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  1. decotoddla...writes: With the exception of "Seven Years..." all of these play regularly on Silent Sunday evenings. Just keep an eye on the schedule. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. I watch Silent Sunday Nights every week. I haven't seen those films in a probably over a year or two (with the exception of Tillie's Punctured Romance). And I keep checking the schedule to see when they'll pop up again and no such luck. Now if I wanted to see The Passion of Joan of Arc (which is a fine movie by the way) it has been on at least three times since last November.
  2. I would like to see TCM play these films.... The Big Parade (1925) Our Dancing Daughters (1928) Seven Years Back Luck (1921) The Eagle (1925) Tillie?s Punctured Romance (1914) The Prisoner of Zenda (1922)
  3. Shadow of a Doubt. Joseph Cotten as Uncle Charlie has to be my favorite villain of all time. I love the idea of how Hitchcock introduces evil into the small town of Santa Rosa.
  4. I have a list. So here it goes. Favorite Actresses: Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe. Favorite Actors: John Wayne, Joseph Cotten, James Stewart, Cary Grant and Errol Flynn.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm 21 years old and have been a fan of classic movies since I was little. I love the fact that the classic movies were made with at least a certain level of quality. Which can't be said for most movies today. Anyway I didn't have TCM on my cable system until 2 years ago and since then it's the only station I watch.
  6. My dream date would definately have to be Errol Flynn. He was such a good looking man. And if I had a second choice it would be Joseph Cotten. I've always liked him too.
  7. Alfred Hitchcock is my favorite director of all time. As a little girl I would always would watch his movies especially "Shadow of a Doubt". My favorite cameo of his would have to be in "Blackmail", when he is on the train and the little boy is annoying him.
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