during the part of the year they weren't together so they could discuss them during their assignations.
  5. Allison Hayes did a few movies released by United Artists that used to be shown on TNT, but I haven't seen them for a long time. She also did a TCF film called THE HIGH POWERED RIFLE that has disappeared. Has anyone seen it? What was it about?
  6. And what performance by Allison Hayes!
  7. This may be THE UNFINISHED DANCE a Margaret O'Brien movie. Margaret played a young girl who loved a ballerina and when another was going to dance a lead caused the accident that crippled the leading lady. Cyd Charisse played the idolized dancer and Karin Booth was the girl who had the accident. I thought it was in color.
  8. Moira is correct, it is NEVER SAY GOODBYE co-starring Rock Hudson and Cornell Borchers and Shelley Fabares. It also has a great George Sanders performance. The house used in the movie was one that was used a lot by Universal-International in movies such as THE UNGUARDED MOMENT, ROCK PRETTY BABY, and SUMMER LOVE. It eventually became the Cleavers' second home on "Leave It to Beaver" and then redressed to house Dr Marcus Welby.
  9. I don't think this is the movie, but it reminds me of FIRST LOVE with Deanna Durbin, which was a LOT of fun and a real joy. She was a "poor relative" not a stepchild, so I don't think I am right, but ... close.
  10. This movie is titled ironically RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS and was directed by Edward L. Cahn for American International Pictures in 1958 (even though IMDB says 1956). The mother was played by Anna Sten and the father by John Litel. Their daughter was played by Marla English. The other daughters were Mary Ellen Kay (who got pregnant) and Gloria Castillo. This was the last film for Adele Jergens.
  11. I think it may be ABOUT MRS LESLIE starring Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan. Fine soap opera. Shirley and Ryan meet once a year for their tryst at the beach. She sees a newsreel that features his wife and sons. She also learns of his death on the news ticker in Times Square. Booth and Ryan are wonderful. I would like to see this movie again myself.
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