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  1. Still from "Plan 9": "Visits? That would indicate visitors!" So is that the worst line, or the best? We laughed for about 30 minutes, and had to stop the tape so we wouldn't miss anything else.
  2. I have to give kudos to Dean Stockwell and Jackie Cooper, who went beyond child star to teen and young adult actors and continued their professionalism as they became older adults. It shows it can be done! I always loved Shirley Temple, and was glad to see she hosted the AFI special a few years back. I didn't get to see a lot of Jane Withers' older movies, but I got such a kick out of her when I was a kid, watching the old Comet commercials, that she gets a special mention. Our Gang...man, Roach knew what he was doing. Outside of Cooper, Dickie Moore may have been one of the main
  3. I'm glad to see they'll also be running "The Milky Way." Lloyd is thought of by many to have suffered the fate of so many silent stars once sound took over. This shows that in the right circumstances, he could still shine. I think in no small way, having Leo McCarey and Norman McLeod was a boon; they were at the helm of "Duck Soup" and "Monkey Business"/"Horse Feathers" for the Marxes...and it's great to see what their partnership with Lloyd produced. McCarey had also worked with Fields, Mae West, Laurel and Hardy, and Burns and Allen. It must have been a match made in heaven, and I wish
  4. "All About Eve." I wouldn't worry about your heart, Eve...you can always put that award where your heart ought to be.
  5. Am reading it and loving it. I'd love to find out more info on the satire he tried to put together on "Grand Hotel." An all-star comedy with Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, and a number of others. I've seen bits and pieces, but man what a find that would be. Wish Thalberg or whoever had okayed it.
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