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  1. No it isn't Kim Novak. And I don't think it's Pat Hitchcock. It looks like Judith Evelyn to me. She played the deaf mute in "The Tingler" and the murder victim in "Female on the Beach." There is no listing in the IMDB credits for the part. I know there is a book about Vertigo that was published when the restored version was released, but I don't think it named the actress either.
  2. Yup! "It Started With Eve" is the earlier version. It starred Deanna Durbin and is available on her "Sweetheart" DVD set. Producer Ross Hunter dusted off the script and gave it to Dee in 1964. It was still a bright and funny comedy with great costumes and color. This version hasn't been released on DVD as yet and the VHS is long out of print.
  3. This movie was originally title "The Friendliest Girls in Town" - but changed when preview audiences thought it was a movie about ... well.... the friendliest girls in town... and not stews.
  4. This is The Day the World Ended, directed by Roger Corman, and starring Richard Denning, Lori Nelson, Paul Birch, Touch Conners, and Adele Jergens. Not generally available on video or DVD.
  5. Thanks tcmproduction1. Improvements are always welcome! For a bit, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.
  6. Robert Osborne's intros have that satellite delay now that makes him look like he's reporting from Iraq. What's the deal? Or did my Comcast change satellites? It's a bit distracting.
  7. Yup that's the one loliteblue. Jean Seberg was so lovely in that film. And Deborah Kerr gave a terrific performance as well. And Geoffrey Horne as Phillipe was not so bad himself. Lovely on location photography, too. The DVD is stunning.
  8. Of course Prudence & the Pill is NOT a Debbie Reynolds film, but two of its stars are also in the film I am talking about.
  9. Nice tries Loliteblue - but it is neither of those great Debbie Reynolds films. I love Debbie! Clue Number Three: The young girl arrives home and dresses for a date, but it is her father and his new mistress she is going out with. She calls him by his first name Raymond.
  10. Sorry...I was gone yesterday. Nope...but a great movie! Clue Number Two: Young girl drops her boyfriend off at an art gallery, gives her dog an engagement ring, and drives home.
  11. You're welcome! Hmmmm.....okay. A young girl drives through Paris in a small convertible with her boyfriend by her side.
  12. The Big Street with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball
  13. It's out on DVD now and is a great transfer. Still pretty scary! And as with ALL William Castle films - the promotion when it was released was GREAT!! Made it a "must see" for all of us kids who saw the previews and television promos.
  14. Well - he really didn't know the dangers, and there was and still isn't any FDA approval over such supplements. Dr Bieler did pass away although Allison and he certainly had some harsh words for each other. She threatened to sue him, but eventually sued the American distributor of the supplement. Sara Shane - the Australian actress has worked tirelessly to make people aware of the health hazards of some of the "cures" still being plied by some medical professionals. Sorry you didn't know Allison. But keep those stories coming!
  15. No, unfortunately Allison passed away in 1977. She had been a health food fanatic and gotten mixed up with Dr Henry Bieler through Gloria Swanson. Allison started taking a calcium supplement given her by Bieler and eventually suffered lead poisoning and died. Sad story. Thanks for the answer, though!
  16. Mr Larry - what a great thread. I haven't been around this site for a month or so and look what happens?! Loretta Young - a friend of mine said that an acquaintance was walking down the street sometime in the mid-1950's when a big Cadillac came roaring down a driveway and hit the brick post near the street. The acquaintance stopped to assist the driver who turned out to be Loretta. She surveyed the damage to the post and the fender, looked at the acquaitance and said: "I never could drive." Larry - although she was before your time, do you have any stories that others might have
  17. Ken Murray showed some of his home movies on a couple of episodes of The Judy Garland Show - the series is available on DVD>.
  18. Love Jean and Marilyn. And Judy Holiday is a great choice. But I have always liked Carroll Baker - from GIANT to KINDERGARTEN COP with HARLOW and THE CARPETBAGGERS in between. She is still beautiful, and a survivor!
  19. markfp is correct - I think it was a satellite link problem. LOL Mr TCM Moderator. Good luck finding a TELEPHONE NUMBER to contact COMCAST. Their customer service website sends you around and around in circles and NO LOCAL number is ever provided for anything.
  20. Sixmore - this happened on my Comcast Cable service a couple of Saturdays ago and lasted almost a whole day. No one ever explained it - and when I contacted Comcast they said they would have to send someone out to my house to check. I told them - it's not my equipment, something was wrong in the feed! It was very irritating. I had to turn TCM off until the next day.
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