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  1. Well this sure is sad news. She was in so many great movies!
  2. OOPS, sorry for the double listing of whats on Curly Top.Don't know how that even happened.
  3. CURLY TOP will have these as extras: Original Theatrical Trailer Bonus Trailers - 1. BRIGHT EYES 2. BABY TAKES A BOW 3. DIMPLES 4. HEIDI 5. LITTLE MISS BROADWAY CURLY TOP will have these as extras: Original Theatrical Trailer Bonus Trailers - 1. BRIGHT EYES 2. BABY TAKES A BOW 3. DIMPLES 4. HEIDI 5. LITTLE MISS BROADWAY This makes the first time the trailers for BRIGHT EYES, CURLY TOP, BABY TAKE A BOW, DIMPLES and LITTLE MISS BROADWAY become available on home video. They never before have been on any format so, this will be exciting to see and one thing
  4. These 3 DVDs will have both the black and white version plus the NEW colorized versions which are outstanding!! This color looks like true color,it will blow you away how fantastic it looks!! if you want to see how great this color is, check this out, its a side by side comparison of her HEIDI movie, where you see the old colorized version with this new colorized version,its totally amazing! it will take about 5 minutes to download. Be sure to turn your speaker volume up too. Here is the link: http://legendfilms.net/demos/heidiSplitHi.swf
  5. I want to show you just how good the new colorizing is for HEIDI. This link is for those of you who have high speed internet. It will take about 3 minutes to download and then you will see samples of this new colorized version along with the older not very good colorized version as a side by side comparison.Be sure to turn your volume up as there is sound from the movie. This link works fine for me and should for you too. Here is the link: http://legendfilms.net/demos/heidiSplitHi.swf
  6. I have seen samples of the new colorized HEIDI and this truly looks like technicolor! Fox is working on the rest of Shirley's films. there was a side by side comparission of the old colorized version with the new colorizing and by gosh, its totally amazing! Truly, you would believe it was really filmed in color its that good!!! MISS ANNIE ROONEY, as you said, looks fantastic and the color for LITTLE MISS MARKER and NOW AND FOREVER have the same great true looking color. When you get to finally see the new colorizing for her films, you will be amazed!
  7. Oh Mongo, I forgot to mention to you that I am not the same childstarletsfan-you are thinking of. But I did know him. He has been away to another country last he had told me 2 years ago. When i was in contact with him during the time he was posting here and, i too was posting as well, I had sent him some real rare video stuff which he was excited to have! I do miss him as he was great and he and I had some great talks on here.
  8. Hi Mongo About Connie Marshall and Janis Wilson, sadly there is nothing on them. its sad how it seems all these child stars,seem to vanish once they grow up. There are way too many that we just do not know their whereabouts and what they do now. For me tho, whats important is the way they were, and thanks to the movies and photos, they are preserved for always as the sweet and adorable little stars they were.
  9. I am a big fan of the girl child stars of the 1910's 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's. Am pretty much an authority on them and have wanted to do a book on them all,a nice chock full of photos and info on each of them. I know there is a big book on the boy stars so, its time for one on the girls. Some favorites are of course the big one,little Shirley temple, Sybil Jason, Joan Carroll, Ann E. Todd, Ann Carter, Sharyn Moffett, Carolyn Lee, Baby Peggy, Virginia Davis, Connie Marshall, Margaret O' Brien, Jane Withers and many others! I have a huge photo collection worth
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