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  2. Rita Hayworth-LADY FROM SHANGHAI Barbara Stanwyck-DOUBLE INDEMNITY Claire Trevor-MURDER, MY SWEET Yvonne De Carlo-CRISS CROSS Marie Windsor-THE KILLING Eva Gardner-THE KILLERS Joan Crawford-MILDRED PIERCE Joan Bennett-SCARLETT STREET
  3. "I'm not crazy about yours. I didn't ask to see you. I don't mind if you don't like my manners. I don't like them myself. They're pretty bad. I grieve over them long winter evenings. And I don't mind your ritzing me, or drinking your lunch out of a bottle, but don't waste your time trying to cross-examine me." "This is an all-or-nothing proposition, ain't it? If we make a find, we'll be lightin' our cigars with hundred dollar bills. If we don't, the difference between what you put up and what I put up ain't enough to keep me from being right back where I was this afternoon, polishing a
  4. William Holden would go onto becoming Wilder's favorite. Funny how it works out sometimes.
  5. I don't care, never have. Its the movies-its entertainment not Sunday school. In fact it isn't even something that pops into my mind-EVER when I'm watching movies. I've never put actors into that 'godlike' status I guess. They're personal lives aren't even attractive to me. Its what they DO on the screen that defines them in my mind. Personal preferences in life are BORING....but performances....now there's something I never get tired of seeing. The feeling you get after you've seen a great one is a feeling of the utmost admiration for who's given it. Motion Pictures and the people
  6. Is the book you read written by CHARLTTE CHANDLER? Great book. Wilder's always been an idol of mine as a Director and Writer. There's no movie he made that I don't enjoy watching.
  8. Bob is right. The visual motifs are merely unique conventions used by the Directors, Film Noir is about the characters. Oftentimes tragic, or very ordinary people who make decisions that lead them down the wrong path. Getting involved with a woman who wishes her husband dead, or joining up with a gang of thieves for a one time only deal, or not knowing when to quit a life of crime.
  9. I never said the re-make was better than the original, I was stating a fact for the folks who've not seen it yet and have read the book. Compared to other remakes out there, this one isn't bad.
  10. Universal Classic Monster Movies. Frankenstein Wolf-Man Dracula Invisible Man The Mummy Creature From the Black Lagoon And my little brother likes the old gangster movies too. King Kong too.
  11. Different system today. Today its money-money-money. It didn't used to be. They lack decent scripts. They lack the ability to carry a movie based on their own merit. Today's it Special Effects that often carry them. They lack a sense of morality, because today immorality sells. They lack filmgoers that go to see their movie, because they truly want to go and see their favorite actor/actress. Remakes, sequels, and recycled ideas dominate the marketplace, audience quality has also deteriorated along with the dramatic acting. Its the trickle effect. Acting stinks. Audience stinks.
  13. Ahh my favorite topic! Well, there's THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE(clearly his best acting job) IN A LONELY PLACE is great THE BIG SLEEP, MALTESE FALCON, TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, CASABLANCA of course. But I also loved him in THE PETRIFIED FOREST, DEAD END, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, HIGH SIERRA, DARK PASSAGE....and on and on
  14. Yes indeed. A staple in my noir library.
  15. I like Grace Kelly also for the women. Peter O'Toole. The man is still so good-gotta love those stage actors. Edward G. Robinson. Man, I really love some of his later stuff....really showed his ability then. I think a very underrated actor is Richard Widmark. Look at Night and the City, then Panic In the Streets, then Kiss of Death. Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, and Cary Grant of course. Barbara Stanwyck is great. Kate Hepburn has a way with words/dialogue, but she's not my favorite. Audrey Hepburn was good in her way too....remember Wait Until Dark? Burt Lancaster. Ma
  16. I've seen several thanks to TCM & Screen on the Green, and also our Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival at the FOX. I've seen these on the big screen: CASABLANCA YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN PSYCHO THE BIRDS SOME LIKE IT HOT TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
  17. it'll be out in late 2005 or early 2006. check the listings of upcoming Noir films to DVD and you may find something more definite.
  18. Don't fret. Box Office sales are down more than ever in 2005.....even more than last year. The only way to get us out of this 'Seen it before' era of Movies is to keep NOT going to theaters. Its beginning to shift but still will take more time. People have to quit buying into the FX Age as much and we'll be ok to see more original motion pictures. Personally, I'm glad to be an independent filmmaker right now. Hollywood's chunking a lot of new/original material right now.
  19. Has been very nice thus far. Got to see SOME LIKE IT HOT, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and this week is THE BIRDS(I hope the weather's alright for this one) Not crazy about the final two selections, but kudos must be given to tcm programmer once again this year. And finally-if I may be so bold-I'd like to suggest a few titles; rather, let's call them possibilities for next year's festival. Maybe a mixed genre salad of selections, crossing into Western and even a bit of Sci-Fi: TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE(the people want Bogart-let them have him, imo)if not TOTSM then perhaps CASABLANCA
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