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  1. Bansi4, I had no idea the actress who played the blond neighbor in "Baby Jane" who kept trying to give flowers to Joan's character Blanche was Anna Lee! I also didn't know the one who played her teenaged daughter was actually Bette's in real life! How cool...I'll have to watch that film over again after learning this info. ITA Anna Lee was lovely on General Hospital and she will be sadly missed.
  2. Thanks so much for the clarification! I figured I had missed something. I watched the movie again last night, and it made a lot more sense. It's really a wonderful film and the music is great!
  3. Hi everybody! I'm watching "Jezebel" for the first time right now, and am just wondering what your thoughts about this movie are. I'm thoroughly enjoying Bette Davis in her role as Julie, and the movie is great! I'm puzzled as to why people seem to be blaming her for the Yellow Fever epidemic, though. I'm sure I've missed...or...misinterpreted something.
  4. Sorry Edge, I don't know if it's available now but I remember wondering about that scene while watching the trailer.
  5. Wow! I love Celeste Holme in "All About Eve". I wish her so much happiness in her marriage! I'm with ya, LadyMirabelle....You go, Celeste honey!
  6. Eddie, what a wonderful description "she WAS the role" in The Misfits. I can't agree more. Edge, perhaps I was too critical of The Prince and the Showgirl. She obviously did her very best, but somehow Olivier seemed to be unresponsive, if that is the right word? I don't know how I overlooked Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch in my list of fave Marilyn movies. She was absolutely awesome in both! Does anyone else get sad at seeing the footage of her uncompleted film Something's Got to Give? I do. She was so beautiful and radiant in the few scenes they were able to complete.
  7. JDBPA, I can't agree more! I adore classic movies also, and am so thankful for TCM. Like many folks, I used to watch AMC until they changed. TCM is awesome! Unfortunately, I'm not getting it right now (temporarily-cable company dropped it with no prior notice; someone told me the other day it will be available again for less than $20/mo.). I will gladly pay that $20 extra per month because my TV seems to stay on the channel when I'm home.
  8. MovieJoe, what a refreshing attitude that Marilyn was more beautiful before being "made over" in Hollywood. I heard the same thing you did about how she and Joe DiMaggio were going to remarry had she not died...seems like it was in a biographical book or video of her. What made me interested in her life was the HBO movie from 1996 titled "Norma Jean and Marilyn". From there, I started collecting her movies. She seemed so sad deep down inside, always relying on what others thought of her for any sense of self-esteem.
  9. ITA with Bansi4 regarding Juanita Moore in "Imitation of Life" (1959). She was such a beautiful, hard-working, sweet lady and that ungrateful daughter treated her terribly! It was absolutely heart-breaking. I enjoyed Lana Turner in that movie, too. She was a good mother also.
  10. Oh darn! My attempt to add a flower to my posting didn't work. Sorry, y'all.
  11. GWTW has always been a fave of mine since the first time I watched it (at age 12 I think...I'm 38 now). I own this movie (as so many people do), and watch it at least once a year. Nothing compares to this awesome classic, including all the "computerized special effect stuff" we see nowadays!
  12. If you are a fan of Marilyn's, which of her films would you consider your fave(s)? I love her in The Misfits, Bus Stop, Let's Make Love, River of No Return and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. My least favorite is Prince & The Showgirl. I felt the script wasn't too good in that one, and there was no chemistry between her and Laurence Olivier.
  13. Shirley Temple, JoAnn Marlowe (she's the beautiful little girl that played Kay in "Mildred Pierce), Tommy Rettig (in not only the Lassie series but in "River of No Return"). Unfortunately I haven't seen "The Kid" that y'all are referring to about Jackie Coogan, but maybe I will now that it's mentioned. Natalie Wood was a cute little child actress.
  14. I remember watching Hitchcock's tv show in reruns on Nick At Nite, and will never forget the one in which Barbara Bel Geddes plays a housewife whose husband comes home to announce he's leaving her, and she wops him upside the head with a frozen leg of lamb. I won't give away the ending in case someone hasn't seen it, but it was too cool for words! I saw "North by Northwest" for the first time a few months ago, and it was good. "Psycho" scared the daylights out of me when I first saw it on TV as a teenager. "The Birds" was shocking and scary, too IMO.
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