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  1. Hello I haven't been here in a long while. I need some help, does anyone on these boards know any golden age Hollywood celebritys personaly? I appreciate any help I recieve. I'm not sure if these forums have a "Private Message" feature but if they do please PM me. Again thank you.
  2. Sorry, computer's got a virus. I apoligize for this thread I stumbled onto the UK TCM website. Honest mistake.
  3. What happened to tcm.com? Maybe I'm the first to see it because of high-speed internet. Quit taking a shortcut from your favorites folders and type in TCM on google anew. I don't like tcm changing. Sorry if I'm whining.
  4. TCMPROGRAMMER, please go to page 2 of the General Discussions.
  5. FOR ME AND MY GAL was colorized once AND Cabin in the Sky. It seems like I heard SWING TIME was once too but that wouldn't of been from Ted Turner would it? Going a bit off topic now, I don't think most people here are star wars fans but I am and I think it's terrible what lucas has done. Some people argue it's the principle of the matter that you don't go changing film. I simply just do not like cgi and miss the stop-motion and Jim Henson puppets and all the nostalgia. Ray Harryhausen doesn't rework his films because computers were invented. I do acknowledge that he is director but he should
  6. Also please go to Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research and ask him. He'll even tell you what's the current status of this coming out on dvd if you ask him cause he's an industry insider. He's like a walking cartoon encyclopedia. And ask all these questions on his forums too. Gotta sign up though but it's easy.
  7. I've got a great idea for Warner Home Video. How about a two-disc special edition of Cabin in the Sky and one of the extra bonus features could be a Lena Horne commentary and interview with Robert Osborne. I was kinda hesitant about posting this with it seeming I jinxed on my King Kong idea and then Fay Wray passing two days later but I'm not a stuperstitious person. Please don't let anything happen to Ms. Horne. They could also include the Ted Turner colorized version since I think there would be disc space to spare for this movie although the main feature would be an original restored versio
  8. Pardon if this sounds straitforward but does anyone else hate the idea of this new dvd coming out? The special editions were fun to watch but my word, it shouldn't replace the originals. This is total disrespect for film! TCMPROGRAMMER, I know it's hard to get 20th century fox films and all but is there any possibility that tcm could show them once for a one time engagement, letterboxed of course? After all tnt and tbs have shown the originals and I know tcm would be the best place (better than fmc?). It would even help promote the "great" dvd.
  9. Doggone it I'm jealous of you! Did you get to meet any of them? Please brag.
  10. I saw this movie last night and was amazed by it. From the very beginning it was great. That opening music with the waves really pierced into me. It was like the spooky, build-you-up theme music from the new spiderman movies. I also thought the script was intelligent. I really got into it. It wasn't a silent but in a silent fashion, much like Modern Times. It was a great print because it was preserved, instead of necessarily being restored by present people some 70 years later. My only concern is were there any scenes originally in color such as the rainbow? Regardless a great print! Thank you
  11. I think the company that owns them now is CLASSIC MEDIA. Just type that in on google and let you're voice be heard. Send emails and get the address for more effective "snail mail". They even have phone numbers to their marketing and home video departments. They're pretty accessible and easy to work with. I think they're even considering doing a tv Mr. Magoo boxset due to only one request. CLASSIC MEDIA are also the guys that put out the recent Rocky and Bullwinkle boxsets through Sony. I'm pretty sure they own a large number of the FAMOUS STUDIOS, paramount theatricals which also includes the
  12. All I know about this is that it was made by FAMOUS STUDIOS, therefore, a paramount picture and made in the 40s. Back during the golden age of hollywood every major studio had animated shorts released under their name and paramount was no exception. They put out the things like Betty Boop and Popeye. Type in BCDB on google and click the first one. They're a world of help.
  13. Has this King Kong been on dvd and does wb own it? I had an idea of an SE dvd of this with a Fay Wray commentary if she's able. Well, what do ya'll think, good idea, bad idea.
  14. I'm sure a lot of high hippies appreciate MAN WITH A MOTION PICTURE CAMERA. I wonder how leo feels about this movie. The whole point of it is vision and camera tricks and not dialogue. Would you're whole dicsision change on it if it did have a few words but still the same film and didn't dwell on dialogue? "It's far out wicked man!"
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